iPad 5 release wait vs buy iPad 4 now


No one knows for sure if Apple will release the iPad 5 this year, it is hopeful it will be unveiled in September or October but this is all based on speculation. We know for sure Apple will announce a new iPhone as well as the public release of iOS 7, as for the iPad 5, your guess is as good as ours. Apple will  not unveil a new iPad at the same conference when they announce its new smartphone, that we know for sure.

One question we seem to get often is “Should I buy the iPad 4 or wait for the iPad 5 to release?” To be fair this is a hard question to answer, we would probably wait for the iPad 5, as this will have better specs such as faster processor and many more features.

It has been said that the iPad 5 could come with an iPad mini design and with smaller bezels; we believe it will be thinner, come with a longer battery life and be so much faster than the iPad 4.

If you think for one minute that the iPad 5 will be something revolutionary then your expectations are a little too high, the best that could happen will be a slight design change, a different chip, faster app switching and Siri will be vastly improved. If you look at the changes from iPad 3 to iPad 4 there was not anything innovative at all to compare the two tablets, other than a better display, faster charging thanks to lightning connecter etc.

There are no details on the iPad 5 when it comes to key features, but we do know what the iPad 4 has to offer. To choose between getting the iPad 4 now or waiting for the iPad 5 is very difficult to answer, if the iPad 5 does release around September or October then we would say wait.

There were many left upset that Apple released the iPad 4 so soon after the iPad 3, but this is not going to happen with the iPad 5. We would wait until Apple unveils the iPad 5 then decide, if it comes with enough features that knocks the spots of the iPad 5 then you know what to choose, but if there are not many differences then buy the cheaper iPad 4. For the sake of a month or so we would hold off buying the iPad 4.

Will you wait for the iPad 5, or will you buy the iPad 4?


6 thoughts on “iPad 5 release wait vs buy iPad 4 now”

  1. Yongster says:

    That mock up up there looks brilliant. Next iterations of iOS could incorporate that judging by what they can do with the parallax effect.

    And thank you for the article. I’ve been wanting to upgrade my iPad 2 and this article really helped me out. One month really is not an issue.

  2. Kev says:

    Apple (indeed the entire tech industry) are so good at making you feel like you should be upgrading from a device you don’t use to its capacity to another device you won’t use to its capacity.

    Yep 1 month isn’t long to wait but then neither is 1 year lol roll on the iPad 6.

    For me I’m pretty content with the iPad mini, ipad 3, iPhone 5 and the Apple TV 3… It does 99% of what I need it to do and on the rare occasion I need it to do that extra 1% – I’m sure my life won’t stop cause I can’t.

    That said ask me what I’ve got in a couple months time………

  3. Apple fan says:

    I’m waiting for the 5, although waiting a month without my beloved iPad is hard!

  4. Jeffrey D'Mello says:

    Ipad 3rd and 4th gen have the same screen, seems like you’re another douche who fell for the typical apple advertising crap. ‘Ipad with retina’ , my god people are stupid.

  5. Stan Kossen says:

    Moi, I went from iPad 1 to the iPad 3 to the iPad Mini 1. I would like the new Mini 2 if it has a better display and camera. I personally prefer the Mini over the Maxi. I also have the Mini Logitech Ultra keyboard cover, which I sometimes find useful.