Nexus 5 possible release with worldwide availability


We all know that the Google Nexus 5 smartphone is coming, but what we don’t know yet is when and which regions the phone will launch in. However, if you’re in one of the many countries where it was difficult to get hold of the Nexus 4, it seems that this time around the Nexus 5 may well release with worldwide availability.

Like much of the Nexus 5 news at the moment this cannot be confirmed, but if you’ve been following the developments you’ll know that there has been speculation that the Nexus 5 could come in two variants.

Two LG devices recently made appearances at the FCC, one with model number LG D820 and another with number LG D821, and we have also heard of model numbers LG D820C and 820S. There has been some confusion over which might be the Nexus 5 and which might be a variation of the LG G2.

Now we have the strongest indicator yet that the LG D821 is the Nexus 5. This model has shown up on some documentation from Brazilian telecommunications regulator Anatel, and the LG D821 has been approved for the new 4G LTE network in Brazil.

However, the significant part of all this is that an image shown on the documentation appears to be the Nexus 5 that has been showing itself recently, and is marked as the LG D821. If the deductions are correct and this is indeed the Nexus 5 this is big news, as previously customers of Nexus devices in the country had to wait many months after release before they became available.


When the Nexus 4 went on sale last year it was available via the Google Play Store, but only a limited amount of countries have access to devices through Google Play. Brazil is not among the countries that could obtain the Nexus 4 via the Google Play Store, and there was a certain amount of frustration in many other countries such as India, where customers couldn’t immediately purchase the phone via Google Play.

However, now that this documentation shows the Nexus 5 is ready for Brazil, it certainly seems to be the case that Google could be making the Nexus 5 available worldwide on release. This would go down really well with the many Android device enthusiasts who will be keen to get their hands on the Nexus 5 the moment it launches.

It seems virtually certain now that the LG D821 is the Nexus 5. Hopefully we’ll hear more about this soon as there are murmurs of an October 14 event where we may see the reveal of the Nexus 5 as well as the next major operating system update, Android 4.4 KitKat.

Are you in a country where it’s difficult to get Nexus devices when they first release? If so, what are your thoughts on the news that it may be much easier with the Nexus 5? Let us have your comments.

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  1. Aamir says:

    We really need to have a worldwide release this time around as a lot of google enthusiasts were quite frustrated with the nexus 4 not being immediately available in India

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