HTC One gains more acclaim with another award


The HTC One smartphone has already won huge praise from the tech world and from consumers, and now HTC can add another award to the plaudits for this device. The HTC One has now received the ‘Gold Medal in Design and Innovation’ from Computex 2013, an accolade that should impress even more potential purchasers.

This is not the first award that the HTC One has attained, as the handset also achieved the GSMA award for ‘Best Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet,’ as well as Tech Radar’s ‘MWC’s Best Phone’ and ‘Best in Show,’ and Mobile Geek’s ‘Best Smartphone.’ We recently told how the HTC One is helping HTC to reverse a downward turn, and it’s not hard to see why the device is earning such high praise. Not only does it have top-notch specs but it’s also wrapped up in a sleek and beautiful design.

The latest Computex award was presented to HTC by none other than the President of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou who said, “The new HTC One is as much as joy to hold and touch, as to use. It is certainly the best of this year’s entries.” The latest accolade prompted the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho to say, “We will continue to innovate and provide consumers with the highest quality products,” according to Hardware Zone.

This international accomplishment was not easy to win either, as there were 254 nominees for the title, making it a tough competition. If you’re thinking of purchasing the HTC One you may also be interested in our recent article giving a comparison of the One vs. the Samsung Galaxy S4, or alternatively a look at some in-depth reviews of the One.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on HTC winning this Gold Medal award at Computex 2013. Do you already have the HTC One and can understand why it is so much admired? Maybe you’re thinking of purchasing the device, and news of yet another award has made your decision? Let us know with your comments.


15 thoughts on “HTC One gains more acclaim with another award”

  1. Carlos Santos says:

    Hi. I have a HTC ONE since day 1.
    It’s a very pleasent device, with a very high quality build. Nice software , just missing the 4.2 upgrade … even so, HTC has long tradition in software details , mainly for business users. Email connection with enterprise systems is the top.
    Very stable phone, battery just as all other … I would like some extra juce ….
    If you are buying a phone. Go for this one. Just forget the plastic toy galaxy S4, mainly if you ate business user. Samsung just don’t build for professional usage.

  2. Larry says:

    Hi all, I’ve owned my HTC one now for six weeks, and without a doubt is the best phone I have ever owned, it’s a great looking phone, has a powerful cpu making it very fast to use, high quality HD screen, I highly recommend it you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Jesus Martinez says:

    Hey there guys, I have an HTC One and I think it is simply beautiful. The quality of the device is great. The dual speakers are amazing, better than any other phone speakers I’ve ever heard. The battery life is good, could get you through a day if your not on it watching videos all day or for that reason playing games. The phone feels great in the hand and is really thin. The gallery looks awesome with Zoe. I have not really encountered any problems with my phone and wish I won’t have to. The One could use the new update, would really be a great aspect. HTC did an outstanding job on the One, quietly brilliant.

  4. Michael Lovett says:

    I have the HTC One and it is a wonderful creation. Highest quality phone I’ve had and is simply a pleasure to use. I find myself inventing reasons to pick it up and use it.

  5. A W says:

    Until HTC add sdcard and removable battery, no thanks. People have no choice when it comes to IOS, but for Android ecosystem, I’ll never pick a phone without these two features if other manufaturers offer it. That’s why I have the Samsung Note 2. HTC, this maybe the reason why you’re losing to Samsung even though your phones have better reviews/awards.

    1. Whocares says:

      Does Android even have ecosystem? Please. What’s good to have SD card slot and you can’t even store apps but only pictures and some media types (I thought cloud did that already)? Don’t talk about Rooting because most average user >90% don’t root their phones. Oh, I forget that GS4 must have SD slot because its software takes up almost 50% of 16-GB model.
      Battery? Who case about removable battery since most users don’t even need it and the phone battery is good for whole day on normal use. To be honest, HTC One vs GS4, plastic toy is like comparing a Mercedes to a Toyota.

      1. A W says:

        You can have your opinion of what phone you buy, I’m telling my opinion, which evidently is not alone as “Wayne” also feels the same way. If HTC wants my business, then have those two features. And if I’m an HTC executive, I must be asking why I’m still getting beat by Samsung even tough I’m making as you said a Mercedes and yet more people are still buying Toyotas for even higher prices than the “Mercedes”.

  6. provex says:

    I originally bought the S4, but ended up returning it for the HTC One. I fell in love with the dual stereo front speakers. AMAZING PHONE.

  7. Craig Flanagan says:

    I’ve been a Samsung galaxy fan since the original galaxy, but when i went from the Galaxy Note to the HTC One it was by far the best decision I ever made.

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