Motorola Moto X Phone accessories starting to emerge


There has been a lot of interest in an upcoming phone that has variously been referred to as the Motorola X Phone, the Moto X and also the Google X. Recently we informed readers that Motorola has now confirmed this as the Moto X and the company also said that the phone would be released by October at the latest. We’re wondering if the phone might release quite a lot earlier though, as Moto X phone accessories have now started to emerge.

When rumors of this phone first emerged several months ago it was even speculated that this would be the Google Nexus 5 handset, although this idea was later dispelled. The Moto X still seems to be attracting attention however, and although nothing has been confirmed yet we have already seen several sets of leaked specs detailed, many of which differ.

The most recent specs leak that we have seen came from an often-reliable source though, and these included a 1.7GHz MSM8960 Pro dual-core processor, 720p HD display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory, a 10-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing shooter. Along with these specs we also heard that the Moto X phone would run the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, but we must remind you that all of this is not yet confirmed. If accurate though, then the specs are decent enough, but we feel that many potential customers are hoping for a lot more.

For a while it almost seemed as though the phone was a figment of our imagination, but now it certainly seems as though the Moto X is on the way, considering that accessories are now on offer. A site called Skinomi is offering the Skinomi TechSkin Motorola Moto X Skin Protector at a price of $19.95, a Screen Protector for $11.95, Carbon Fiber Skin Protector at $19.95 and a Silver Carbon Fiber Skin Protector, also at $19.95.

All of the above are listed specifically as Motorola Moto X accessories and there are also further options such as the Skin Protector in Dark Wood, Light Wood, Brushed Steel and Brushed Aluminum, all priced at $19.95. It seems pretty early to be listing accessories for the Motorola Moto X if a release isn’t coming until October. Therefore we’re now pondering over whether we may see it much earlier than expected.

We’ll be following developments on the Motorola Moto X Phone with interest and will pass on more information about this upcoming smartphone as soon as we hear it. In the meantime we’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you less than excited about the latest rumored specs? As accessories are now appearing for the Moto X, are you hoping that the phone may release earlier than expected? Send your comments to let us know.


12 thoughts on “Motorola Moto X Phone accessories starting to emerge”

  1. Sonnyrock76 says:

    Well like I said before. I won’t be buying the X phone with low end specs like this. It doesn’t even make sense. As much as I love Google & Motorola, I can’t believe that this is how they intend on competing with the likes of Apple & Samsung. These specs are very disappointing. Can’t believe this! I hope it’s not true.

    1. Raekki Reaves says:

      I on the other hand, would gladly give up better specs for much longer battery life and better price, etc. I wonder when people stop having a panicked bull-herd syndrome (basically, blind rush forward) over better and better (and thus more expensive). This has a chance to be high quality 21st century affordable smartPHONE with amazing battery (crucial!). Talking from my experience – I can not see a difference in a screen of galaxy s3 (720p) and s4 (1080p) so why would i cry for it so much…and 2gb its half of a good LAPTOP and before I here argument “if we stayed like this there wouldnt be progress and devices would be slow” I say thank you but for me all android devices with 2gb ram are SO smooth and fast that i dont mind. But of course I must be blind if i dont see a difference right? and processor? its like on a laptop, dual-core 1.7 it is seriously odd to say this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for processing a MOBILE PHONE. And mind you, more and more people want actually mobile phones for what the real purpose not for games and so on (look tablets). Last thing is camera – well I can only say it is getting better from 8mp to 10mp, improvement and hopefully with xenon flash. As per storage, 16GB is a lot but i get those who would like more, thats it, but mind you that probably most of you were buying iphones or other mobiles with 8gb not so long ago so …
      And so, I for one, can not wait for the product and would be let down ONLY if a battery would be equal or worse than amazing Razr Maxx HD. (well and a bit of look/compactness of the device). Bye now 🙂

      1. Jared Kaczynski says:

        The Snapdragon 800 is more efficient than the Snapdragon S4 and provides performance when you need it. It also has additional new features such as always listening voice control and the new Adreno 330 for games.

        As far as your laptop comparison. A phone processor such as the Snapdragon 600 is about half the performance of a single core 1.9Ghz AMD Sempron from 2009 comparing linpack scores.

        Along with the processor comparison, the memory comparison is a bit off. While I agree that right now, more memory isn’t needed, it used to be enough to have a couple GB in a computer, but now the average desktop and laptop is getting 8GB. Having 3GB in a phone would be fantastic, but power usage comes into issue as there isn’t a shrink yet.

        As far as the camera goes, I would prefer a camera with a large sensor instead of one with more megapixels. Digital SLRs are better than regular cameras for 2 main reasons.

        1. The actual shutter
        2. The giant light collection surface

        The Nokia EOS is apparently going the large sensor way which means it will be one of the best if not the best phone camera ever. Even if it was only 10MP it would be the best. Megapixels don’t make a good picture after a point. Being able to take a clear picture does.

        This phone in general seems like a letdown unless Motorola is selling it for under 250 off contract. It has disappointing specs, nothing really exciting, and the bad Motorola Legacy to somehow turn around. Hopefully they release multiple devices at once but based on the leaks so far it doesn’t seem likely.

      2. Sonnyrock76 says:

        I would challenge you on this but you obviously don’t have a legitimate argument. Hell I can’t even understand what you’re saying. Do you speak real English?I surely hope you do not represent the majority of the people in the United Kingdom. If so they are in big trouble.

  2. Joel says:

    Two things to comment on with this article. First, the Moto X isn’t going to be released in October – at D11, Dennis Woodside stated that Motorola will be releasing a whole new line of phones up through October, and specifically commented on the Moto X, saying it will be out “this summer”.

    Secondly, Woodside also stated that the Moto X will have two processors – one to handle all the phone’s regular processes, and the second to regulate all the extra sensors to optimize battery life (since there will apparently be an excess of new sensors so as to make the phone “contextually aware”).

    Considering we have received two sets of leaked specs from “reliable sources” – one commenting on the Snapdragon 800, and the other (more recently) commenting on this Snapdragon S4 Plus – it would seem as though this dual-core 1.7GHz is probably what they are using to regulate all the extra sensors, instead of what everyone is assuming; as the primary processor.

    1. Jared Kaczynski says:

      Nope. There is 100% no chance they did that. If they wanted to save power, the Snapdragon 800 alone would be more efficient than the Snapdragon S4 at the same performance. Never mind having extra logic to have a second power hungry chip. Since it has a second CPU, it is likely to be a super low power ARM chip at a few dozen Mhz. Like one of the smartwatches is doing.

      1. Joel says:

        That’s entirely possible. At which point, that would make this more recent rumor completely invalid. I’m mostly trying to make the most sense out of all the rumors without completely discrediting them. It seems substantially more likely that they would go with the 800, personally, but I guess someone out there wants to make everyone rave over the potential of an out-dated processor.

  3. Kevin Wells says:

    Remember Apple does not use the fastest processor and it runs as smooth as HTC ONE & Samsung Galaxy S4. Its the operating system maybe Google has something up there sleeve. I am not an Apple fan I have never owned an Apple product but my friends iphones run as smooth as any Android phone. I think Motorola and Google are on to something let’s wait and see I think this phone will sell well and I think it will be priced to sell.

  4. Matthew says:

    So I’m guessing all that stuff about ‘phones that don’t break when they fall out of you pocket’ was just hoo haa, if all these protectors are suddenly appearing….

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