Atari Breakout doesn’t boost work hours


Some of our readers learned about the new Google Atari Breakout online game last week, and it has come to our attention that the Easter egg placed within Google Images doesn’t boost work hours.

When users went into Google images and typed in the words “Atari Breakout” the photos shown would shrink down and become a playable game, you know the one where the straight line at the bottom allows you to bounce a small ball to smash up the blocks.

Well, we here at Phones Review received many emails from our readers explaining to us in a nutshell how the Google Atari Breakout online game doesn’t boost work hours, it seems employees got addicted to playing the game, and in some cases this came with consequences.

One reader said their boss caught them in the act whilst playing the Atari Breakout game within Google images and in return got a warning for wasting company time. This led them to download the ‘Atari Breakout Boost’ game via the App Store so that they could play on their iPhone outside work hours.

Another reader said the Google Atari Breakout game within images is so addictive that they had a competition in the office at lunch times as they did not want to lose their jobs by playing it in work hours, they said that they all put money in a tin and the person with the highest score won the pot. One game, five lives and addiction to get a high score was fun.

Please do let us know if you played the Google Atari Breakout online game in work hours, and did you get that addicted you installed the iOS Breakout Boost app?


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  1. Marty Goldberg says:

    As a self-centered moron, I just want to advertise my stupid book about Atari history that the majority of people will probably not care about. All because I’m an arrogant prick that loves shoving my nose in everyone’s business when it comes to Atari.

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