Hi Guess the Brand logos app and answers


There are many iPhone games you wished you never started and the one for us is the brain busting, addicting ‘Hi Guess the Brand’ app.

Hi Guess the Brand has hundreds of brand logos and you have to guess what they are by filling out the black titles with the letters provided, if you get stuck you can either carry on and overwork the brain or you can buy your way out with in-app purchases, but that’s cheating.

The app got updated today adding more brand puzzles, which means it is bigger than ever. This is a great game but still one we wished never existed, damn you brand game.

You can install the app via the App Store for free and start playing as soon as it is installed on your iPhone, if you get stuck you can ask your Facebook friends for help, which is a cool feature.

There is not a cheat app for this game, but if you want all the brand logos with answers then we suggest visiting Modojo, we believe these are not in order but they do give you the logo and the answer.

Have fun, please let us know if you are playing Hi Guess the Brand right now?

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