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It seems to happen on most smartphones now where manufactures choose to skip using removable batteries, and many Android users would love more battery life but without the need of using accessories to do so. The Nexus 4 was released with a non-removable battery and some believe this was not the right move, so what about the Nexus 5?

Many have discussed if the Nexus 5 will come with a removable battery, but of course we cannot answer this seeing as no official announcements have been made about the device. Having a smartphone such as the Nexus 4 with a non-removable battery comes with mixed feelings, with some saying it was a bad move and few saying it is no big deal.

Nexus 4 owners can buy the new ZeroLemon external battery cases, which add more juice. The only downside to these they turn a sleek looking smartphone into a monster, with more height and width, the whole point to a smartphone is to keep it as it was supposed to be, and that is thin.

Using ZeroLemon external battery cases adds more battery life, but do we want to have thick smartphones just because we want more juice?

Please do not get us wrong we love ZeroLemon cases for the Nexus 4 because it comes with its unique feature, in the back of the case is a removable battery that you can replace when you please, but why not just release a smartphone with a removable battery!

Should the Nexus 5 release with a removable battery?
Those that own the Nexus 4 are aware they can remove the battery, but as we know this will void all warranties. It would be easier if you could easily take off the back cover and replace the battery. There are options of course if the Nexus 5 releases with a non-removable battery such as tweaks to boost battery life, for example users can use the popular ‘BatteryGuru’ custom sync option, as well as Set CPU Profiles & Custom Kernel, which restricts maximum clock speed when the screen is not on and offers over clocks and performance when the phone is on.

A few of our friends who use the Nexus 4 said they have never had worries about battery life, it all depends on how long you play a game or watch videos, for standard use it is as simple to plug a charger in.

The Nexus 5 might come with a bigger battery than the Nexus 4’s 2100 mAh battery, yesterday we talked about a new Nexus 5 concept with a 7000mAh battery, which is ludicrous because we are no where at that stage to produce such a size. The Nexus 5 could realistically come with 3000mAh.

Would you like a removable battery on the Nexus 5?


10 thoughts on “Nexus 5 removable battery importance”

  1. Mikhail Dy says:

    Apple has already showed that having a slicker body out weights having a removable battery right down its first generation and some android oems is starting to get that. A few people ever change their batteries. Removable battery is a feature everybody wants but hardly anyone use.

    1. Rashawn says:

      Apple has shown what? Your mind sees only what you want it to see. Samsung is now more profitable than Apple for a reason. Most of their phones have removeable batteries too.

      1. Mikhail Dy says:

        I’m talking about more than 5 years ago when Apple shown that removable battery and memory aren’t exactly deal breaker. Apple took the smartphone market 5 years ago when all phones back then had removable battery. You can’t argue with that. Fact is everybody wanted one badly a few years back and it didn’t have a removable battery. And comparing it to samsung sales now attributing it removable battery is bit of unfair. The way I see it, samsung is ahead because it addresses the mid and low end of the market and it’s flagship is a beast.

        1. boo says:

          i purchased my samsung over htc and apple because of its removable battery. i know several others who did the same. it’s hard to generalize so broadly

  2. Garry S says:

    I’d rather have a slightly thicker phone with decent battery life, instead of a slim design that dies before I’ve reached home from work with average use.

  3. Rashawn says:

    I don’t buy a smartphone unless it has a removable battery. HTC use to be my favorite, but now it seems like Samsung has become the last bastion of freedom.

  4. JimW says:

    I still have my Galaxy Nexus because Nexus 4 didn’t come with a removable battery. I carry extra batteries with me and just swap it out when it is low. I never have to worry about my phone going dead. When the battery is dead I take it home and put it on the charger so I always have a fresh supply of charged batteries. When the Nexus 4 battery is no longer working my Galaxy Nexus phone will still ticking. I think the manufacturers (like Apple) don’t want a removable battery for that reason. But they trick the naive to think it’s because it makes the phone nicer looking and that’s what everyone wants anyway. No it’s so they can force you to buy a new phone every couple years when the battery no longer holds a charge. That way it’s more like a disposable phone you have throw away and buy a new one because the battery is dead. And the resale value will suck also because who wants a phone with a battery that will soon no longer hold a charge. Hoping Nexus 5 will have a removable battery. It would be nice to get an upgrade. If not I may have to wait for the Galaxy S4 price to come down. Or maybe just start buying my phones direct from China for a couple hundred dollars.

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