Samsung Galaxy Note 3 visuals on release date, specs and price


There is one place you can always guarantee to bring you every rumor about upcoming smartphones, and that place is YouTube with some people sharing their opinion about leaks and what future devices might include. Today, we wanted to feature some of the latest visuals talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, specs and price with information based on leaks and common rumors.

You can find the collection of featured videos below this article, and while some are pretty much on the money when it comes to what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 features might included, especially when this information is based on leaks or a pattern Samsung is following with the previous Galaxy Note 2 and recent Galaxy S4.

The first video points out the Note 2 has been out for a while and the majority of Android fans are speculating on what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might feature, which in their opinion should be a 6.3-inch display, 2-4GB of RAM, an Octo-Core CPU and 1080p resolution. The almost 5-minute video takes a look at some of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 news, and also speculates on other specs, the price and release date.

In the second video you will have some insight into OLED technology and recent rumors surrounding a flexible screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and also a possible release date window for September. This video has a few updates thanks to being uploaded within the last couple of days, although we did feature an article recently with the September launch date and a video, which received some interesting feedback about Galaxy Note 3 that you might want to read.

Our third video includes a photo claimed to showcase the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, but it is worth noting that even if this is the hardware it could be an early prototype. In our fourth video you’ll see a Galaxy Note 3 mock-up that aims to predict the final specs, which this video was uploaded just over a week ago.

You can also take a look at how Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 will likely release around the same time as a new Nokia Phablet, which if successful would give users a choice of two phablets that could boil down to Android or Windows Phone 8. How confident are you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be your next upgrade?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 visuals on release date, specs and price”

  1. maaen says:

    I do wish Samsung would include the possibility of fitting a wrist strap just as they did on galaxy S…it would help to keep it safe. I also wish for a longer Stylus .Oh I will buy the Note 3 with minimum of 32 gb internal memory.If Samsung can’t give me 32gb.. it will be difficult for me to wait for one more generation ….imagine waiting an extra year…..fo a Note 4. A larger Note 3 would have been good …Note 3 does not feel big anymore in my hands.Having said all the above .

  2. Babs Oyed says:

    The important features I’ll like to see in the Note III are

    1) 64gb internal storage option available on day one

    2) Much bigger battery, hopefully 4000mAh

    3) Higher resolution and much brighter screen with excellent sunlight legibility

    4) Thinner (0.6 to 0.7mm) and significantly lighter than the Note II without compromising build quality or aesthetics (even the POS IP5 is incredibly thin and light yet looks great, even if that’s about the only thing going for it)

    5) Wound also love to have a pentaband version with LTE

    6) Get rid of all the jang and gallery issues and wifi issues plaguing the Note II and just get the software running as smooth as silk.

    If they can achieve the above I really wouldn’t mind how much it costs.

  3. craigmotyka says:

    Im a proud note 2 owner greatest phone ever cant imagine it getting better the quad core in 3g is as fast as dsl only hangup is sprints lack of lte coverage in the philly market I will buy the note 3 off upgrade and use the note 2 to beta test Ubuntu operating system

  4. ronf57 says:

    it amazed me how big i thought the S3 was when I got it. I was coming from the motorola droid original. Within a week if fit comfortably in my hand. after 2 weeks I wished it was bigger.
    I have realized my device of choice goal is a phablet. And had wished samsung had made the note 8 that device but in the USA the note 8 is down graded screen 1280×800-rediculous nowadays, and lower level processor. This was the device lead potential instead feet are dragging to suck dollars out of us.
    if note 3 isn’t 6.3″ i’ll be waiting for someone to release the larger phablet device in the USA. I find 7″ tablets just a little too small for many uses.
    I’d like to se better hands free operation for phone and searches.

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