Samsung Galaxy S5 without Android not impossible


The Galaxy S5 will be another in the popular flagship lineup from Samsung and is due to release next year. If anybody were to suggest that the phone would use something other than the Android operating system, it would be easy to brush this off. However, a new report suggests it’s not impossible that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be without Android and will instead use Tizen.

Tizen is a new mobile operating system and is an extension of the open source Linux system. Companies such as Samsung, Intel and others are supporting the development of Tizen, and some of its key features are similar to Android.

There are hopes that Tizen could become the ‘third OS’ after the dominating Android and iOS platforms, but this will very much depend on continued manufacturer support. There has been talk about whether there is room for another mobile operating system, and in July we told how Samsung was reported to have delayed its first smartphone that would launch on the new OS.

This has led to some questioning Samsung’s involvement with the new OS as the company is so deeply associated with Android. However, it has already been speculated that at some point Google may retain Android for its own use, with Motorola being favored. Although Google has denied this many times, it might be the case that Samsung wants an alternative to using Android in case things change.

There has also been conjecture that the Tizen OS would only be used for Samsung budget devices, and that seems plausible as many of us could not even contemplate Samsung devices totally moving away from Android. The thought of a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note device without Android almost seems laughable.

However, this may not be as far-fetched as it once seemed. On discussing the probable operating system for the Samsung Galaxy S5, T3 makes the point that Samsung didn’t mention Android once at the recent launch event for the Galaxy S4 smartphone, and this followed earlier tensions between the two companies.

Also Samsung co-CEO Boo-Keun Yoon recently spoke about the company’s plans for Tizen to be connected with all of its devices, including mobile phones. This is a pretty provocative statement and while he didn’t actually state that Samsung will no longer use Google Android, it definitely seems that Samsung is making some attempt to distance itself. This could certainly rub Google up the wrong way.

It’s certainly not impossible then that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be a Tizen device rather than Android, although we still find the proposition highly unlikely. However, T3 suggests it could be the case that there might be Android AND Tizen versions of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 looks likely to release around March or April next year, and although we still feel that this might be too early for a mainstream Samsung Tizen device, anything is possible. Please note that the image used here is a concept design of the Galaxy S5 (SV).

Can you imagine a scenario where Samsung might release a non-Android Galaxy S5? Maybe you think Samsung might one day drop the platform altogether? If you’re a fan of the Samsung Galaxy flagship device, would you consider using a Tizen version, or switch to another handset altogether if Android was dropped? We’re really interested to hear what readers have to say about this, so do send us your comments.


21 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 without Android not impossible”

  1. Richard Yarrell says:

    Business is business Google has Motorola and it’s hands in everything they want to. Samsung has every right to look out for it’s own best intrest. Without android Google won’t go nowhere any longer.

    1. squiddy20 says:

      Ummm… you are clearly forgetting Search- the thing Google was founded for. Or how about Maps? Or how about Gmail? Or Google Plus. Or the non-App portion of the Play Store. Or Youtube. I could go on and on. Android is just one more product among a few dozen for Google.
      Stupid Samsung fanboy. Do you even think before you spew this utter BS out of your mouth?

    2. tariq says:

      ur bloody stupid arent u i love samsung but google have htc and sony and lg and many more companies that use android and samsung wouldnt get any customers then if they dropped it cuz it was android that made them successful. i dont mind fanboys but not the stupid fanboys like u

  2. spacefly says:

    Wouldn’t really matter anyway. Not impressed with S4, Gear is absolute crap, Samsung have dropped the ball, time for someone else to pick up and lead the Android pack.

  3. androidFan says:

    Android is the first and only reason I love the samsung galaxy s4 and my galaxy tab.. if they switch to tizen, they will lose my loyalty to the brand! Look what happen to nokia.. I loved symbian, but what do they do, drop something good in favor of microsoft! And now their popularity has gone downhill!

  4. Plax D says:

    these reports are idiotic at best..no chance they would leave android out of the s5…they may have another s5 with tizen, but they would never drop android…it would be the biggest failure in mobile phone history

    1. tariq says:

      i no they wouldnt drop the os that made them successful cuz otherwise they wouldnt be big at all next these reports are gonna say apple is dropping ios for android lol

  5. tariq says:

    these reports are stupid android is open source so it will never just be for motorolla and do u think samsung would drop the os that actually made them famous no chance theyd lose many customers cuz thats the only reason i love the galaxy line. they will prob have a different line of phones for the tizen os but the galaxy line will stay android and google wouldnt make android just for motorolla dont be stupid. next ur gonna say apple is dropping ios for android lol

    1. Zippero says:

      Samsung will just slap TouchWiz on its Tizen Galaxy S5, and most people won’t know any difference. It’ll run all Android apps flawlessly. That’s the gameplan. Samsung is not content being a dumb pipe for Google anymore. It wants to control its own destiny and have its own ecosystem, which it can achieve just by stealing Google’s Android ecosystem. Samsung’s shareholders are demanding this. For its part, Google is now a hardware company with the Moto X, Google Glass, Nexus 7s, Chromebooks, Chromecasts, Google Cars, Google Drones, and probably ten other ultra-cool new hardware products. It’s idiotic not to recognize this and how Android and Chrome OS are just the facilitators of this move into hardware for Google.

  6. zippero says:

    Tizen runs all Android apps. That’s the beauty of Tizen. Tizen allows Samsung to co-opt Google’s entire Android ecosystem from underneath Google, and Google can’t do anything about it because besides Samsung, every other Android OEM is incapable of making a profit and so the entire Android ecosystem would collapse

  7. An Intellectual says:

    All of the fanboys on here are so retarded. Samsung is famous for its own special features that normal Android doesn’t have (face unlock and stuff) and TouchWiz. People think that TouchWiz is normal android but its not, TouchWiz is Samsung. So Samsung could easily just slap on TouchWiz and you wouldnt know the difference. The only diference would be that special google apps and features would not be on the Tizen phone. So the people who would boycott Samsung if they ditched Android are just imbeciles. The imbeciles wouldn’t even realise any difference if they used a Tizen phone.

    1. Sam says:

      I agree mostly apart from the fact that all the “special features” that samsung makes are actually just rebranded and reskinned versions of google apps and sdk’s. E.g. S Translate uses the google translate engine… And face unlock was actually an android feature before samsung had it

  8. slufnevets says:

    I will not leave Android. I have grown up with Android and know how the google ecosystem works. I have no problems with Android, and no desire or the time to master another OS. I feel strongly this would be a big mistake for Samsung to jump to another OS for the Galaxy line of products. I like the Samsung Phones, but wouldn’t blink an eye switching to another Manufacturer if they were so foolish and replaced Android with Tizen.

  9. shapeshifter says:

    If you use Touch Wiz and you use Android Apps, or Apps that look and work just like their Android counterparts, then how are you to know if you are using Android or Tizen? What you fanboys don’t realise is that you don’t use the OS, you use the graphical interface and the apps. If these were indistinguishable then you wouldm’t know, nor I think, care which OS you were using.

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