iPhone 6 creation steps up display and features A7 chip


Although many people were hoping to see the introduction of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 at WWDC yesterday, this didn’t come to fruition. To keep us going during the wait for the next iPhone we have an iPhone 6 creation to show you that features a step up with the camera and display size and also features an Apple A7 chip.

We had cautioned readers that we felt a new iPhone unveiling at the event was very unlikely, but of course we would have been happy to be proved wrong in this instance. The lack of new iOS hardware though, does give us a chance to look at the odd concept design from to time. It’s always interesting to see these designs to give us some ideas of how future devices could look and what specs they could feature, and this latest concept comes from designer Giorgi Tedoradze.

You can see a couple of images here that show Tedoradze’s iPhone 6 concept with a bigger camera and also a larger display. We recently informed readers about the evidence mounting regarding a larger screen for the iPhone 6 and that has been reflected in this iPhone 6 creation. This imagined iPhone 6 is beautifully slim, with dimensions of 130mm x 60mm x 7mm and weighing in a 110g, with a a display size of 4.5-inches. It also features an Apple A7 processor.


Obviously these specs are all imagined, in the same way as this design, but they do echo a lot of the rumors so far regarding the iPhone 6. Many are expecting a real improvement to the camera of the iPhone 6, and this concept sports a 12-megapixel iSight camera. It also comes in a wide range of colors including white, black, grey, black, blue, purple, red, yellow, green and brown. We’re not sure what to make of the actual design of this iPhone 6, which is very similar to the current iPhone 5 but also reminds us a little of the HTC One. We do like the very thin bezels though.

We’d like to know your thoughts on this iPhone 6 concept creation. Would you like to see the real iPhone 6 with this design when it becomes available? Maybe you’d like the iPhone 6 to have a completely overhauled new look to the current iPhones on the market? Send us your comments to share your ideas on this.

Source: Giorgi Tedoradze


11 thoughts on “iPhone 6 creation steps up display and features A7 chip”

  1. Annie says:

    Yes, design great but more work on the battery would be the focus in my opinion. iPhone 5 I have had to charge every day and I am not a big user of Internet comparatively speaking. iPhone 4 had a better charge hold I only charged it every 3 days. Think that us the way to go. Have just invested in an external battery flip case to give me more time on iPhone 5 .

  2. atul says:

    Very gud desion ever but there is a battery problem in iphone
    plz fix that and improve battery performance if u resolve
    that problem the better cell ever in universe……

  3. old says:

    its design is outdated. Smart phoned already have 13 megapixel cameras and along with the other features mentioned. I think if they come out with a new phone it should be better than the other phones already out, not equal or under par especially with how much they charge. Apple needs to step up because they’re phone isn’t the best anymore by far. Hope the iphone 6 is better than what i read.

  4. Celyne says:

    Well I think you should make the I Phone a little smaller bur no to small.. why? It would not be an original it would be just like the samsung galaxy right? Do you went people thinking that your tried to copy the samsung galaxy s4? And there are girls living in this world don’t you think pink would look better to girls if there where a pink phone instead of a pink case? Try to understand

    1. stephen mc donald says:

      Maybe we could understand if you used proper grammar, all i got out of this is that apple should make a smaller iphone. This is a ridiculous statement as people use their phones for much more than just calls and texts now days and a small screen just would not suffice.

  5. Daniel Nuñez says:

    Ohh is that the gs4? Oohh wait is the iphonen6…what a copy cat…:/, expected more from apple hear after year they make one more stupid reason to dissapoint me…

    1. Jacob says:

      All smartphones are a copy of apple apple was the first company to create a modern smartphone first App Store the listgoes on. So if you go their Every smartphone was a copycat of an iPhone

  6. Rob says:

    A longer battery life would be nice to have on the I phone. I actually like the new concept of the I phone 6, but it does look like the Samsung phone. I phone use to be the best phone out there. You had all of these other company’s trying to compare phones to an I phone. I kind of wonder if that is true anymore. Seem like the I phone is behind with everything. I see other phones that already have the features that is new to I phone users like myself. I always have to here my friends say your I phone can’t do this or that, but the bottom line is I will never own another phone. I love my i phone it does everything I want it to do. It would just be nice to see the other company’s try to compete with the I phone again.

  7. Lee says:

    I for one can’t wait for the next phone people slag apple off all the time but come release day the very same people will be at the front of the line to get hold of the new one. Plus it’s not just the hardware, is there a phone out there that has better software ? That is so easy to use. And watching the keynote of ios7 it looks like its just going to get better. Get a grip guys this happens every year apple don’t build the hype which then leads to disappointment for some they just make fantastic bits of kit……that we all can’t wait to buy !

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