Samsung Galaxy S5 leap in memory and storage


The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be around 7 months away with launch details a few weeks before this timeframe, so we wouldn’t expect too much in the way of rumored specs or features at this point. That being said, just like with the iPhone you would have heard rumors and wish lists the moment Galaxy S4 arrived.

Some details about the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be hinted at many months before a launch date arrives, and this is thanks to both patents and evidence of chips being mass-produced by Samsung. We saw this with processors for the Galaxy S4 and S3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 leap in memory and storage — we took a quick look at the importance of Galaxy S5 camera specs just over a week ago and this revealed some people caring more about software improvements than hardware. “Having high pixels is nice, but I would rather have better camera software”, said one Phones Review reader. Another hopes for, “a lossless zoom feature and great low light performance would be a nice addition for Samsung’s Galaxy S5”.

Today, we wanted to look at some signals pointing to improved Samsung Galaxy S5 memory and storage that is being hinted at many months before a release date.

Earlier this month we heard that Samsung had started to mass-produce its next-gen storage chip, which would deliver storage capacity at around 384GB thanks to a 3D vertical NAND. In a nutshell, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 could include 24 16GB chips stacked in layers, although the major advancement is making the overall thickness of all these stacked chips a little thicker than the current storage chips.

Not only could we see a 3D V-NAND storage process in the Samsung Galaxy S5, but also at least 3GB of RAM. Around the same time as the above production rumors, we also hear that Samsung is producing 3GB DDR3 memory in mass production. In some cases memory is more important that processor speed, especially if you have a very fast CPU already and want to improve multitasking with apps.

The new 3GB RAM is using six 20nm chips. It could be possible to see this memory used in the Galaxy Note 3 but it will be used at least in this size for their next-generation Galaxy S5 considering the launch date is around 6-7 months away.

What would be your ideal Samsung Galaxy S5 memory and storage? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 leap in memory and storage”

  1. Barry Freeman says:

    Don’t care about SD card if there’s enough internal storage. 128gb would be nice and more than I need right now, but if more is available why not?

  2. Jay says:

    The improved RAM and storage capacity would be great! Don’t mind the increased thickness of the phone.

  3. StockStalker1 says:

    I’d like to see a faster camera (quicker focus) and at least 3GB of RAM. Don’t really care about internal memory since that’s what I have a 64gb SD card for, but if they want to increase it without increasing the device cost then more power to them.

    Samsung also really needs to debloat the phone. The S4 is just ridiculous how many useless gimmicks they added. Air Touch whatever doesn’t work. The eye tracking stuff only works in perfect conditions. The tilting and waving stuff doesn’t work when you want it to…etc etc.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I would be very happy if Samsung Galaxy S5 would have just 64 GB internal storage, but it is awesome to go even higher lets say 128 GB. What I like is for the RAM to be at least 4 GB on the S5, upgrade the frame rate to 60 fps, have a better color calibrated screen especially for the camera and stick to every thing else that the S4 has.

  5. AFFB says:

    At least 128Gb. The Sansung Galaxy S5 has to be the first to break the barrier of old 64GB. And oh yes, is the best of the best.