HTC 8X GDR2 update causing freezing problems


Some users of the unlocked HTC 8X are experiencing freezing problems after Microsoft released the GDR2 update, this was first rolled out on devices such as the Samsung Ativ S and now owners of the HTC device are having issues.

Complaints are rolling in over on the WPCentral forum, one member said that their HTC 8X has died and will not restart and another said their HTC 8X is dead and they are seeking help.

The recent GDR2 update for the HTC 8X seems to be a problem and after reading in the forum we have noticed the issues mainly happens when playing music, someone mentioned that even if you drain the battery this does not fix the issue. The device freezes and will not even sort itself out after restarting the smartphone.

The smartphone gets stuck when playing music and becomes irrecoverably, this means the HTC 8X is completely bricked and we are calling out to owners who installed the GDR2 update to come forward to let us know if you are having any issues.

One member said that they was listening to music and when they receieved a WhatsApp message they tried to open it, soon as they did this their HTC 8X froze on them. Some Windows Phone devices have frozen before and normally you just pull the battery out or restart, but this is not working on the 8X.

A few users have said by holding the power button for about 30-45 seconds will help, but for a few it has not worked.

Are you having problems with your HTC 8X Windows Phone after the GDR2 update?


10 thoughts on “HTC 8X GDR2 update causing freezing problems”

  1. kokaaa says:

    yeaa i have the same problem and during listening to music my mobile turned off and does n’t work again till nw :S

  2. Pheee says:

    Updated my 8X at around 10pm last night, the phone restarted but the update didn’t complete and I’ve had the ‘spinning gears’ screen ever since (it’s now 12pm) despite trying every hard reset fix I can find and leaving the battery to run down completely
    I’m thinking it has bricked itself, I have contacted HTC so I’m awaiting their reponse….

  3. Ellin says:

    Mines gone too totally brick, listening to music it switched itself off and wont restart no matter what i do to it

  4. Marcus Cole says:

    Mine was bricked for 5 days, after a full bat drain it seems to have strung back into life…

  5. stevemartin says:

    Mine has this problem since the update. One or two songs in it will freeze and i have to press and hold the power button to restart.

  6. berty says:

    I’m located in Croatia today I was listening music and HTC 8X just died and nothing helped
    I will take phone to service center tomorrow…..

  7. belle says:

    my phone froze for three hours and would not budge. i tried plugging into the charger, and taking out the sim. pressing the power button for 30 seconds helped and it has restarted. however, it turns itself off and on randomly even mid-phone call. has anyone had this problem?

  8. Yann says:

    The same…Listening goog music on the 8X…Turned off… No way… it’s like a brick…

  9. Rohonesh Kar says:

    Was listening to a song today and suddenly the phone switched off. It is now a brick. It won’t turn on or charge. Have tried soft and hard reset (held till 30-45 secs). But it doesn’t work. Will now wait for the battery to exhaust and see if I can follow some of the other tips mentioned on Windows Phone Central forums.