Gorilla Glass 4 less reflective and smudge free possibility


Smartphone screen sizes have got larger and thinner in recent years which would have normally meant they would have become extremely fragile, but luckily the majority of them are protected by the special glass protection made available by Corning. Now Gorilla Glass 4 could be less reflective with the possibility of us also seeing smudge free displays.

The company has recently provided Gorilla Glass 3 that is used on a number of top end smartphones including the Galaxy S4, and while it now faces more competition from the likes of Sapphire, the company is busy looking at ways to improve its offering even further.

David R Velasquez from the Gorilla Glass recently did an interview and when asked how the company were moving forward he replied that he couldn’t go into too many details but Corning were aware of customers needs, and mentioned things such as reflections, smears, smudges, and germs with the company “taking those into consideration for developing future products”.

There are already certain coatings that are added to some smartphone screens that attempt to keep fingerprint smudges at bay, but reflections especially in bright sunlight can cause a serious problem.

Users can turn up the brightness of their handset but this will drain the battery more quickly but without so many reflections this won’t be needed as much, and anything that Corning can come up with will be extremely welcomed in the smartphone world.

Do you hope we see these improvements soon?

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