Apple iPhone 6 5.7-inch design that would battle Galaxy Note 4


Before Apple released the iPhone 5 rumours of the company producing a device with a larger display rumbled on for ages, and the actual 4-inch display that became available was felt a bit of a letdown in some people’s eyes who wanted bigger. Now there is talk again of a larger display and this Apple 6 iPhone 5.7-inch design we have for you today would battle the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 2014.

Just over a week ago we heard rumours that Apple were looking at producing two new iPhone models next year with one at 4.7-inch and the other at 5.7-inch. Based on this rumour the guys over at T3 have come up with the render you can see on this page and in the video below.

The current iPhone 5 although larger than previous models is still considerably smaller than the 5-inch display that is now found on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but while Apple seems open to change whether they would go as large as 5.7-inch next year remains to be seen.

We have looked at the ideal screen size for the iPhone 6 before with the common belief that 4.5-inch would be the perfect size, but looking at this image of a 5.7-inch iPhone 6 does raise the appeal for such a device.

The concept has 100% more physical screen area than the current model as well as 18.5% more pixels per inch than the iPhone 5, and the video continues by showing what else such a large display would provide but we won’t spoil it all for you.

Of course it is very doubtful that Apple would ever produce an iPhone 6 so big next year but if they did it would certainly take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release in 2014, although the Note 3 will possibly be bigger this year.

Would you like an iPhone this big?


9 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 5.7-inch design that would battle Galaxy Note 4”

  1. wawanator says:

    i read an article that the iphone 6 would come in different sizes, but it was most likely just a rumor… That idea is not that bad due to the fact that apple has a lot of customers with different needs, but that would mess up their business scheme… i’m an iphone user for the moment, but apple is a company that is progressing slowly and i don’t want to be a part of that scheme anymore..

  2. Stan Kossen says:

    Although an Apple FanPerson, I own a Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone. I would switch in a minute to an iPhone if Apple had one comparable in size to the Samsung. I personally feel that the Apple’s iOS is far superior in many ways to Android’s. I know that some of you won’t agree, but that’s your problem.

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