iPad 5, Mini 2 upgrade hints from iPhone 5S


There’s a lot of interest surrounding the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, especially now that the new iPhones have finally been announced. Attention has turned to what the new iPads might offer in the way of new specs and features, and we can glean some iPad 5 and mini 2 upgrade hints from the iPhone 5S.

A few days ago we wondered about the possibility of a 64-bit chip for the iPad 5 and Mini 2, after the new 64-bit A7 processor was included for the iPhone 5S. However, there are a few other indicators from the specs of the iPhone 5S that are now conceivable for the next Apple iPads.

We’ve seen plenty of leaked images of parts and casings for the new iPads, but not so much on the internals of the tablets. Some of the longest-standing rumors though regard an improved Retina display for the iPad 5, and the iPad mini 2 featuring a Retina display that was lacking on the original iPad mini.

Displays aside though, what inclusions might be inferred from the iPhone 5S? One idea is that the iPad 5 or Mini 2 (possibly both) might pack the new M7 chip that arrived with the iPhone 5S.

This chip is intended to pair with future fitness-tracking apps, and so it’s easy to assume that this would not be relevant for iPads that you’re less likely to be exercising with. However, Cnet points out that the M7 chip could be “contextually aware” so that for example it could have a hands-free mode, so it remains a conceivable addition to the new iPads.

The likelihood of better cameras for the next iPads is very feasible as the cameras in iPads have gradually been improved from one version to the next. However, the cameras of the iPhone 5 and now the iPhone 5S still outshine those in the iPads.

Enhanced image processing and slow-motion video are new additions for the iPhone 5S camera, and so we’d expect at least some improvements to the camera set-ups for the iPad 5 and mini 2. Even if they don’t quite stretch to the new improved iPhone 5S camera and are more in line with the iPhone 5.

Battery life is also an area with room for improvement. If this can’t be improved for the next iPads, Apple should at least be aiming to maintain the existing battery life of the iPad 5 and mini 2. The iPhone 5S had just a mild battery life improvement and the challenge for Apple will be to sustain current battery life in the iPads considering the possible new specs.

When devices are made more powerful with a faster performance, this can have a detrimental effect on battery life. As the iPad 5 is said to have a reduced overall size and will be lighter than the iPad 4, this should mean that battery life can be preserved, even with more powerful specs. Similarly a Retina display arrival for the iPad mini 2 would be likely to reduce battery life, but Apple will want to at least keep it at current levels.

Finally we have to remember the new fingerprint sensor Home button of the iPhone 5S. This has been promoted as a big deal for the new premium version but didn’t arrive for the iPhone 5C. If Apple now intends to bring a fingerprint scanner to the iPad, it seems more likely that it would make it to the iPad 5 rather than the mini version.

These are all options for the next iPads that are suggested from the iPhone 5S, but of course we can always hope that there may be some more groundbreaking inclusions that we haven’t yet thought of. We expect another Apple event to be held in the next month or two that will officially introduce the new iPads.

What are your thoughts on the likelihoods of any of the above coming to the new iPads? Is there one particular aspect that you’d like to see make it to the iPad 5 or iPad mini 2? Do you have your own ideas for new iPad offerings? Let us know with your comments.


14 thoughts on “iPad 5, Mini 2 upgrade hints from iPhone 5S”

    1. P Sav says:

      If only BB, if only. I’d like to see that as well to compete with Samsung as well as being dust and waterproof to compete with Sony. Throw in a projector and see sales leave the rest behind for dust. Yey!!

      But no!! Unfortunately Apple have got too high and mighty and believe we will follow them like sheep. I have Macbook pro, iPad and iPhone. I’ll really hate to change but the xperia Z1 linked to the watch has me sold and I’m gunning for it!

      Dear Apple, hear my plea?

  1. Abderrazek says:

    iPad has to come closer to a Mac, I am not really able to do office works and specially on MS office like I can do on my Mac, there is a precession problem, when I import a document already worked with MS Word on my Mac, it will be very slow on my iPad.

  2. Chad says:

    There is something that no one is understanding , the relation between the ipad mini and the full sized ipad will ALWAYS be like the relation between the iphone and the ipod touch so just like the ipod touch , the ipad mini won’t have as much features as the full sized ipad , so while the ipad 5 will pack an A7X processor , the ipad mini might pack an A5X OR A6/6X , and of course it won’t have fingerprint sensor , while the ipad 5 might have one , if apple decides to put this feature on it’s flagship devices .

    1. alex says:

      No one is understanding it Chad because it’s not true – the iPad and the iPad Mini should be like the 11 and 15 inch versions of the Macbook Pro. The difference being that one is more portable – it should not be inferior or regarded as a separate product line…

      1. Chad says:

        If so , then why didn’t ipad mini have a retina display or an A6 processor instead of the Old A5 processor and you must remember that apple is trying to make the mini cheap , so it would be so illogical to put a fingerprint sensor or a 64 bit processor in it

    2. Arshia says:

      wrong comparison,iphone and ipod touch are two different products,one is a phone the other is a smart media player.whereas both iPad and ipad mini are obviously in same products in different sizes.there is no reason for the mini to has inferior specs than the full size iPad.the size difference alone makes them enough different (in usage).

      1. chad says:

        But they are made nearly from the same hardware , same screen , same apple Ax processors , same retina display , same cameras , but even in the ipod the cameras are inferior to the iphone’s cameras and it’s chip is much inferior A5 vs A7 , and don’t forget that the ipad mini is supposed to be cheap so if they were not able to put a retina display in it , how will they put the fingerprint sensor

    3. Jon says:

      I actually agree with you on this. In order for Apple to maintain their mini’s price tag they have to lower its specs. At the same time because of its dimensions they can’t pack all the hardware of an ipad in to it. However, unrealistic as it may be, I do hope that the mini has a fingerprint sensor as it’s a tech I really want to experience … (I plan to buy an iPad mini 2 as I’ve been dying to get an iPad mini since last year and I wasn’t able to do so due to financial restrictions

    1. Andy2 says:

      there are plenty of decent styluses now- I’d be happy with a stylus slot but not that fussed. Depends on your work/usage. The samsung styluses are a real pain-fiddly. I like the sony xperia ultra- using a pencil on it is brilliant. It feels more natural than a small stylus (and doesn’t cost as much as my last note 2 stylus replacement:(
      You can do PDF annotations already on the ipad- the PDF expert app is my favourite as you can email it , so the summary of annotations are in the email as well as the annotations being in the pdf (for anyone with a PDF viewer to see- PC or otherwise). Hightlighter is a simpler pdf annotation app

  3. Andy2 says:

    fingerprint sensor, stereo speakers, lighter, multiple accounts (like the nook HD+), ipad mini able to act as a phablet (not just 4g data speeds), ability to make coffee…

  4. Eric says:

    I want ipad mini2 ihave an ipad mini now, i don’t hate ipad its just that its too big for me and ipad mini is the perfect size for me.My guess to the specs of ipadmini 2 would be,it has retina display, a6 chip, stylus is a nono for apple, improved in camera sensors, and new colors like gold, silver and gray, and for the ipad a new a7 chip and m7 also touch id better speaker same camera as ip5s and new colors silver gray and champagne gold thats all

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