5 cool Samsung Galaxy S4 cases worth considering


Samsung have achieved great sales figures with the Galaxy S4, and that’s been reflected in the blossoming accessory ecosystem for the phone. While it’s always been easier to find cool cases and other accessories for iPhone than for Android, Samsung is redressing the balance.

In this article, we look at five great Samsung Galaxy S4 cases that were new for June 2013!

5. FlexiShield Wave Case
If you’re looking for a simple but sweet case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 without putting down a ton of cash, FlexiShield’s range is always a good bet. Their most recent case for the Galaxy S4 is the Wave, a simple gel case with a nice ‘S’ wave design on the rear of the phone. With the flexibility of silicone but improved durability, the Wave is a nice inexpensive case with a simple style.

4. UAG Protective Case
On the other hand, you might be willing to spend a little more to ensure better protection of your phone. The UAG Protective Case is one of the best worldwide, and has newly been made available for the UK market. The TPU case has a brushed metal insert for rigidity, as well as bundled screen protector for full protection. With a significant lip around the screen and good thickness everywhere, your Galaxy S4 will be much less likely to be damaged by a scratch or drop.

3. Genuine Samsung Wireless Charging Cover
While the Galaxy S4 was rumoured to launch with wireless charging support built in, like the Google Nexus 4, instead Samsung opted to keep the phone slim and add wireless charging via a replacement cover instead. Now that product is available, adding the convenience of wireless charging at the expense of only a millimeter or so of waistline – not bad!

5 cool Samsung Galaxy S4 cases worth considering

2. Griffin Survivor Case
The Griffin Survivor is probably the most protective case in the world, adhering to US and UK military standards for protection against dirt, sand, rain, shock, vibration and a brace of other potential hazards. The case is well demonstrated by a series of YouTube videos showing the case thrown off a bridge, towed behind a car and dropped into a vat of maple syrup, among other calamities. Of course, the phone inside survives it all!

1. Sonivo Sneak Peak 2 Leather Case
If you liked the look and functionality of the S View cover but didn’t like its high price, then the Sneak Peak 2 from Sonivo is definitely worth a look. It offers the same plastic window cut into the front cover of the case, working with a magnet to prompt the S4 to show info tailored for that space. That means you can check your notifications, see the time and even answer incoming calls without needing to open the flip cover.

The case is made from genuine leather too, granting and even nicer look and feel to the case. Finally, the case includes a built-in kickstand, ideal for viewing media on the Galaxy S4’s beautiful five-inch Full HD display. What more could you want from a Galaxy S4 cover?

So there we have it – five awesome new Galaxy S4 cases for June. Be sure to let us know what your favourites are in the comments below! For more information on the cases above please visit Mobile Fun and use their search bar.

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