Samsung beats Apple in smartphone shipment growth


Apple has yet to announce its fiscal third-quarter earnings it today we can reveal that Samsung beats Apple in smartphone shipment growth, the new estimates we are about to reveal comes via the market research team at TrendForce.

The estimates for Q2 2013 are superb fro Samsung but not that great for falling Apple when it comes to smartphone shipment growth, the total estimate arrived at 221 million units overall for Q2.

The Q1 to Q2 2013 saw a massive jump for Samsung and a huge drop in shipment sales for Apple, iPhone sales dropped by 12.1% with only 27 million iPhones sold in the second quarter. The iPhone is one of the best selling devices for Apple at the moment and seeing as the iPhone 5S is not expected to release until October Apple’s shipments will continue to fall.

Samsung beats Apple in smartphone shipment growth

Samsung are no doubt Apple’s rivals but they seem to be doing alright, with a massive 71-million smartphones sold in the same period. Samsung gained a staggering $8.3 billion profit, they sold 23 million Samsung Galaxy S4 units alone in Q2. Some may think that Apple selling 27 million iPhones is better than Samsung’s 23 million, but Apple’s figures are based on the whole iPhone line, the S4 shipments were 23 million.

iPhone 5 sales reached 22 million units in Q2, the whole smartphone shipment sector is up by 31.4% from the same quarter last year, looks like smartphones are a big industry and only but getting stronger.

Here is the top 10 in smartphone shipment starting from the highest: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, Sony, CoolPad beat LG to the post in sales and then came ZTE, Nokia was in 9th with HTC falling right behind the rest.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung beats Apple in smartphone shipment growth”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    This let’s all the Samsung haters know exactly who’s boss period. As I have always said if you’re not rolling with Samsung then your not rolling at all. Plain and simple Samsung is android.

  2. MRDONBULLY says:

    Samsung is definitely showing real power. Samsung is destroying all the competition when comes to Specification, now they are on top charts best selling smartphone industry. Damn i feel sorry for apple fans because iphone is now old fashion.

  3. bobmoo79 says:

    This proves what many already know – Samsung is selling many, many more units of its smartphones than apple is.

    BUT that won’t stop technology manufacturers releasing iphone docks for this, that, and anything else they can think of.

    Even Samsung do it. when I bought a Samsung surround sound system last year, it came with a smartphone dock. Not a Samsung Galaxy dock though, it was an IPHONE DOCK!! Ridiculous! As a Samsung user, with a Samsung TV, Samsung surround sound, and a Samsung phone I was (and still am) unable to dock my phone….

    (I can wirelessly connect the phone using AllShare but I was offended by the inclusion of an iphone dock, as I always am when manufacturers decide to include an adaptor/dock for a ‘niche’ product, ignoring the blatantly obvious mass market products. Do Apple pay them to do so???)