New iPhone 5 accessories released last June


The iPhone accessory market is a massive one, with hundreds of new products going on sale each month. While that means an abundance of choice for consumers, it also means that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

In this article we’ll seek to do just that, looking at five awesome new iPhone 5 accessories that released to the market in June.

5. Boostcase Hybrid Snap Case with 1500 mAh battery
We begin today with this snap-on case for the iPhone 5, which includes a 1500 mAh battery within. That’s enough capacity to double the iPhone 5’s already considerable battery life, allowing you to go two days between charges if you so desire. The Boostcase is unusual for a battery case in that it’s not too bulky, yet still delivers a meaningful amount of charge. It’s also available in two weird colours besides the standard black – mint and purple.

4. LifeProof LifeJacket
This unusual accessory is an add-on for the popular LifeProof case. It essentially surrounds the iPhone in a large amount of foam, letting it float in water and absorb tremendous amounts of impacts. While this definitely isn’t something you can stuff in your pocket, if you want to make your iPhone completely safe to use in the water then this is the way to do it.

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3. Urbano Genuine Leather Flip Case
This hand-sewn genuine leather case caught my eye thanks to its ‘vintage’ colour scheme and the lovely detailed stitching around the perimeter of the case. The flip form factor is a nice fit with leather, as you’re assured good screen protection without a massive amount of added bulk.

2. ThumbsUp Fish Eye Lens
The iPhone has become the most popular camera model in the world – not through its hardware strength particularly, but just because an iPhone owner will always have their phone with them. This Fish Eye Lens by ThumbsUp goes right along with this ideal; with an easily detachable lens that adds a distinctive look to the photos you take. Great for selfies, wider landscapes and skateboarding videos.

1. Tech21 Impact Shield with Self Heal
Our final accessory today is the Tech21 Impact Shield with Seal Heal. As you might guess from the name, this is no ordinary screen protector for the iPhone 5 – it’s an honest-to-god Wolverine-style self-healing screen protector. It’s made from multiple layers too, ensuring a small measure of impact protection as well as the typical resistance to scratches. This Tech21 product is a top-level screen protector that goes beyond 99% of screen protectors on the market today.

I hope you find these accessory suggestions helpful! If you have any suggestions of your own or you’d like to ask a question, feel free to do so via the comments below. Thanks for reading and have a great afternoon.

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