BT Mobile making a comeback to customers 4G phones


There is currently a lot of choice carrier wise in the UK except when it comes to 4G services, but this is set to change this year and now it has been confirmed that BT Mobile is making a comeback to customers 4G phones.

The company sold O2 to Telefonica back in 2002 but is set to make a comeback to the mobile platform by offering customers access to its own branded 4G network.BT recently snapped up £186.5 million of 4G spectrum in the recent auction in the country, and has also agreed a deal with O2 to help the company build its own 4G network across the country as well as offering additional support.

They are planning on offering their own 4G service that will be part of an existing package customers have signed up to such as phone, broadband, and TV. This news comes after a recent interview with The Telegraph and BT CEO Ian Livingston.

The service is hoped to be available within the next twelve months and this will see the company going up against the already available service from EE, and rival services from Three, Vodafone, and O2. The 4G service from BT is hoped will supplement its broadband services and will offer its customers fast data speeds while away from their homes.

BT has not yet confirmed who it will partner for this new service but considering the recent deal with O2 there is a chance this will be the company it decides to use.

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