iPad 5, mini 2 release desire versus utilization


The upgrade process is an interesting one for most gadgets and this is especially the case with Apple products like the upcoming iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, which are both expected to see a launch date within the next couple of months. Some shoppers seem to understand when they are not using the full capacity of current devices.

When it comes to tablets and smartphones some people update just for the sake of having what is new without fully utilizing the device. We have seen some Phones Review readers state this is an Apple thing, although others understand that it’s really a trend for the entire technology industry.

Both Apple and Samsung are very good at making people feel like they should be upgrading to the latest device, even though a lot of users don’t take full advantage of what they already have and continue to purchase the next “must have thing” that they might not use to its capacity.

One of our readers said, “I’m pretty content with my iPad 3, iPad mini, iPhone 5 and Apple TV 3”. That list of products as a whole reveals some dedication to Apple, although they might still be used fully in a family environment. This person did add another comment that stated, “That said ask me what I’ve got in a couple months time”. There is every chance they will upgrade some of their current technology, especially if Apple keeps fans interested and feeling a need to upgrade.

The iPad mini 2 is expected to release with only a specs bump and the design will almost be identical. Even if the Retina display is included, this might not be a good reason to upgrade from the first generation iPad mini. It is worth noting a few so-called “smarter” buyers are waiting until the iPad mini 2 releases, although these buyers rarely go with a first-gen device after seeing problems occur in the past.

Apple’s iPad 5 might see a bigger change in design, specs and new features. This is given more weight after you look at almost the same design on iPad 2, 3 and 4. The 5th generation iPad is expected to launch with a much thinner form factor and take some of the improvements made with iPad mini.

If you own an iPad 3, would you feel the need to upgrade to iPad 5 or does your current tablet meet your needs? The iPad mini 2 isn’t expected to make a radical change, so if you own the first generation what would make you upgrade?

Personally, it doesn’t make sense to upgrade every year and most users do skip a generation between upgrades. This is especially the case with the iPhone thanks to 2-year contracts. There are also a lot of cases where gadget fans give their current tablet to a family member, then upgrade to the latest offering after feeling a strong desire to have the latest technology.

Do you think Apple plays a good game at getting its fans to purchase the latest gadget, and can you see the brand managing to do this once again with iPad 5 and mini 2? It is worth noting the image below is thanks to Product Reviews and reveals what could be the iPad mini 2.