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Apple have been very busy bees this year, and when it comes to the smartphone market two new ones were made available yesterday, which include the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. They also made available iOS 7 on Wednesday 18th, this is a brand new operating system built from the ground up. So where can Apple go with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8?

When iOS 7 was released to the public on Wednesday many users had issues with downloading, many had problems getting the new upgrade onto their iPhone 5 smartphones but we did say have a little patience because Apple servers would have been very busy indeed. Anyway, iOS 7, iPhone 5S and 5C are now available to the public and we want to know where Apple can go with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8.

Love or hate it, iOS 7 is brand new with many fresh features including a totally revamped UI, the Control Center is a new addition to the operating system, we do not need to go into detail about what iOS 7 has to offer because we are all aware of these.

The iPhone 6 needs to move away from the iPhone 5, 5S design, its ok to add a few more colors to the 5S and make the 5C a little different with even more colors and a slight design change but to be frank this is not enough to keep up with the innovation game many other rivals are doing right now.

A totally new design is needed for the iPhone 6, for example look at the concept idea below (read more about this concept). A new Apple smartphone with a new design, which will release in 2014, would be a must. An iPhone 6 with iPad/iMac lines would be welcomed with open arms, and to release it with iOS 8 could be astonishing.

We can sit here all day long reeling of iPhone 6 specs and iOS 8 new features, but this is where you come into play. What iPhone 6 and iOS 8 future expectations do you have?

Fingerprint recognition is a new feature on the iPhone 5S, but do we really need this on the iPhone 6? Surely it’s a gimmick we could do without, even TechCrunch reported that a cats paw could unlock it. I just cannot see fingerprint recognition being as secure as the original keypad to unlock, everyone has an opinion and we would most definitely welcome yours.

If Apple changed iOS 7 drastically, can you imagine what they could do with iOS 8. I do think they should add group calls to Facetime, it would be great if I could chat with more than one person at a time via Facetime. You can merge calls with others so why not merge with others on Facetime!

What expectations do you have for the iPhone 6 and iOS 8?


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  1. iRonald says:

    I have to admit, Mark Chubb (the author) you’re not too keen on this technology. You wrote: “Fingerprint recognition is a new feature on the iPhone 5S, but do we really need this on the iPhone 6? Surely it’s a gimmick we could do without, even TechCrunch reported that a cats paw could unlock it.” Gimmick? I think not! It works and works well at that. It’s clearly states that ” You can REGISTER you cat to be able to access your iPhone 5s” meaning you have to go though the fingerprint or paw print for that matter, reconigization procedure in order for it to work. You intentionally try to make it seem that anyone can circumvent the finger print security system. I assume you know nothing of how it actually works and just spewed unresearched info in your article. Do you own an iPhone 5s, do you have your corporate e-mail account configured on your phone? If you did, then you know that it will require a mandatory pass code. Checking email 50+ times a day, not including meeting invites makes the fingerprint scanner a MUST HAVE and something that SHOULD be maintained on future Apple products. YES WE REALLY NEED THIS.

    1. Truth says:

      Are you all idiots?
      You hear about the NSA spying on you, but you are the first to get an iPhone with fingerprint recognition JUST because you think it’s cool?

      Apple is a dying breed if they continue down the path of information collection and outright spying on us for the government.

      Some may call me crazy, although you are the crazy one for not questioning the authenticity of what you are being told.

      1. Alex says:

        But your fingerprint isn’t stored on any servers or the cloud, it is strictly stored in the iPhone 5S that you are using. Plus, I’m sure it doesn’t matter if they did get a hold of your fingerprint, I mean come on, if they wanted it that badly they could easily get it without using your iPhone.

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