HTC One Max looks set for Sprint


The HTC One Max is generating plenty of interest even though it has not been officially introduced yet. We’ve seen many rumors on the phone already, and it has been described as a phablet version of the flagship HTC One. Now it looks as though the HTC One Max is set to arrive on Sprint.

We’ve previously seen a pretty convincing leaked image of the HTC One Max, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer until we see the phone make its debut. Many of you will have heard of Evleaks, an often-reliable source of leaked device information and they posted an interesting tweet yesterday.

The tweet not only seems to confirm that this upcoming HTC One Phablet (originally codenamed T6) will indeed by titled the HTC One Max, but also says the phone will be available on Sprint.

A previous tweet from Evleaks mentioned that the HTC One Max was heading to AT&T, so we’re not altogether sure if this means that both of these major carriers will carry the phone, or if AT&T is now out of the picture.

So far rumored specs for the One Max include a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, a 5.9-inch Super LCD3 display with Full HD resolution and 342 ppi, and 2GB of RAM.

Other rumored inclusions are an UltraPixel rear camera, a 2.1-megapixel front-facing shooter, good-sized 3200 mAh battery, and a fingerprint scanner as in the just-announced iPhone 5S. Another recent leak suggested that the HTC One Max might have expandable storage via microSD, unlike the HTC One and HTC One Mini.

Obviously these are not official specs, so for now we must treat them as unconfirmed. Are you eager to hear more about the HTC One Max? Maybe you’ve already decided that this HTC phablet will be your next smartphone purchase?


9 thoughts on “HTC One Max looks set for Sprint”

  1. BUZZ KILL says:

    Here we go again…. Verizon appears to be left out in the dark!!!

    I’m STUCK with “the nation’s most reliable 4G Network”…. who cares…. just give me the BEST PHONES!!!!

    Talk about a real BUZZ KILL!

  2. I hope this means that Sprint is just one of the networks this is going to. Why release an awesome phone, and put it on the worst carrier? Sprint is a joke around here. It’s like releasing a new Porsche, but only allowing it to be driven in school zones: pointless and stupid.

      1. Must be different where you live then. Sprint is like the red headed step child carrier around here that nobody likes, and I live in a densely populated area to boot. Regardless, you have to admit that of this phone goes exclusively to Sprint it’s a bad move for HTC. Even if Sprint was good, their outreach will be severely limited to a small corner of the phone market.

  3. Stinky says:

    WOW why is everybody slamming sprint. Nothing better to do than to attack a company. I have tried every carrier at one time or another. Yes Sprint has issues. But I like the unlimited data, talk and text I get for less than the other carriers. I do not work for sprint. I just like what they offer. I do hope that Sprint is not the only carrier to get the One Max. That would not be too bright of a move. Give everyone a chance to get this phone. Or DON’T PUT IT OUT AT ALL. That is like saying only certain people can buy a chevy or ford. It just don’t make good business sense.

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