HTC One Android 4.3 update to bring camera fix


It is not unusual for various smartphones to have issues that instead of being of a more worrying hardware problem are normally a bug with the software that is running on them. Now it has been revealed that the HTC One Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update is to bring a fix to the camera and the issues that have been affecting some users.

It seems that owners of the HTC One have been met with a problem when using the HTC One camera that causes images to be tinted blue, purple, or red when taking photos in low light conditions.

Now the company has stated that it is working on the problem that has been affecting some users of the HTC One, and a fix will be released with the Android 4.3 update when it arrives. The update is expected to arrive for US owners of the device first sometime this month, before being released to international users in the second phase of the rollout.

In the meantime the company are advising those that have been affected by the problem to reduce the ISO levels to make the problem less noticeable, or even return the handset to be given a replacement.

This will be embarrassing for the company as the 4MP UltraPixel rear camera is one of the biggest selling points for the handset, which has impressed many users and reviewers alike since the HTC One was released earlier in the year with many suggesting the device is the best Android unit available at present.

Has your HTC One been affected by this issue?

Source: HDBlog via Google Translate.


22 thoughts on “HTC One Android 4.3 update to bring camera fix”

  1. alpechino says:

    I have the same problem…my pics become purple in low light …my phone fell frm my hand once…so I thought it got damaged ..Bt after reading this..m so happy

  2. Nash24 says:

    They are not replacing the device. Which they should actually do bcos we have got an faulty device. But they are replacing the camera. Which is basically repairing the phone. My phone is just three months old. I feel pathetic

  3. ean says:

    Like 4 days ago, I just tried my new ONE. The image is really bad no matter what kind of adjustments I did. I had with me SENSE XL at which i was able to compare. Mentioned here is that item can be replaced, but is it possible in the local store here in Dubai where I purchase the unit.

  4. James Turner says:

    I have the One Google Play Edition and I don’t have the issue whatsoever . . . and yes despite the different UI feature set, the same ImageSense processor is in the phone, taking the same quality pics.

    Love the phone, love the camera.

  5. Bonedatt says:

    Called HTC yesterday, 9/14/13 and spoke with some dude, Dave. Per Dave, HTC isn’t replacing and does not replace any device. They repair! Their official statement per their representative, Dave, is exactly what this headline says. The fix will be coming via an OTA update but no ETA at this time.

  6. steve says:

    The phone is awesome overall but the camera issue is brutal. My phone unfortunately has the camera problem, glad to see HTC is rolling out a update to fix this.

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