iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 4 WiFi problem


Since installing iOS 7 beta 4 onto the iPhone there have been a few problems with WiFi, the signal doesn’t seem as strong as it used to be when on iOS beta 3.

Some of the changes in iOS 7 beta 4 included the new slide to unlock arrow, the lock screen now shows a new unlock icon as well as animation to make it stand out a little more than before. There is also new bar icons that you will notice exposes the Control center and Notification Center.

You can also swipe left and right in Notification Center to switch between Missed, All and Today. The best feature we have found is the Phone app, the answer, decine, end, message and remind me button have changed dramatically.

Getting back to the point, when the iPhone 5 was on beta 3 I noticed a slight drop in WiFi signal, which I took on the chin seeing as it is beta, but installing beta 4 has made it a whole lot worse.

Before I could walk at a distance from the office before losing signal, but now I can just about make it to the door. I thought this should be tested a little more so I tried the WiFi signal at home, before I could go right down the end of the garden, which is about 150 feet away but now I can just about get to the patio table 50 feet away from the router.

Phones Review asked other developers if they have noticed a difference with their WiFi signal on the iPhone 5 since they installed iOS 7 beta 4, and some of them said yes.

Roll on iOS 7 Beta 5; we will let you know when this is to be released tomorrow. Are you having issues with WiFi on your iPhone since installing iOS 7 beta 4?


9 thoughts on “iPhone 5 iOS 7 beta 4 WiFi problem”

  1. Claire says:

    Yes, my wifi isn’t connecting at all and i’m about 4 meters from my router.

  2. Eric says:

    Yes, Find my iPhone crashes; Instagram too; Skype still crashes; and email ‘read’ / unread show funny numbers for some mail accounts!?!?

  3. Ben says:

    I have the same problem with my 4s each successive beta has increasingly diminished my wifi reception. I removed ios 7 beta 4 and replaced it with ios 6.1.3 and instantly quadrupled my reception strength.

  4. Darrion says:

    I herb noticed that 1 before my wifi was able to connect automatically and remember wifi passwords now it doesn’t
    2 as far as the background the auto zoom is annoying I don’t like half revolution pixels as my background.

  5. Scoobydoo says:

    Got exact the same problem as mentioned above
    Wifi signal gone weak, someone should tell apple about it

  6. BillehEdits says:

    Same issue…can’t connect through wifi on my iPhone 5 after upgrading to iOS 7 Beta 4. APPLE! WE NEED A FIX!

  7. Joseph A. Ahmad says:

    Try a reset of your firmware by doing it manually from a computer. Otherwise, wait for the publicly released firmware in the Fall, especially if you aren’t a developer running it on your daily device. Apple will fix more bugs in a couple of weeks when they release beta 5. But again, betas are not meant for daily drivers and for ordinary consumers.

  8. Matthew Reynolds says:

    It’s gotten to the point where it detects absolutely no wifi signal at all for me. Restarting has been the only fix I’ve found.

  9. Naya says:

    Since installing IOS 7 my phone no longer recognizes wifi (I’m at most 6m away from the hotspot!) and my phone freezes, at times I get a black screen for a few minutes, at times it freezes on a page and last but not least, my phone often reboots when I go under 50% battery! I tried rebooting, reinstalling everything but still experience the same issue (same for my iPad). I can’t wait for this to be fixed!