iMessage not working, still down for some users


Apple’s iMessage service is experiencing problems today, and although Apple has acknowledged the messaging service was not working for a short time, it seems that for plenty of users iMessage is still down. We’d really like to hear from readers who use iMessage for their iOS devices, to get some idea of just how widespread this issue still is.

Problems with the iMessage service for iOS and Mac users seem to happen fairly frequently, and the service is so popular with users that there is usually quite an outcry when it goes down. On Apple’s own System Status page it was noted that iMessage was out of action for just over half an hour today.

Interestingly, Apple first noted that around 30% of iMessage users had been affected, as shown by 9to5Mac. However the status page message was later updated to simply say, “some users were affected” by the outage. Unsurprisingly these kinds of problems inevitably lead to questions being asked about Apple’s seeming inability to cope with the demands made by the service.

More interestingly still, it seems from taking a quick look at Twitter, that there are plenty of people who are saying they are still affected by the outage and that the iMessage app is still not working for them. Understandably this is causing a certain amount of frustration. We just checked iMessage and it’s working for us, but it may be different for you?

We’d really like to hear from our readers about this, as it would be interesting to see if this is still a widespread issue, or whether the problem seems to be confined. Is iMessage working for you? Let us know with your comments.


21 thoughts on “iMessage not working, still down for some users”

  1. Tully says:

    Imessage is a bit hit and miss for me. Messages to some people go through OK but to others they are going as text messages. My son’s isn’t working at all. Outgoing message is blue so it looks as though it has gone through as an imessage but on checking the phone bill he’s been charged for text messages. Messages between us are going as text messages.

  2. Syd says:

    Mine & my mom’s is still down. It’s annoying as hell! It’s sending as text message & in includes of the entire previous text with each reply. Including all details such as To/From Date & time SMDH

  3. Geve says:

    Mine just went down today. I can recieve them but not answer when I try to send it looks as if it did and then the message just disappears! It’s so frustrating!!

  4. Rae says:

    Mine just randomly stopped sending as an iMessage text to people with iPhones as well as of July 28th 2013.. It’s been 2 days. But my other friends arnt having any problems.

  5. Cary says:

    found out mine wasn’t working when a friend tried to send me a message from an ipad. It didn’t come through at all. I was getting all other texts from phones as far as I know. I tried to text her as a test and it said imessage had to be enabled. I had been able to get her messages before. Went to settings and sure enough, it said off. Changed the setting and it is once again working.

  6. Caleurogal says:

    Mine has been down on my desktop since Saturday, but my iOS devices are fine. I keep getting an error message of a problem with registration and I am offline, although I changed nothing.

  7. Andi says:

    My iMessage will randomly turn off and I won’t notice it until a friend calls me and asks why I didn’t respond to their text. And when I go under settings the iMessage option is turned off and it says “iMessage activation unsuccessful”
    But when I turn it on it works fine. Until the next time it randomly turns off.
    So frustrating.

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