Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hit-or-miss release date


Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5S seem to have a clear release date window, and both handsets are expected in September this year. This is in with tradition for the annual Apple iPhone update after a delay a couple of years ago, and follows the confirmation given by officials for the Galaxy Note 3 release.

Last month we heard that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch at the IFA trade fair in 3 months, and will see a release date shortly after, but this hasn’t stopped a number of well-known blogs expecting the phablet to arrive sooner.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hit-or-miss release date – while we all know that Samsung announced previous generations of the Note at IFA, it seems DigiTimes think their insider sources know something different. The indecisive blog recently published an update on the iPad mini 2 release date, and their expectations of a longer than one-year cycle contradicts what their own insiders told them before.

It seems that DigiTimes is up to its own tricks once again with a new prediction for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, which they now feel could come in July or August. This is apparently thanks to information from their Asian supply sources, but considering their track record with hit-or-miss predictions, we highly doubt this will happen.

When you take into account the apparent confirmation of a Galaxy Note 3 launch at IFA, why would we want to believe anything different especially from a site like DigiTimes that makes wild guesses from so-called insiders? In our opinion, after looking at the evidence and consistent rumors it’s almost certain to see Samsung reveal the official Galaxy Note 3 specs at IFA.

Do you think an August launch is highly unlikely for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Phones Review aims to keep our readers on track with the most accurate information, so we suggest our readers ignore the recent claims from insiders that the Galaxy Note 3 could release in July or August and instead look towards IFA.

When it comes to the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specs, we recently received some leaked details pointing to the Snapdragon 800 for the CPU. This processor is clearly a favorite among our readers thanks to its capabilities.

Some of our readers have explained that not having a removable battery and SD card would be a deal breaker for them. Feel free to leave a comment on these specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, how much do you care and what would be a deal breaker for you in terms of specs and features? You can see how the next Samsung phablet might compare to the HTC One Max in an earlier article.


8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hit-or-miss release date”

  1. Alex says:

    September is indeed a more realisic launch date, but they seemed to change release dates to earlier points throughout this year so we can still hope, right? 😀

  2. RaptorOO7 says:

    If Samsung gets a sense that Apple is going to be late with the 5S, then its possible they may bump the release date up to Aug/Sep time frame to get an early lead with another 1-2 punch S4 (plus all the variants) and the GN3. Rumors say 5S is now due in Oct, but who cares its just a warmed over 5 anyways.

  3. j7.deville says:

    YES PLEASE COME EARLY!! My upgrade is July 1st I was going to get the S4 coming from the S2, and while the S4 is nicer than the Note 2 in terms of specs and polish I like the Screen size of the Note Better and the SPen. If the Note 3 Comes out In August or September and is 5.99 I will be more than happy to wait an extra month or 2!

    1. JoeJoe1234 says:

      For me as well. But it will depend on the demographic they target. I’m hoping it’s us “removable battery/sd card” types.

  4. Simple Logic says:

    IFA has become a familiar tradition with the technology community where Samsung highlights its groundbreaking devices. This date won’t change anymore than Christmas. We will NOT be having Christmas in July.

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