iOS 7 beta 6 download release time frame


As the days and weeks tick by we are getting closer to the arrival of the next Apple iPhone, and the new version of the operating system that will be running on the iOS devices. The company has already released a number of betas to developers, which makes you wonder about the release time frame for iOS 7 beta 6.

The iOS 7 beta 5 went live back on August 6th, which has left the release of the next version up in the air as beta 5 was originally expected to arrive only yesterday. It is thought the next beta will arrive in the next two weeks before the iOS 7 Gold Master arrives for developers, ahead of the final release of the public iOS 7 build.

There is a chance that the iOS 7 beta 6 will be released around the August 19th to August 21st time frame, but this has not been confirmed yet unless Apple pulls another surprise. The next beta should be the last minor update to iOS 7 and should fix some of the issues with apps crashing on certain hardware.

Previously there has been speculation that we wouldn’t even see an iOS 7 beta 6 download being provided, and instead going straight to iOS 7 GM but these are only rumours at this given time.

It is widely expected that iOS 7 will be officially released alongside the iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone 5C device, that will be targeted at emerging markets where Apple has been losing ground recently to rival manufacturers.


11 thoughts on “iOS 7 beta 6 download release time frame”

  1. Anggara Satria says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for the brand new white boot screen for white devices because for this time, the white boot screen black apple logo is only available for white iPhone 5. Mine is white iPhone 4S running iOS 7 beta 5 and it’s still having the standard black boot screen white apple logo.

  2. Komentra says:

    They need to fix more than “apps crashing” at least on the iPhone 4 version. That one is a mess. I have been running it on mine since Beta 5 came out. At least the new beta doesn’t absolutely destroy battery life like previous ones.

    Some of the major issues (including app crashing) are: Sometimes you can’t switch between app pages (or whatever they’re properly called) and sometimes app icons will show up at about 200% their normal size and be all pixelated and blurry. When making a call it will have the green indicator at the top asking if you’d like to return to the call even though you’re currently in a call.

      1. Komentra says:

        It’s obviously been made to be used with the devices they have stated they’re going to release it for including the iPhone 4.

  3. heldpizza says:

    I have the most recent beta on my iphone 4 and the thing is a mess. The twitter app is absolutely horrendous. Also I’m not sure if its a hardware or software issue but my keyboard is delayed and it drives me nuts. I have dropped my phone a handful of times though

  4. techgrande says:

    Has anyone had this problem?: I have an iPhone 4s and the camera simply just doesn’t work with beta 3 and up. When I open up the camera app it is just black. All the buttons are still there but nothing is being recognized by the camera. On occasion it will work after I leave the app running for around 10 minutes.

  5. When? says:

    When is the release of ios 7 beta 6? They had rumors releasing it yesterday so when? August 19?