iOS 7 beta 4 release date wait clarified


During our reporting of the Apple Developer problems we have kept our readers updated on the potential iOS 7 beta 4 release date, and Phones Review was the first website to doubt a launch was possible after the hack. This meant that the 2-week beta launch pattern didn’t continue last Monday, and since then we have seen how wide reaching the issues are with Apple’s developer services being down.

Within the last hour we updated you on a new Apple Developer system status page that went live to update people over service problems, and reveals when different services come back online. This information also signals a clear indication as to how iOS 7 beta 4 will release, and we can see it is being given a priority.

Apple’s entire database will be rebuilt and they plan to roll out updated systems in a certain order. The road is clear to an iOS 7 beta 4 release and it will start with Apple bringing pre-release developer libraries, Bug Reporter (already online), Apple Developer Forums, Identifiers and Profiles, Certificates and videos online first.

After Apple completes these tasks you will see the software downloads restored, and it is then you will see the “latest betas of iOS 7”. These are the words Apple used in their latest update, and while developers will be able to install iOS 7 beta 4 over-the-air, we believe it will go live when the software downloads are restored along with the latest betas of iOS 7. This is when you will see beta 4 go live for download.

We will continue to keep our readers updated on Apple’s progress, what services are you waiting to see restored? The moment iOS 7 beta 4 hits a release date we will be sure to update you on our social channels and the website.