Micromax Canvas 4 live to order, full specs MIA


The Micromax Canvas 4 has gained a huge following with large amounts of consumers seriously thinking of purchasing the device before the full specs are even known, and now the handset has gone live to order.

Details about the features of the Micromax Canvas 4 have been slowly dribbling out and now the handset has gone up for pre-order in a strange move by the manufacturer. Those that want the device can go to the official website and pre-book the device by paying a sum of RS. 5000.

You will be provided with a username and password once you have finished the pre-booking and your account details can then be accessed via the official website, and once we get to July 8th the balance amount for the Micromax Canvas 4 will be revealed.

This seems like a crazy move by the company asking consumers to part with money for a handset that hasn’t had any details released or even a full asking price. We have searched everywhere for the full specs but there are only rumours of what they will bring without any official confirmation.

Those that to pre-order the handset will get the chance to own it before the world does according to the company, and 10 lucky people will get the chance to attend the Micromax Canvas 4 unveiling and pick their new smartphone up at the event.

After the 15th of July if the balance hasn’t been settled the order will be cancelled with the money refunded to the account or card that was used to pay the deposit and the pre-booking page for the Micromax Canvas 4 can be found here.

Will you be placing a pre-order even though the full price and specs are not yet known?


8 thoughts on “Micromax Canvas 4 live to order, full specs MIA”

  1. NARAIN says:

    sorry to say dear
    we r INDIANs and always pull legs of our Indian brothers
    if same have been done by Apple or say Samsung then everyone critcs would have reacted other way….
    i feel MMX will not disappoint its Indian customers in case of price tag and Specification..

    so have afith in INDIAN MICROMAX too….

    samsung was same few years back when Nokia was Leading Mobile industry

    let MMX grow let INDIA beat Koreans
    all the best MMX

  2. AB says:

    No ways!!! Foolish move by Micromax. I was eagerly waiting for Canvas-4 but have now decided to buy the Lenovo K900 at a discounted price of 28,999/- offered by the company with a deadline of July 1 for the offer. BTW, Micromax is not Samsung or Apple and being an Indian company, does not give it the right to take its Indian customers for granted in order to compete (beat) with Korean or American companies. Micromax does not have the right to treat its customers in this manner even if it were the top mobile company in India.

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