Samsung ATIV Q video review conclusion


We’ve already brought readers some information about the new and impressive Samsung ATIV Q, a convertible tablet device that can offer an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean or Windows 8 experience. Today we have spotted a useful Samsung ATIV Q video review that offers a conclusion about this hybrid dual-booting tablet or notebook.

The 16-minute YouTube video review that you can see below this story gives a really good observation of the Samsung ATIV Q, but before you view it you may want to know some of the main specs of the device. The ATIV Q is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel Haswell Core i5 processor, has Intel HD 4400 graphics, a 13.3-inch qHD+ display with 3200 x 1800 resolution, 4GB of RAM, and a 256GB internal SSD storage.

Users can switch operating systems with one touch of a button, and it has a flexible hinge so that it can be used as either a tablet or a laptop. It also supports use of the built-in S Pen stylus. The video review of the Samsung ATIV Q begins with some spec details, before looking at the hybrid form factor, described as sturdy. It then goes on to look at the keyboard, display, interface, processor and much more.

Pros of the device are seen as the high-resolution display, form factors and the ability to switch between the Android and Windows platforms. When it comes to cons, the keyboard arrangement and lack of backlight are criticized. Other drawbacks are that in tablet mode the USB 3.0 and HDMI ports are not reachable, and also that the record resolution seems to have some difficulties with app and interface scaling.

In conclusion the Samsung ATIV Q earns a 9-point rating with huge amounts of praise for aspects such as its “zippy performance,” and simple conversion. Ultimately the device is described as “raising the bar so high for all portable computer makers that only the price can be a deterrent.”

If you’re thinking of purchasing the Samsung ATIV Q then please do check out the video, and then let us know your thoughts on this notable device. Could you be tempted to splash the cash on the ATIV Q?


13 thoughts on “Samsung ATIV Q video review conclusion”

  1. davianny says:

    I really like this device, but what was Samsung thinking in only giving it 4GB of ram. For such an expensive device you would think it would have a backlit keyboard, more ram or at the very least options to customize it. Regardless, this device would probably sell well, but really Samsung, you missed out on really making this device the best in every category not just a few.

    1. Za Artist says:

      That is my same reaction about this table. Sony duo 13 Has the specs but not the design I truly like, unlike this one design but lacking top specs.And why not a Wacom pen or an option for a Wacom stylus ?

      1. G says:

        The ativ q uses a Wacom digitizer so there are a few Wacom pens that will work with it. It would have been nice to see Samsung make the s pen a little more ergonomic for this model though.

    2. G says:

      The lack of performance options is truly a disappointment, one can only hope that the ram chip(s) and SSD will be easily upgrade-able by the end user.

      1. ThatsHowISeeIt says:

        Unfortunately they are all soldered so you can’t upgrade 🙁 I have no idea why Samsung decided to cripple the best Windows tablet ever created by limiting it to only 2-3 GB of useable RAM when the Android dual OS mode takes up another GB of memory.

        They should have offered an option to pay more for 8GB of RAM.

  2. Mark Coppock says:

    Just as disappointing is that, apparently, Android is run at 1920X1080. That’s 165PPI on a 13.3″ screen. That kills it for me even more than the 4GB of RAM.

  3. ThatsHowISeeIt says:

    Samsung crippled this otherwise great tablet by limiting it to only 4GB of RAM.

    Honestly I don’t think they understand the target market for this
    device. Android and Windows in one convertible device with a float mode
    where the screen floats above the keyboard. Try selling that to an
    average buyer for a premium. This is a dream device for professionals
    and power users and yet it seems Samsung marketing decided this should
    somehow compete with the iPad crowd — at twice the price and as much
    RAM as a cheap $450 laptop.

    Sony had enough sense to offer
    their Duo with 8GB of RAM, up to 512 GB SSD, and Haswell i7 4650 with
    HD5000. You have to screw up yours specs pretty badly when the competing
    Sony mid-level offering with i7/8GB/256SSD is still better than your
    top of the line K03 configuration with only 4GB of RAM.

    For people who do limited work the 4GB will suffice but for power users
    and business professionals who multitask, this is going to be painfully
    inadequate for long-term use. The Android VM is going to take away some
    of that 4GB of RAM so you are going to have even less ram than even a
    typical 4GB laptop for your work. To add insult to injury, for the cost
    of the K03 model, you can buy a Duo 13 with 8GB of RAM and i7. I feel
    the Duo 13 actually has a better designed keyboard with function keys at
    the top along with an area that you can use as a palm rest which the
    ATIV Q lacks.

    Samsung completely screwed this up with the specs by trying to cater to
    the mindless iPad crowd when they could have covered that crowd and with
    an extra 4GB of RAM also covered the needs of business professionals
    who would not think twice about paying $1500-$2000 for a laptop. The Duo
    13 I had on order that I canceled was about $2300. I would have easily
    paid that much for an ATIV Q with decent specs and this is money Samsung
    is leaving on the table.

    Given the retarded 4GB of RAM, the only reason I see someone purchasing
    the Q over the Duo 13 is the 3200 X 1800 display. If 1080P is enough for
    you and you do not need pressure sensitivity in photo shop you are
    going to have a more robust multitasking experience with the Duo 13 as
    for about $1800 the Duo 13 ships with Haswell i7, 8GB of RAM, 256 SSD
    along with a better keyboard and longer battery life. As recently as a
    couple of days ago, Amazon was selling the mid-range Duo 13 with free
    shipping, no tax, and a 5% discount. The discount is no longer there but
    given an August launch date for the Q, the Duo 13 might actually be
    widely available for less money with a better processor and more RAM.

    Thank you Samsung for creating the world’s greatest tablet and then
    screwing up the whole thing by including as little RAM as a $450 laptop.
    It is tough to screw up the launch of an incredible device like the Q
    but you managed a way to do that. You’ve made Sony very happy! 🙂

    1. Bilbo Buggins says:

      @thats how i see it:

      I’ve been following the news on this machine very closely for weeks, and amazingly, i’ve seen you in numerous review comment sections bashing away at this device. why would you repeatedly do that? I almost begin to wonder what or who motivates you. i can think of no logical reasons except the obvious, or perhaps you would enlighten us?

      1. ThatsHowISeeIt says:

        Because I’d like Samsung to get a clue and sell this with 8GB of RAM so I can buy one. I’ve been waiting for a device like this for years. I am not the only person complaining about RAM being limited to only 4GB.

        Do you disagree with any statements I’ve made regarding how absurd it is to pay about $1500 for a laptop that ships with 4GB of RAM and when Android uses another Gig or so, you are left with only about 3GB to get your work done. Is that acceptable to you?

        What “obvious” reason are you eluding to? If you want to buy a 13″ convertible tablet with >=1080P and a digitizer. The Q and the Duo 13 are the only options. I prefer the ultra high resolution display of the Q but I need more than 4GB of RAM to get my work done.

        I don’t know about you, but I am somewhat passionate about technology and I don’t want to buy a laptop that is crippled with only about 3GB of useable RAM after paying about $1500 for it.

        I want Samsung to offer the best Windows convertible tablet. Don’t you?

        1. Bilbo Buggins says:

          Samsung doesn’t owe anyone anything. They gamble tens of millions on a products like this. Sure, the return is fabulous when it works, but they owe us nothing. If you really want to change the way samsung does business, do you think that ranting against them on numerous boards is going to do the trick? This thing isn’t trying to compete with consumption devices, it’s attempting to lead the revolution into a new era of computing. You’ll get your 8 g tablet soon enough, it just isn’t time today. You talk as if they owe you the responsibility to come up with a tablet device that is capable of pulling off the same horsepower as a desktop graphics workstation. And in context (a hybrid multipurpose tablet) can you point to one that is better at any price? I’m an adobe CC subscriber, and beta tester for autodesk’s full product line. I own a successful 3d parametric modelling, visualization, and rendering studio that has been operating for over ten years. I own a Samsung Ativ 700t that is this machines predecessor, and I am amazed at it with only 4g ram. I have my whole suite of adobe cc apps installed, my 3d modelling tools, and it performs exactly as it should for what it is. I am extremely happy with it. When I need the horsepower of a workstation, I go sit in front of one. So in the end, I do have to wonder what motivates you. I can’t see any other reason for cross posting the same rant on numerous boards and doing nothing but fomenting ill toward a technology provider that have to ballz to gamble millions so people can sit back and shoot peas at the back of their heads before the product is even released into the wild. That product is on the assembly line now, ranting about it ain’t gonna change a thing.

          1. ThatsHowISeeIt says:

            Who said Samsung owes anyone anything? When I pay around $1500 for a laptop I expect to be able to get my work done with it. 4GB is not sufficient for that. All I’m doing is expressing my desire to pay more for more RAM. I’d pay $2,000+ for a well configured Q.

            Not everyone else has limited needs like you do. Some do more with their computers and are willing to pay more for extra RAM and storage space. Companies like Sony and Lenovo cater to such needs and Samsung apparently does not.

            It seems like you’ve taken the fact that some people want more RAM in the Q to be a personal affront. Relax. Soon you will be able to get your Q with 4GB of RAM and run Windows with the 2.5 GB of space left while Android is running. It just sucks for people, unlike you, who need more than 2-3 GB of RAM now.

          2. Bilbo Buggins says:

            Numerous posts on uncounted blogs bashing Samsung and I’m the one who’s taking it as a personal affront. Yes, you do have an agenda.