iPhone 5S, 6 fingerprint sensor vs eye recognition vs default


Apple really needs to think about its strategy this year or in 2014 when they release a new smartophone being it the iPhone 5S or 6, they are looking at more features to add to the mix and one of them included a fingerprint sensor if rumors are to be correct. This poses, as a little worry in our books because they need to get it right.

Fingerprint Sensor vs Eye Recognition vs Default
Yesterday we reported news that claimed fingerprint sensor findings were found within the newly released iOS 7 beta 4, it has been said it could be featured within the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. It was suggested that the fingerprint sensor could be housed under the Home Button that allows users to unlock the iPhone; this is where we have reservations.

Using a fingerprint sensor to unlock an iPhone would be ludicrous, it will be perfect for those that work in a clean environment such as working from home, or in the office etc, but what about other environments such as a building site or somewhere where water is involved.

Sensors do not like dirt or moisture, biometrics are optical and recognises fingerprints and dirty or wet hands will not cut it. We just cannot see this being viable as a 100% working device if they decide to include fingerprint sensors.

So how about Apple using eye recognition, this would be yet another silly move. The Samsung Galaxy S4 already has eye tracking; the S4 uses eye motion-sensitive controls to allow users to pause video and scroll through pages using eye movements. If Apple decided to use eye recognition to unlock the new iPhone this would not be innovative, and you can bet your bottom dollar consumers will be annoyed they copied Samsung.

Now we move onto default, we believe Apple should stick with the default unlock that they already use. The iPhone allows you to use a 4-digit code or a customized code of your choice longer than 4 digits, so why change what works. No one has been able to access my phone yet so I am happy.

Apple, sit back and take this on the chin. FORGET fingerprint recognition; do not even contemplate using eye recognition unless you want to be bombarded with complaints by Galaxy users saying that you copied Samsung.

What do you think Apple should do?