iPhone 6, 5S wraparound 5.1 and 4.2-inch displays


When it comes to the next Apple smartphone release we do not want just one we want two, so how does the iPhone 6 with 5.1-inch and the 4.2-inch iPhone 5S with wraparound displays sound?

Now lets step it back a couple of paces, hope you are sitting down now because these are just two new concepts Apple smartphones by Claudio Guglieri and Fabio Basile. We also have a stunning video by Ran Avni showing off the concepts design and specs within.

These concepts should become reality, especially the iPhone 6 because it looks hot and the features are hotter. Both of these handsets have wraparoud displays, but the cool feature is that it can be turned on or off.

the new iphone 5s

The iPhone 6 comes with a 5.1-inch display, Apple A7X processor, bezel-free screen and sexy design. The iPhone 5S would have a 4.2-inch screen Apple A7 processor, both would come with a new Home Button and a few new features such as capacitive volume indicators and much more.

We sure hope the next iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 looks something like these, new features such as wraparound edge-to-edge display you can switch on or off and well as slightly bigger screens is a good option and gives consumers the size choice. Please do watch the video below and let us know what you think of the concepts.

Would you like the iPhone 5S and 6 to look like these?


4 thoughts on “iPhone 6, 5S wraparound 5.1 and 4.2-inch displays”

  1. Ummmm says:

    It’d be awesome but building off of sommerl’s comment, good luck making a case for this phone that doesn’t suck. Every case would have to have a clear clamshell side. As we all know those eventually turn yellow-ish. I understand there are rumors of making the phone out of graphite and coating the screen itself in graphite to prevent scratching and whatnot, so maybe the case wouldnt be as important but the phone mock-up looks awfully fragile to me.

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