Space iPhone 5 cases for enthusiasts


When it comes to the universe and space it blows our mind to think about little us on Earth, and when you spend just a few minutes looking into the stars and thinking about how big the universe is, you can feel very small but also important in your own right. Today, we wanted to look at some iPhone 5 cases for enthusiasts or those of our readers that want to be reminded about the bigger picture.

If you love everything about space and love looking up and studying everything about the universe, then iPhone 5 owners might want to protect their phone with a space themed case. We have seen iPhone 5, 4S and 4 cases in a number of themes from SpongeBob to One Direction, so you can count on there being a large number of space cases.


We have tracked down a number of places you can find space themed iPhone 5 cases and this includes auctions and retail stores. You can see a $37 case on Red Bubble called the Blue Galaxy and comes as an iPhone 5 Deflector or Capsule case. It is worth noting this design is also available on the Retina iPad as well.


There is a number of space iPhone 5 cases found on Cafe Press as well, which include a movie themed version like Star Trek and those themed as a Crab Nebula, Supernova and constellations like Orion. You will find lots of space iPhone 5 cases on eBay UK and US as well, although you can see some UK examples on this page.

Lastly, you might want to see the popular Zazzle website for a number of iPhone accessories that includes some space iPhone 5 cases. Take a look at the list of themed cases here, or let us know if you love space so much that you would purchase an iPhone 5 case in this theme?