Nokia Lumia 2020 needs Android not Windows


The latest instalment to the Nokia Lumia lineup was the 1020 smartphone, which yes runs Windows Phone operating system. So now we look into the future with the Nokia Lumia 2020 concept and the features it could possibly come with.

Warrgon posted on Deviantart his perception of the Nokia Lumia 2020; this will apparently follow the 1020 that will come with a cool 5-inch display.

Some of the main features on the Nokia Lumia 2020 concept include a 5-inch AMOLED screen, quad core 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, and a whopping 4 GB of RAM (Dream On), it will also apparently come with 32 GB of storage.

Now we know if this smartphone were to release with 4GB of RAM it will definitely not happen in 2014, so 2105 would be more realistic, but then they could release the Nokia Lumia 2020 next year with 3GB or RAM.

It could come with at least Windows Phone 10 and the possibility of 5G, if we have 41MP sensors now then in 2014 / 2015 it could climb to about 60 to 80MP.

Now Comes Reality Time
If Nokia were to release the Lumia 2020 why on earth would they continue to release all smartphones with Windows Phone OS. You really do need to learn Nokia, you NEED to embrace Android if you want to succeed in life. Nokia is falling like a brick and making no headway in climbing the Apple or Samsung ladder, watch your sales growth once you go over to Android.

Nokia Phones are built with quality; in fact they look rather sexy. It’s just a shame it comes with Windows, make the change whilst you are still in the mobile phone market. You were once the greatest and you could be once again if only you sit back and think.

Do you think the Nokia Lumia 2020 should release with Android OS?


22 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 2020 needs Android not Windows”

    1. Kirn Gill says:

      They do, actually, but indirectly; They care about what what they can do with it (or better put, what apps they can run on it), which requires developers to care.

      1. dbest180 says:

        Which is why 10 to 1 they choose Android. See ya next time Nokia. And guess what when they get bought for next to a nickle next year, it will run Android.

  1. Bong Puno says:

    Oh please no… Just imagine the force close’s or the super lag when it’s processing the 38MP + 5MP images. But for fanboys sake, wish Nokia will give them what they want as long as it makes everyone happy. LoL

      1. kosiara says:

        Where should I move? Should we just wait till Nokia dies completely…. from 40% of the market to 3%….. Windows is killing the company!

  2. Sudhakaran says:

    Yes, but this is impossible as long as Elop is the CEO. He is exploiting full Nokia resources in order to improve Windows Phone market-share, by selling Lumia phones at heavy losses and killing Symbian/MeeGO.

    Elop is a Microsoft man. Why can’t Nokia shareholders and Finnish govt understand this? It is very, very unfortunate for Finnish people to submit Nokia to Microsoft through Elop.

    WP will never gain traction as Android is boosting like anything, with new features twice an year. Microsoft is a copy-paste company and cannot complete with Google at all. Google is not Apple which restricted its PC OS to very costly hardware and hence killed its OS itself. Google is not Apple and Microsoft cannot survive in this with smartphones and tablets.

  3. leon says:

    All android lovers, can you please tell why google’s own nexus, Motorola, LG, SONY etc etc are not booming, its simply marketing, if u use u will realize how good Windows Phone is, android has biggest market share worldwide because of companies like Micromax, Huwaei, Lava not because of Samsung and if u think Windows can also follow the same and give their OS to these small companies and increase their market share, but they dont want to do because Windows Phone is for class, not for mass,it does not crash like Android all the time

  4. Baldie says:

    If you want a malware riddled OS stay with Android, I have just moved from crackberry to a Lumia 925 and am very happy with WP8. Nokia does not need Android and this continuous clamour for Android does no-one any good. We need variety in the OS market and having just 2 (iOS and Android) would remove competition and it is the consumer who will suffer.

  5. Nouminoumi says:

    The fifth Android manufacturer outsells Nokia 2 times. The increase of Windows Phone is the biggest these days because people are massively starting to definitely drop their dumb phone and the WP has the smallest marketshare. It’s mathematics. They basically pickup ex-Nokia users, some BB, and some attracted by the extreme low prices. The truth is, volume wise, people are massively choosing an Android device.
    They shoud’ve gone to Android with their own skin à la TouchWiz/Sense. It might be too late to change anything. Nokia will be dismantled in less than 2 years and sell their portfolio to Microsoft.
    It’s incredible European Union is not seeing this.

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