The British Street Food app finds London’s finest


With a city as large and diverse as London, getting around and finding what you’re looking for isn’t always easy. One of the first things that tourists and new Londoners are bound to notice is how sprawling of a city London is. With 32 London boroughs covering 1500 square kilometers, London is BIG.

When the largest food craze of recent memory hit London’s streets a few years ago, food trucks were tough to track down. These days, food trucks have become quite ubiquitous but if you’re looking for your favorite, you’ve got to know where to find it.

Food trucks have been using social media for as long as they’ve existed (which is about as long as social media has existed as well). Being semi-mobile, food trucks are always on the lookout for big crowds. Festivals and street parties are go-to favorites, or near parks and other public spaces.

Now you can track your favorite food trucks with an app from British Street Food. The new app soon to be launched on Android and iOS will feature live GPS-enabled maps showing who’s where and when. Daily specials and photo reviews keep the street food fans engaged.

Other useful tools for finding London’s best street foods involve a bit more leg-work on the user end, including finding and following your favorite street food brands on Twitter and Facebook.

Keep your eyes open online so you can spot your favorite food trucks in London!

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