Sony Xperia Z new update rolling out, remains on Jelly Bean 4.1.2


The Sony Xperia Z smartphone has been extremely successful since its release and now owners will be pleased to hear of a new software update that has just begun rolling out. This is a minor update with the operating system remaining at Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean but there are some changes including improved camera quality, something that should please many users of the device.

The Xperia Z update is firmware number 10.1.1.A.1.253 and includes performance enhancements including a display calibration to adjust the screen’s white balance. There are changes to the navigational bar and software keys as they now appear black rather than grey and the update also give users the ability to disable the notification light.

Sony has made adjustments to the imaging algorithm to enable the enhanced camera quality and other tweaks include a new Mini Apps icon and some new widget designs. There may be more changes but Sony has not detailed an official change log just yet. We’re informed that the update is already live in France and that it will soon be available in other regions.

This new software update for the Sony Xperia Z (C6603) is available over-the-air (OTA) and as is often the case with these updates the rollout will come in phases. Therefore if you don’t receive notification straight away you may need to be a little patient. We’d really appreciate hearing from readers on this if you have an Xperia Z.

Has the OTA update arrived for your Sony Xperia Z? If so please let us know which region you are in by sending your comments so that other readers will be able to find out if it has hit their area yet. Also it would be interesting if you could point out any other changes you’ve noticed that we have not mentioned above?

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32 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z new update rolling out, remains on Jelly Bean 4.1.2”

    1. DexDarkPassenger says:

      How? Are you sure you got the 10.1.1.A.1.253 update?
      And if yes then please guide me. I checked it out on my phone but it says my phone’s up to date but the firmware is 10.1.A.1.434

  1. Armalvior says:

    Im from the Philippines… I’ve just download PC Companion and it prompted me to update the phone to it’s newest configuration. It worked during the download process but when it started to update it stops ( It might be something to do with some regional updates )

    1. SunnyJimMcPickelson says:

      Relax.. it happened to me also with the older version, reboot your device and walaaaah. it should be fixed. if not. your screwed. But dont get too worried, or you might become infertile 🙁 but if you do, let me know, i’ll help you out 😉

  2. SunnyJimMcPickelson says:

    I am angrier than a cow in a sofa shop! France has had the update before the UK, its been 5 days! im more worried than a worried mother waiting for her disobedient children to come home late from the cinema!! Someone please tell me they’re in the same position as me. France apparently got it on the 15th May.. its the 19th tday. imsure regional updates dont take that long???

  3. Seppe says:

    update today(Belgium)..came rather as a surprise, while connecting to my Mac to download some pics, suddenly it said”firm upgrade coming in”..cool.Now cant wait to see whats it gonna bring to my phone…;-)

  4. Rabbit says:

    Hi There,

    I Live in South Africa, my update was available 23/05/2013.

    Haven’t noticed any unmentioned changes however my phone is running smoother, battery is lasting longer and the quality improvement in imaging is excellent, very noticeable even when mobile Bravia engine is disabled to save battery.

    Good Job Sony!!!

  5. Edward Richmond says:

    Hello, got UK unbranded version, tried OTA and PC right not, still nothing… 🙁 As Im thinking now, about promised 4.2.2 “soon after Xperia Z release” , I see it about the 2015… You broke my heart SONY, You broke my heart…

  6. OmarN says:

    – Toronto Canada. I got the OTA update on my C6602. I tried to install and it keeps rebooting saying could not install. It goes into stock recovery for about a min then reboots its self. My phone is not rooted btw. Anyone have idea whats going on? Anyone having the same issue?

    1. anonymous says:

      I’ve got the same problem. I download the update, the phone restarts, then a progress bar appears, it starts to install, then goes blank and restarts saying “could not install update, try again”. My phone is rooted though. Does anyone know what to do?

      1. OmarN says:

        i ended up installing the update via Sony Bridge on my mac. PC companion would be the windows equivalent. Took about 30 min. After installing i rebooted and it worked. I instantly noticed the difference in screen however, i am experiencing horrible battery life now. Maybe it takes a few cycles for the OS to settle. Stamina modes does not really work either. Turning it on makes no difference in the actual estimated time.

  7. Leunam says:

    Got an update 3 days ago and i love the changes…Tnx Sony… Hoping for a jellybean 4.2.2….What i really want is to maximize the screen coz the navigation keys eats up…Is this possible?….

  8. Leunam says:

    Got an update 3 days ago and i love the changes…Tnx Sony… Hoping for
    a jellybean 4.2.2….What i really want is to maximize the screen coz
    the navigation keys eats up the screen…Is this possible?…. Leunam here from Philippines

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