Android vs iOS is like Beatles vs Stones


Every tech enthusiast knows that the Android and iOS operating systems and devices that run them are the most dominant platforms in the smartphone and tablet market today. We thought it would be interesting to consider the rivalry that exists between Android and iOS and enthusiasts of both platforms so today we’re looking at why Android vs. iOS is like comparing the Beatles to the Rolling Stones.

There is fierce competition between these alternative platforms and indeed other platforms such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone that are trying to increase their presence. Of all the different platforms though, it appears to be Android and iOS devotees who are the most vehement in defense and also praise of their respective platforms.

For example if you take a look at a recent post of ours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android phone you’ll see that in the resulting debate as soon as one commenter gave an opinion that favored Apple that person was swiftly shot down in flames by Android loyalists. This often happens vice versa when we publish a post about an iOS device.

We often publish comparisons of new devices and the debates of readers often get even more heated when the devices concerned are an Android device up against an iOS device as in our post last year about the the iPhone 5 vs. the Galaxy S3. You can see from the comments on that post just how passionately people feel about their preference for Google Android or Apple iOS although we think one reader makes a great point when saying, “They are both great phones, and it’s healthy to have both products out there for consumers,” adding, “The people that benefit from all this competition is the consumer.”

At Phones Review we report on devices regardless of the operating systems they use as we think they all have something to offer. All of the writers on the site use a variety of devices that use different platforms and we try to give the facts about new smartphones and tablets so that readers can make informed decisions. There will always be device users that favor one platform over another and this all adds to the spice of life as everyone is catered for by one device or another.

We were particularly taken with a recent report on BGR where the writer is of the opinion, “the whole obsession with rooting for one side to “win” in the mobile race is a little like Beatles and Stones fans arguing over which band would sell more records in a given year.” Brad Reed then goes on to say that it really shouldn’t matter as long as the rivalry between the bands pushes them to produce music such as Revolver and Beggar’s Banquet.

Surely this is the same as Android and iOS devices? Just as people prefer one kind of movie genre over another or one type of holiday destination over another, as long as everybody has a choice there’s room for all. There will always be those who prefer lying on a sun lounger by a pool all day while others want to be poking around archaic ruins for example. This thought is also echoed by Harry McCracken of Time who wrote, “ When there are multiple attractive options, and nobody feels forced into using a product unwillingly, consumers win,” which seem to say it all really.

We feel that the competition and rivalry between operating system platforms, be they existing ones or creations yet to come, is healthy and productive and something to applaud as ultimately more competition means more choice and that cannot be a bad thing. Now we’d really like to hear from readers about this issue.

In the great Android vs. iOS debate we’re interested to hear which platform you favor and why? Do you agree that it would be rather dull to have no competition at all and that strong opposition creates a vigorous mobile market? Let us know with your comments.


11 thoughts on “Android vs iOS is like Beatles vs Stones”

    1. Mike Palmer says:

      I agree……I think I see more wars between Samsung fans and HTC fan boys then between ios and Android anymore because Apple is too far behind to catch up and that war is over anymore!

        1. You don’t have to switch as it’s your money and your choice but I wouldn’t want that old out dated ios……….. most of my friends that was Apple fans have already switched but I have one that still thinks it’s great so I’m sure some people will stay no matter what!

  1. Frank says:

    I always felt that the hardware from Apple was a beauty to behold until the HTC ONE came along. Now I have a device that is crafted beautifully, with an awesome software that does not limit my productivity.

    1. Julie says:

      I agree. I was fully prepared to final go apple, that is until I laid eyes on the M7 ONE . It is simply the most awesome and we’ll crafted phone I have ever seen.

  2. MC says:

    It is a nice battle we have going between these great devices. Here are the current stats in my opinion. As a developer, I own several devices that run both iOS and Android (phones and tablets).

    1) Android now runs on hardware as good as Apple hardware (HTC One, Galaxy S4, Nexus 4, Nexus 10 etc.).

    2) In the app war, Android has caught up…there is no longer an app iOS has that I would not have the equivalent or something else to choose from on Android. Plus, Android seems to have more useful free apps than iOS. Even if Apple leads in paid apps, Android would lead in free apps and has more affordable apps.

    3) In the OS war iOS was ahead for awhile, but Android has now pulled ahead. The OS is more sophisticated, more flexible, and is open source. It is now running on cameras, mini computers and many other devices. With the Android platform, I have built my own custom kernels and provided them and their source to the community. I have built the OS from source and ported firmware between Android devices in order run a newer OS that would not been possible without vendor support. You just can’t do this iOS.

    Closing thought… In my opinion, once you go Nexus, you won’t return back to anything else. Google planned hardware with the pure Android experience (and the ability to easily unlock the bootloader and run 3rd party ROMs and kernels) is the best platform out there. It is the platform that is the most cutting edge and it is designed to be open.

  3. Steve says:

    I live in South Africa. I have devices running both iOS and android. In my opinion the duel is much less complicated for us in the 3rd world. Apple makes wonderful products but you get the feeling that according to them the world ends at the borders of the USA. The South African Apple App Store is so weak and poorly stocked compared to the American version that you cannot compare them. We cannot buy apps or games from other regional stores unless we jump through hoops. Why should Apple decide which apps and games I am allowed to download when they allow it in other regions. Taking in consideration the price premium they demand. Android on the other hand allow me to get access to all the latest and greatest apps with no regional differences. Yes Apple use to have the edge in sophistication with their products but now android has caught up, in a BIG way. That is why android has the market lead. It is truly a world brand.

  4. Len Roberts says:

    In terms of sales, the Beatles trounced the Stones – there was never any real contest at all. Similarly, in terms of quality and innovation the Beatles output dwarfed the Stones who were merely very lame copyists (Satanic Majesties after Sgt Pepper; We Love You after All You Need is Love). Are you suggesting that in reality one system is really streets ahead of the other?

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