Samsung Galaxy S4 Active not so waterproof


The likes of Samsung and Sony have been providing versions of their flagship handsets this year that offer a bit more in terms of protection from life’s bumps and scratches, but it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is not so waterproof.

When Samsung originally launched the Galaxy S4 Active one of the biggest selling points was the fact it was waterproof, and owners could even take pictures underwater using the Aqua camera mode on the device.

The device has an IP rating of 67 but it seems that owners of the device should refrain from using the camera underwater, as an anonymous AT&T employee has seen the device in action. The person has taken to the XDA Developers Forum to warn owners of the S4 Active as AT&T has been giving out lessons so the device can be demonstrated for its underwater capabilities.

Even after taking all the precautions before placing the handset in the water there was still some water ingress, and the “flimsy rubber USB door” is being blamed for the failure. This caused the handset to have some issues such as Google Now starting on its own and some buttons to stop working.

The employee states that improper usage statement can’t be used as they have studied many training videos for the device, and a customer has already had to change an example of the handset what might have been due to water damage.

So while it may seem a great idea to take some photos underwater it might be an idea not to do it with your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, as the Samsung warranty doesn’t cover water ingress.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S4 Active not so waterproof”

  1. Jacquie Bremmer Troupe says:

    I bought this phone from at&t 3 weeks ago. Never had a Samsung product before. Liked the set up, thought it would be fun to have a tougher phone.
    Followed the steps to make sure it was water tight, put it in aqua mode and took a photo. The hubby called and I could hear him but he couldn’t hear me. He says take it back, but 30 minutes later the phone is fine. In hind sight I shouldn’t have given it a second chance. But I did.
    I just took the kids to a waterpark for 3 days.
    Day 1 were dry photos only.
    Day 2 I took 3 or 4 photos in the water, the rest on the sidelines. Nothing deeper than 6″, again followed the instructions to make sure every thing was sealed and it was in aqua mode for the water photos. Get a phone call and again no one can understand what I’m saying. I take the phone apart-no water anywhere! Battery/sd card/seals are bone dry.
    Day 3 We are outside by the pool and again, the phone starts off just fine. I follow the steps, take a few splash pad pics in aqua mode. Take a few under the water then put the phone away. I take it out a few hours later to check the weather and phone messages and it is freaking out.
    Buttons across the bottom of the phone don’t work at all, the wake/sleep button works half the time, the touch screen works but you can’t back out of anything, there are streaks across the screen, the camera lens has condensation and when you try to type there’s a screen popping up from the bottom interfering so badly that you can’t get a letter in edgewise!
    Day 4 I’m home and AT&T says wish we could help but our return policy on this thing is 14 days and you’ve had yours (exactly) 21 but here’s a number to Samsung & they will gladly help you out… (18889874357 & have the IMEI # handy!)
    Yeah. After 45 minutes (20 total on hold) speaking to a nice girl who told me that I can send them the phone (at no charge to me unless they deem it my fault) for 10 days so they can have their Techs check it over and fix it. Then they’ll send it right back.
    When I asked what their policy was if it happens again, she said they just have you send it back again (and again and again) for refurbishing. They don’t replace their products, you just get your old glitchy one back.
    I’m ready to bring back smoke signals on the ridge and yodeling across the mountains.

  2. martin oreilly says:

    I had the phone for 4 days, it fell a whole foot of my couch, I guess that Gorilla glass isn’t that strong. cracked right up the middle.

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