iOS 7 download time countdown, get ready


Apple’s iOS 7 will release to the public tomorrow, and many people are eagerly waiting to update their iPhones, iPads and iPods. The mobile operating system has been completely revamped, so if you want to be ready for iOS 7 you might want to get prepared. It’s time for the iOS 7 download countdown, so get ready!

We’ve been keeping readers informed about iOS 7, and the first thing to note is that this will be a huge change that some might find take some time to get used to. However, many others will love the new look iOS straight away, and it will seem almost like having a new phone without having to pay anything.

Apple has announced that the new operating system will see a general release tomorrow, but as is usually the case, gave no indication of what time that might be. Recently we created a countdown tool based on the time that iOS 6 released last year, as this is the closest time we can predict. Our forecast is that iOS 7 will arrive around 9am PDT/ 12 noon EDT. That’s around 5pm in the UK.

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C both release on Friday and will come with iOS 7 built-in. However, if you’re about to update your existing device, you should check if it’s one of those that’s compatible with iOS 7 first. You can see full information about this here.

Now it’s time to get ready for iOS 7. One thing that you might want to take into account is that millions of people across the world will all be trying to update to iOS 7 the moment it goes live to the public tomorrow.

Some will download OTA (over-the-air) and others will choose to connect to their laptops and PCs but either way, many will be getting ready to hit the update button. Apple’s servers will undoubtedly be extremely busy, so you might want to wait until the following day before you update. Also by doing this, any problems with the downloaded will have been highlighted before you attempt it.

Before you update it’s important to back up your iOS devices in case anything goes amiss. You should also check that you have the latest version of iTunes installed and update all your applications. While you’re doing this it’s a good time to remove items not needed in order to free up extra space, such as apps, music and videos and have a general tidy up of your device.

You’ll then be well prepared for the iOS 7 download, but remember be sure you want to update before you begin, as it won’t be easy to revert to iOS 6 if you don’t like the new look. You can get an idea of what iOS 7 will offer at this review video of the Gold Master for developers.

We’re now all set for the iOS 7 download countdown, and we suspect many of you are as eager to update your devices as we are. Please check back with us from time to time, as we’ll bring you any notable news about iOS 7 developments.

Are you eagerly waiting for the iOS 7 public release? Will you be downloading the update as soon as it becomes available? Let us know with your comments.


258 thoughts on “iOS 7 download time countdown, get ready”

  1. Cowmonger says:

    “…as it won’t be easy to revert to iOS 6 if you don’t like the new look.”

    Other than jail breaking your iDevice how can you roll back to iOS 6? Once you’ve updated, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

    1. armstrong284 says:

      There are many sites online you can downlaod preious OS for iphones. Download the correct one, open itunes click on iphone, hold down shift and click restore iphone. select the file you downloaded and boom back to the old.

      give it a chance mate you havnt even tried it!! lol

      thumbs up to Dans comment as i said that out loud as soon as i saw this comment lol.

  2. armstrong284 says:

    yeh ive got it at the moment. looks alot smarter and some features are great…. e.g call barring, control centre. battey life has improved alot also even with 3g on. Its about time they change the look into a new ‘era’. although i think the new iphones are a waste of time.

  3. Shaun Alexassnipz Reed says:

    I have the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 and see the ios7 update as a much more sensible choice than scrapping these products and buying their newer replacements… Maybe apple should have not bothered releasing new hardware but just charged £50 as a one off fee for the seemingly total revamp of the software and perhaps just taken more time to develop hardware with a bigger reason to change…..

    1. Xemufl1p says:

      I agree with u the iOS should just change the phone and only major hardware update should make u get a new phone I never get the iPhone “S” it’s a waste of money for only 2 upgrades camera and speed or “finger print recognition.

      1. Shaun Alexassnipz Reed says:

        The issue I find with Apple is that they never seem to perfect their hardware. They are too focused on releasing new products with ‘latest’ or ‘first’ tech but by doing this they open themselves up to problematic features. I am now on my 2nd iPhone5 within the last year. The first one developed a fault on the lock key and now this one the same, as well as an issue with the camera and I know that the new 5S will also have its glitches so why not take time and develop something totally new and for once provide customers with a real wow?? Haven’t we all spent enough on this company to deserve that?

      2. Billy Bob says:

        I used to think the same thing when I had an iPhone4. Why get the 4s? They look exactly the same. Then I realized just how wrong I was once I did get the 4s. It was only about 100x better.

        1. Shaun Alexassnipz Reed says:

          The iPhone4 to 4s was better I agree as they introduced a few useful software AND hardware changes here but again for those who do not use items such as Siri or predomently use WIFI for Internet connection is was not massively dissimilar… Don’t forget that the main change for the products this time is the ios7 update and in the situation of the 5 and 5s can there really be that much of a change to warrant paying for an early upgrade or shelling out for sim free if you are locked into another year of a 24 month contract?
          Again with the 5c…. What’s the point here? It is only around £60 cheaper than the 5s and to be honest, if handset colour is important to you then can’t you just buy a case?

          I just feel that Apple needs to do something totally different now as this dynamic is becoming a little bit of a farce now, in my opinion.

  4. Tyson says:

    I had the beta version and one of the features I liked was the panoramic backgrounds that allowed you to tilt your phone and. The background would move to the panoramic photo

  5. Xemufl1p says:

    Will ur phone just automatic update it self or will we have to connect to iTunes and do it that way? Like can u just push update from the settings menu on ur iphone? And let it update over wifi

    1. Chocolate Thundaa says:

      For us Aussies it will probably be around 4 am on Friday, because all these dates are for the US…sadly we’ll have to wait a bit until the US catches up in time lol

        1. Chocolate Thundaa says:

          I wouldn’t count on it, the update is released globally at the same time, so 9am PDT makes it 2am EST but because its still 6am on the 17th for PDT it means we have to wait until 2am Friday to get it…lol I can’t wait but I think it would be better to wait a few hours because apple’s servers will be getting hammered in the first few hours because almost every one will be updating straight away, which would mean a slow download and possibly corrupted files

          1. Chocolate Thundaa says:

            It’s released globally at the same time, the 18th is for the US, since Australia is a day in front, it will be the 19th for us…

  6. Know it all says:

    For those of you confused about how time zones work. It all releases at the same time, just check what your time zone is and add the hours. It’s not rocket science

        1. Chocolate Thundaa says:

          Nope, I mean 2am Friday, check the time and date in America, it’s currently around 6am on the 17th for them so they have a whole day to go, meaning about 27 hours…do the maths and you’ll get to 2am Friday for us…

          1. Tylerrr says:

            ahhhhhhh it is the 18th of september so it should be out sometime today??? last year apple released the new iphone 2 days after the IOS update and they are releasing the new iphones in 2 days so it should be out today same like last year…

          2. Chocolate Thundaa says:

            The 18th is for America, since Australia is a day in front of America, it will be the 19th when ios gets released, the iPhones will be released on the 20th but since we’re a day infront it will be the 21st for us in Australia…not that hard to understand really

    1. willgoring says:

      You are going to be hitting the button a lot of times. IOS7 comes out tomorrow (18th). Generally, IOS updates come out (at least the last 2 have) around 10am Pacific time, which is around 6pm GMT.

  7. Jayjay says:

    In all honesty, I’m happy with my iPhone5. I see no reson why I should rush and get the 5s, and yes I think it’s wise to wait a day or so to update, cause there might still be a few bugs that needs sorting out.

    1. TARNOOSH says:

      We’re not even talking about the phone jayjay.
      We’re talking about the new iOS 7 operating system. Your phone will pretty much be like an iphone 5c/s besides a few things like fingerprint scanner and camera features among others

    2. Dhruv says:

      Are you serious. Its apple not Chinese company launching the OS. And if its released for people There will be no bugs. That’s what all the develepors are paid for man

    1. Peter Lee says:

      Stop giving false information you f****ing knob!!! Canada is 16 hours behind Australia not 7 and half hours. Checking your info before posting. For those kept asking for the f***ing time, you all own an iphone, go to world clock and add a clock for San Jose California, and when it’s 8am there, you know you can star downloading.

  8. Dan says:

    Well… most likely when midnight hits Cupertino today… whatever time zone that is.
    That means 3am in the East Coast, 8am in most of Europe, and 5pm in Australia

  9. Australia Release says:

    Ios 7 should be avaliable on Thursday 18th (i.e. tomorrow) at 3am in AUSTRALIA. That is only if Apple continues to follow the same time schedule as it has done with the 6 proceeding beta version releases.

      1. Australia Release says:

        I’ve had ios 7 beta installed on my phone since the first beta release. All up Apple released 6 beta versions at about 2-3 week intervals and they were all available worldwide at exactly 10:00am pacific time.

      1. Anthony says:


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