Sony Xperia Play 2 turns Ultra for the future


More people now use their smartphones to play some high end gaming titles while on the go and we have already seen some handsets released that have tried to focus on the gaming community. Today we have a design where the Sony Xperia Play 2 turns Ultra for the future.

The original Sony Xperia Play didn’t quite capture the buying public’s imagination, but that’s not to say the idea wasn’t a good one if implemented correctly, but the image that you can see on this page is a concept phone that is the work of Junior Riega.

We have seen a Sony Xperia Play 2 concept phone before but this one features a 5.2-inch Ultra HD Super OLED 3D display with 4K support, while under the hood is a Qualcomm 16 core Snapdragon 1000 processor clocked at a super fast 4.1GHz with an Adreno 500 GPU and 8GB of RAM.

Internal storage is just as huge at a massive 128GB with microSD card support for another 256GB, and the handsets camera specs are also as impressive with a 21MP UltraPixel rear facer that as a 24x Zoom, and an ISO rating going up to 12800 with the option of taking 14 bit RAW images as well as next gen BSI.

The handset also has an IP rating of 67 that will protect it from water and dust damage, and while these sort of specifications for a smartphone may still be a long way off its still nice to dream what the future will being smartphone wise, but we will just have to hope that battery technology can improve enough to cope with such things.

Would you purchase a Sony Xperia Play handset if it had these specifications?

Source: Concept Phones.


23 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Play 2 turns Ultra for the future”

  1. Kyonkanno says:

    Lol, these specs are certainty drool-worthy. But there is no way this device (if ever) will come to reality in the next 2-3 years.

    I wouldn’t want the 4k resolution display, though. 1080p is enough overkill for a handset device, 4k Would just be a waste of resources.

    Still, pretty nice concept.

  2. lethal says:

    wow id so take one of those but a quad core 2.2GHz would be fine with a 5.5″ 1080p 3d screen, Nvidia tegra, waterproof would be awesome, and definitely storage like that, the camera would be a bonus and atleast make it under $1000 otherwise better to get a tablet.

  3. Abdul Mansoor says:

    xperia play 2 specs:
    Processor-2.3ghz quad core ARM Cortex A15
    GPU-Powervr G6400 (210gflops)

    Screen-5 inch 1920*1080(1080p) Full HD 443 ppi mobile bravia engine 2.

    Camera-13.1mp rear, 2mp front.


    *in xperia play 2 you can use the ps vita card which is used in ps vita.

  4. Rohit says:

    This specs rather turns me off.

    The specs should be like:

    2.2 ghz Snapdragon 800

    Adreno 330 GPU

    FHD resolution

    5.3-inch X-Reality Display.

    3000 mAh battery (gamepad should also have power to provide extra juice to the phone)

    2 GB RAM

    16GB internal Memory.

    8 mp camera (to keep the price down…lol)

    Beats Audio Dual Front Speaker.

    Thickness 12mm at max

    Price: $500 (approx).

      1. danoslen says:

        it doesnt need a speaker like that -_-
        and if u really want it u might as well have the expensive camera to… both would cost an arm and a leg..

      2. Loz Dawney says:

        Ya balls to beats lol makes hip-hop sound good…… RUINS everything else lololol would rather not narrow my horizons 😉
        On all other counts tho, I think rohit hit the nail on the head, although I would have gone lower still with the screen down to 1280×800 to get amazing fps in games….. honestly, FHD and over is just a waste on a screen smaller that 12″….. on a 5″ screen 1280×800 is the most you will ever need.

  5. KittensGod says:

    This is just a over the top unrealistic dream. Sony should shoot for something of this sort.because the 1st Xperia Play was a flop they basically gave all of us owners the middle finger. Never had a single OS update and constant bugs and crashes. At least for the american models.

    1. ThisGuy says:

      You’re a flog.

      The Xperia play is the best phone i have ever had. Don’t ever rely on the manufacturer to provide you with the best options for firmware upgrades.

      I’m running Atomic GB overclocked to 1.5ghz and have not had any problems whatsoever.

      Emulation is the way to go, if another Xperia play were to come out i’d buy it in a heart beat.

      1. Loz Dawney says:

        Ya don’t have my x-play any more, my son does xD and he loves it as much as i did.. brilliant phone!!
        His/mine is running CM9 custom rom, android 4.0.4. and o/c’d to 1.3ghz
        Runs a treat!! And great for emulating PS1 games 🙂

  6. gamer says:

    fake… i already own a xperia play but would be happier if it had dual core atleast, zoom, radio and 1gb ram… it crashes all the time.. i am so sad, i bought this for 35000rs (India) but m disappointed. hope if xperia play 2 is launched it should have the same features of xperia z or htc one.. and ya zoom and radio.. waiting for it..

  7. Potato says:

    All the original one needed was a more comfortable design, a better SoC, and a proper headphone port that supported headphones with mics and I would’ve been using it to this day.

  8. androsje says:

    No, I wouldn’t, I want something as powerful as the S5 with a 1280×720 display (to save battery and to have high fps, even the S4 has low fps on high end games), a 2100-2300 battery and more portable than Nvidia shield.
    I don’t need more, I just want to play emulators (GameCube and PS2 mainly)

  9. Noneya Biznazz says:

    You would have to chain me to a tree to keep me from buying one. I’m still carrying the original Xperia Play and despite its limited internal memory, I use it as my main device simply because its cool to have SOMETHING slide out to increase functionality, and I prefer Swipe and talk-to-text over a physical keyboard.

    One the down side, I have to be minimalist with the apps because its easy to overfill the memory.

    I would swoop this up so fast people would think I was the Flash.

  10. Loz Dawney says:

    4k screen?? on a phone?? with an adreno mobile GPU?????????
    I would not buy any phone that can’t drive it’s own screen. No point because any game you try to run will be a slide-show.
    GTX-860m with a 4k screen has trouble… no adreno500 is going to beanywhere near as powerful as the GTX-860m
    So, in summary…
    I would not buy this if it had a 4k screen.
    anywhere from 1280×800 to 1920×1200 is more than enough for a 5″ screen

  11. Skander.ali says:

    I will by this any day I still got my xperia play and now sony z1 cant wait for this to come out my kids love this and also makes look like one cool dad 🙂

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