iPhone 6 release practicalities, skip the 5S


No new iPhone was announced at WWDC Monday gone but we knew this would not happen, but it does not stop chins wagging on what the next iPhone release will look like and what features can be expected. We want to talk a little more about the iPhone 6 release practicalities and why Apple should skip the iPhone 5S.

So many iPhone 6 concept ideas have come our way over the last few months and the recent creation we talked about came with some great features. Some of these included an Apple A7 processor, a display at 4.5-inches, 12-megapixel iSight camera on the rear, and a wider range of colours.

When we talk about new iPhone colours this coincides with what we talked about yesterday, we reported about iColorOS and its name brand being next to new iPhone 5S components, this is worth a read.

iPhone 5S Release
Apple should really sit back and consider scrapping any ideas if any about releasing the iPhone 5S, this would only be a refresh of the iPhone 5 and to be frank it would only be the new iOS 7 that would make any real difference to the smartphone, and this would already be good enough on the iPhone 5.

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Why Apple should consider the iPhone 6 release rather than the 5S!
It makes sense for Apple to skip the 5S, this would give them more credibility if they designed a whole new smartphone with a different design, features, better iPhone battery and screen size options. Other platform users and of course iOS fans will just simply slag off the iPhone 5S if it is just a refresh of pointless new features, so forget it Apple and just release a totally new smartphone aka the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Design
The iPhone 6 design needs to be radical, just take a look at the new Mac Pro for example that was teased at WWDC on Monday, this is totally different to the current desktops we are so used to, it comes with twice the speed and yet twice as small.

The new Mac Pro wow the WWDC crowd and all of us watching the live event and this is what is needed with the iPhone 6, the 5S will not be radical we know that; unless Apple has something up its sleeve to give us the shock factor.

iPhone 6 Specs
A better battery is definitely needed, the Apple A7 chip sounds like a good start, not only do iPhone users want a better rear camera they also want a better front-facing camera. Edge-to-edge display would be great with two display size options, give everyone the choice of what size they want, how about a 4-inch and a 4.5 inch because any bigger than this will kill the iPhone status and become like those Android phablets — What would be the perfect iPhone 6 display size for you?

It is ok to report on all the concept ideas etc but we feel these do nothing in reality because Apple will choose its own path, but we do agree with what we say by skipping the iPhone 5S release and come up with something radical. It can be said the 5S could be totally different but judging on past experiences from the 4 to the 4S this for us was a disappointment. From the 4S to the iPhone 5 was more pleasing, but we do not want pleasing we want ASTONISHING.

Do you think Apple should announce the iPhone 6 next and just skip the 5S?

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9 thoughts on “iPhone 6 release practicalities, skip the 5S”

  1. Stumpy says:

    I agree, if apple releases the “new and improved” iPhone 5s and is not truly “new and improved” people will start to write off apple. There will always be a following who will buy anything apple and the ones who buy it because its the cool phone to have but will lose people if they don’t innovate by building a new phone from the ground up. People will start to realize they can do the same thing on android with the same apps and have more choices. I’m hoping apple does something amazing.

  2. David says:

    I’m chomping at the bit to update my smartphone from my current iPhone 4. Currently, I am all in on new the Samsung 4S but I am trying to wait patiently to see what Apple does next. If it isn’t something fantastic, I’m moving to Android. It isn’t that I have issue with Apple or even my iPhone 4. My biggest reason is that my business runs almost 100% on Google products and services. I have an iPad, Nexus 7 and Windows tablet and I use the Nexus 7 nearly 100% of the time. It will be hard to keep me loyal to Apple but I am at least giving them a chance to wow me before I trash the apple for key lime pie.

  3. Michael Conrad says:

    Wishful thinking. Curved glass? Lol. Radical is not in Apple’s DNA. The new Mac Pro came after years of being ignored. I really do get a kick out of all these iPhone concepts that never come close to fruition. Apple has really fooled people into believing they are innovators. Samsung and LG will have curved glass much sooner – in fact, they have already announced it. Look, I’ll happily admit I was wrong if Apple comes out with some sort of radical design, but I don’t think I’ll have to.

  4. Tom Williams says:

    I am in total agreement with your articles views. Having been an early Apple loyal fan I find that I’m now totally bored with Apple’s products slow evolution and see Apple’s competitors striving well ahead of the game.
    We need Star Trek now, innovation, intuitive products programmed for humans.
    I await Apple’s corporate designs to then decide if I jump sides OR stay with my long term tech buddy.

  5. 78finn says:

    I think Apple will still run with the 5S…they are under share holder pressure to do so & it will tie in nicely with the release of IOS7. I also don’t think Apple ever herald the ‘S’ versions of the iPhone to be a radical redeisgn do they? They market them purely as an updated version of its predecessor. So there is no pressure on Apple to release something ground breaking for the 5S, it will just be a nice money spinner.

    I also don’t think Apple will release 2 sizes of screens for the iPhone 6…its not the Apple way. They will perfect one size of iPhone and emphasize why it has been designed as such. Personally I think 4.5″ is too big…I think they are more likely to go with a 4.2″ screen, but run it edge to edge to maximise the screen space. A curved screen is also unlikely from a product design perspective, as it creates distortion. But I think you could see something like a smaller rear screen for other info.

  6. Mac says:

    Bring back the (I call it silverback) the metal framed back. But with a totally new design. Slightly bigger with a better edge to edge screen.

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