iOS 7 public release will shock at first: Update


UPDATE: iOS 7 public release date is all set for September 18th, read more about this right here.

iOS 7 is in beta at the moment but this will all change tomorrow when Apple announces its release date for the public to install, for some this new operating system worked from the ground up will shock a few at first because it is completely different to what users are used to with iOS 6. There were rumors iOS 7 beta 7 was going to release in August, but now it seems a public release is going to be next after the September 10th Apple event.

The App Store growth has slowed down a little when it comes to applications being submitted since iOS 7 beta was released, but this is understandable considering app developers are prepping new ones so that they are ready for the public release of iOS 7.

Apple’s new operating system has had an overhaul and nothing like what we are all used to, if you are used to iOS 6 and do not want to change what you know best then it would be in your best interest to steer clear of iOS 7, we personally believe it is the best looking iOS to date. Yes, it has had its problems since it was released to developers but we have to remember it is beta teething problems and all will run smoothly when it is released to the general public.

iOS 7 public release

93% of Apple devices has iOS 6 running but this will change when iOS 7 is out there, there have been some amazing changes with this new operating system and consumers will learn that app updates will be done automatically saving valuable time doing it themselves, we love the fact manual has become automatic.

The overall experience will be noticeable when iOS 7 is installed, new icons, new look, and the camera app has had major changes with some stunning new features added. You can read all about the new iOS 7 features right here. Straight from the lockscreen you can open the new Control Center, which includes access to the flashlight, clock, calculator, camera, flight mode, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, brightness, music controls, Airdrop, Airplay and so much more.

The list is huge when it comes to new iOS 7 features and we can see these shocking the public once released, at first some may dislike it because it is new, but stick with it because once consumers are used to it they will love it. Everything in life changes and sometimes it gets frustrating when you have to relearn how to use something new, upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 7 will be a challenge to some.

Hopefully Tim Cook will reveal the public iOS 7 release date tomorrow, some have said it will be available soon after the event and the iPad getting the update sometime in October, but instead of speculating lets wait until tomorrow where all will be revealed.

Are you looking forward to the new iOS 7 upgrade?


77 thoughts on “iOS 7 public release will shock at first: Update”

  1. Dom says:

    It is ugly as hell, especially on the iPad (I’m a developer and I’ve been running every beta on my devices). I still can’t believe what’s going on.

          1. AndroidFanBoy says:

            You came all the way to this place to scream about Android???
            I’m with you guys
            I have an iPhone 5, my gf has an S4 and MY GOD sometimes I wish I could just trade off my i5 for that

          2. Random_User says:

            Then why did you get a 5 instead? Next time make up mind before you get something you hate :/

    1. Runa says:

      I can say it does look ugly. they had a good mindset though thinking of what to add but the look of it doesn’t seem so nice. Seems like they looked more into color and Multitasking.

      1. jjswin says:

        Shakespeare*. And plenty. I write for my website’s blog and also edit documents for the company I work for.

        That said, you don’t have to be an author to recognise poor writing skills in the same way you don’t have to be a singer to recognise when someone is tone deaf.

  2. WellWisher says:

    Yet another page with the same information… *Yawns* Sadly, not even Apple show any information about the phone app… remember Apple? It’s supposed to be a phone! Calls dropping and the lack of call & SMS management; blocking, conditional forwarding etc. oh and iMessage really needs to be sorted.
    I am excited though 😀

      1. WellWisher says:

        Tried different providers & different phones. Its the 2G-3G handover and vice-versa that kills the calls, particulalry if the phone loses registration. Checking the “call forwarding” status re-registers the phone, and solves the problem temporarily

  3. Mojojoejoe says:

    Hi Guys, how is true that those who installed ios 7 beta 6 would’nt be able to upgrade their phone to ios 7 official release?.. and need to rollback to ios 6.1.3 to make it happen.. is this true?.. Please enlighten me. Thanks!

    1. Matthew David says:

      Well you can just download the GM and that will work …. if you are not legitimately a developer and cannot restore back then thats your own fault for trying to cheat the system

  4. Lee Estrella says:

    Not sure if its a real phone or just an ipod capable of txt and call, thought it’s a phone that is capable of doing call blocking, call forwading and other stuff that a real phone has..

          1. Ryan Peggs says:

            I *will not* be released on the 10t Sept. Developers have not even been give a GM to test their iOS 7 updates with yet.

          2. Tisha says:

            There is no set date for the release of iOS 7 as of now. Apple is having a conference on the 10th about the iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S and iOS 7. That is when they will publicly announce the official release date for iOS 7. Expect it to come some time between the 17th of September to the end of September, but I’m not completely sure! We’ll find out the day when they tell us, so hopefully it’s not much longer!

  5. Lee Estrella says:

    Apple’s Ios7 = android 4.0 ice cream sandwich lol…..
    Close enough apple lol.. Its only a year away.. Keep up the good work man you doing right..

    1. John says:

      Ice Cream Sandwich is lame. Droids are lame. It probably can’t even recognize your face. But try using your fingerprint to unlock an Android..uh, yeah. Pssshhh

  6. Runa says:

    Wait, auto update? tech is making people lazy. Things will get updated and we won’t know what the update will be. It can say “We now report every use of the word WEED” and next thing you know cops are at your next drug deal. what i mean is, they better have a choice for updates because i like to see why I’m updating, i don’t wanna waste space for a update i don’t need personally

    1. Nic Shacklock says:

      I don’t know about you but I don’t go to a lot of drug deals so I’m not really concerned about Instagram and Angry Birds updating themselves in the background.

  7. Aaron Lott says:

    Will it be available to download tomorrow in the uk? I have an iPod touch 5th generation and i can’t wait to download and use it! P.S.: It is available for iphone 4.

  8. DAN says:

    Im confused… I have an Ipod 5th generation and an Iphone5… A lot of people are saying that the download for IOS7 will happen the 17th-20th and many are saying that the 10th it will be avaliable to install for IPHONE5???? Who is right and who is WRONG??? I live in the US… so when is it REALLY going to come out?

  9. DominikSzewczyk says:

    I see a lot of confusion here…so… iOS 7 (Gold Master) will most likely be released tomorrow following the Apple event. This release will not be to the general public but to developers (not to say you can’t get a hold of it by other means). The GM is non-beta release, which means anyone can install it without registering their device with the apple dev program. The official public release will most likely follow about a week after. The public release will be available over itunes and over-the-air.

    1. Brandon says:

      im confused too because ive heard it was coming out on the 10 but now theyre saying their releaseing the release date on the 10th and not the actual update..? I dont know but hopefully it comes out on the 10th

  10. Kevin says:

    Guys, tomorrow they are releasing the final beta release for iOS 7. The general public release will be 7-8 days after the final beta release. So expect it sometime next tuesday/wednesday.

  11. Too much sugar says:

    This entire article drips fanboism! Really… can you not add any more sugar to it than you already did?

    Btw, I’m posting from my iPhone, but I’m not an Apple fanboi.

  12. ♋₮Η∈ RÊÐ Μ∀R₮ÏÀÑ♋ says:

    The new ios 7 is amazing everything you guys will love about it I’ve had it since the first beta came out so I’ve seen the evolution the developers have put into it. The download tomorrow is only for people with developer accounts, they will release the gm (golden master) version them the official ios release will be the day they release the iphone 5S or a day or two before for the public which is all iphone holders.

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