iPhone 6 high-end and 5S budget release deliberation


There has been a lot of talk and speculation regarding what Apple will be doing next in the smartphone world, and the common belief is this year we will again just see a minor upgrade from the current iPhone. It would make sense though for Apple to release a redesigned iPhone 6 and a budget offering along with the rumoured iPhone 5S.

If Apple just provides a minor updated iPhone later in the year there will obviously be some disappointment among fans of the platform, but the company could really set the cat among the pigeons by offering a high end iPhone 6 along with the iPhone 5S and the long rumoured budget iPhone.

A newly designed iPhone 6 that could see a total change in direction for the company along with an increase in screen size would certainly give rival manufacturers something to think about. We have already suggested that Apple should skip releasing the iPhone 5S and instead go straight to the iPhone 6 to provide a radical smartphone device.

The company hasn’t really wowed the smartphone world since the launch of the iPhone 4, as the device at the time offered a complete redesign and since then we have only seen a more powerful or stretched version become available.

Rival smartphone manufacturers offer a number of handsets at various price levels and if Apple were to offer just a couple more away from their flagship device there shouldn’t be any danger of diluting the iPhone brand, which is something that Samsung are certainly in danger of doing.

Apple is famous for keeping its cards close to its chest with its future plans but you would have thought the time is now right for it to up its game in an attempt to see off the competition. Bringing out a device with a larger display with some standout features is not beyond a company such as Apple, and many of its fans want to see this happen.

Now though it is becoming more than just Apple going up against Samsung as the likes of HTC and Sony are beginning to offer products that are capturing the public’s imagination.

It also makes sense for Apple to offer a cheaper alternative for consumers that love the Apple ecosystem but may not have the funds to purchase an iPhone. The main focus for such a device would obviously be for emerging markets, but there will also be some that would like a budget iPhone in other markets that should in turn see sales sky rocket.


4 thoughts on “iPhone 6 high-end and 5S budget release deliberation”

  1. Tim says:

    Why would Apple release the iPhone 6 when they already know that millions will stand in line for the iPhone 5S? This is a big reason why you don’t see much innovation from Apple anymore. They don’t have to innovate! They’ve learned that they can make minor upgrades to the device and still sell millions of them. I’m sorry but all of you Apple fanatics have done this to yourself. Until you stop standing in line for minor upgrades Apple will continue to give you minor upgrades. And if any of you try and say that ios7 is a major upgrade, give me a break, ios7 is just barely catching up to the competition.

    1. Whocares says:

      What is innovation for any current mobile phone? A larger screen? I’d like a larger screen, but it’s not innovation. iOS 7 can be considered as a good upgrade for iPhone 5S/6 with some minor hardware upgrade like CPU, RAM.

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