iPhone 5S UK Apple sales, 7 to 10 day delay already


The Apple iPhone 5S and 5C release today in regions worldwide, but just as we feared it seems the iPhone 5S is in extremely short supply. In the UK Apple online sales kicked off as expected but immediately showed a delivery time of 7 to 10 days for the iPhone 5S rather than immediate shipping.

If you are one of the many customers who intend to purchase the iPhone 5S, then you’ll probably already know that pre-orders for the premium iPhone were unavailable. This may have been an indicator that stocks would be short, especially as pre-orders for the less expensive iPhone 5C were available.

Before launch day US carriers were already concerned about the small amounts of inventory they were receiving of the iPhone 5S, and recently we told how our local O2 store in the UK had already said that the iPhone 5S would not be available there on release day.

Online sales became available first in the Far East and Australia. In Australia and China online orders through Apple were very quickly pushed back to 7 to 10 days for shipping, for every color and capacity option. The gold iPhone 5S appears to be in particularly short supply with the 64GB option being immediately unavailable in those countries.

Consumers wanting to buy the iPhone 5S in Hong Kong and Singapore are faring even less well, with online orders already showing as shipping in October for all models. Once Apple Stores started selling the iPhone 5S online in the UK, Germany and France it soon became evident that those in Europe would also have a wait for the iPhone 5S too.

In the UK the Apple Store showed dispatch times of 7 to 10 days for all colors and storage options immediately after orders went live. It was exactly the same situation for online orders in Germany and France. In the US the online Apple Store is currently down and about to go live for orders but the situation looks unlikely to be any different there.

As online orders for the iPhone 5S already have a delay of 7 to 10 days in the UK, it doesn’t bode well for those trying to purchase one in retail stores today. There could be very limited stocks available in many shops, and many of the potential customers in long lines already could be unlucky. In fact we’ve just checked the UK online Apple Store again and the gold iPhone 5S now has a delivery time showing of October, as shown in the image here.

If you’re in the UK and trying to buy the iPhone 5S today we’d be interested to hear how you get on. Have you ordered online through Apple, and if so what is your expected delivery time? Maybe you are heading to a store to try to get the iPhone 5S, in which case we’d love to know if you manage to pick one up today?

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15 thoughts on “iPhone 5S UK Apple sales, 7 to 10 day delay already”

  1. Ken Oliver says:

    I ordered mine at 12.02am this morning just after the UK online store opened after its downtime, and the delivery time was 7-10 working days from the start, but on my order confirmation it estimated the delivery date at 7th to 10th October

  2. zaf says:

    ordered a gold 64gb this morning at 10:00 am.(did try to place it at 12:05am but bank thought someone was trying to pull a dodgy one, ah well) it said 7-10 days but in order confirmation it just said October. I think i’ll be waiting most of October….

  3. Jay says:

    I ordered a slate grey 16gb at 00:49 this morning and got a ‘7-10 working days’ timescale. Now I find on checking my order on Apple Store that a flat ‘7-10th October’ is as good as it gets. This is absolutely disgusting – Apple have effectively taken a large chunk of my money and get to hold on to it, earning interest on it for 3 weeks before supplying me. How can that be right? Very poor by Apple.

  4. Sally says:

    I ordererd a 16gb gold 5s and have an estimated delivery date of 7-10 October. I got my confirmation email at 12:10am. Hoping they manage to ship some out earlier than 7-10 days but that may be wishful thinking!

  5. Shaba says:

    I ordered my Apple iphone 5s 32GB GOLD at 1201am got my email confirmation at 1202am. And was given delivery date 7-10 October.I ordered it along with the new case and for that the delivery time is 1-3 days! Grrr. At least have immediate delivery for us early birds. I guess they rather make online purchases wait whilst the replenish shops first…..

  6. Shaba says:

    Dispatched: 7- 10 business days
    Delivery: 07 Oct, 2013 – 10 Oct, 2013 by Standard Shipping
    iPhone 5s 32GB GoldMore details about delivery dates

    Dispatched: 1 – 3 business days
    Delivery: 25 Sep, 2013 – 27 Sep, 2013 by Postal Delivery

  7. Shaba says:

    Dispatched: 7- 10 business days
    Delivery: 07 Oct, 2013 – 10 Oct, 2013 by Standard Shipping
    iPhone 5s 32GB GoldMore details about delivery dates

    Dispatched: 1 – 3 business days
    Delivery: 25 Sep, 2013 – 27 Sep, 2013 by Postal Delivery
    iPhone 5s Case – Brown

  8. Paul P says:

    As most early birds said mine was confirmed by email at 00.01 after the uk launch. Gold 16gb. 7-10 days to dispatch. Delivery in second week of OCT. Seems like a lifetime to wait. Honestly Apple get some sense. You know the phones will be eaten up by the public so have a huge stock pile ready for launch days. You can more than afford a little over kill based on £549 each for the lowest spec!

  9. Abbas T says:

    Ordered mine just before 9.30am on Friday, through the O2 website. Started off as saying delivery will be Tuesday the 24th, but unfortunately I’m beginning to believe that the 3-6 week wait is the horrid truth. First they take almost half the phone’s value and then they tell you to be patient. Business-wise, touché, Apple. Consumer-wise, ‘dafuq’?

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