Sprint Galaxy Note 3 priced and dated, more expensive


When Samsung unveiled its new flagship phablet device back at the beginning of the month it didn’t provide exact release dates for every carrier and region, and while some networks in certain regions can look forward to the device in only two days time others have to wait a bit longer. Now though the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is priced and dated for US carrier Sprint, but it is more expensive.

The US carrier today confirmed that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 along with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Friday, October 4th. The network will be offering the new smartphone to its customers for $349.99 with a new two year contract.

What won’t go down to well with subscribers though is the fact that this is $50 more expensive than rival carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy Gear is also on offer from the carrier for $299.99 and will be available in Jet Black, Oatmeal Beige, and Wild Orange colour finishes.

The Note 3 will come in either black or white finishes and subscribers in certain Sprint areas will be able to get the handset with the new Sprint One Up program, which is an easier way for customers to purchase a new handset by spreading the cost of a period of two years.

Those that purchase the Galaxy Gear via the program will reduce the cost of the monthly plan and allow them to get access to faster upgrades, but users are advised to contact their local store for availability before purchase.

Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Sprint?

Source: Sprint.


5 thoughts on “Sprint Galaxy Note 3 priced and dated, more expensive”

  1. Frustrated says:

    I would have gotten the note 3, now… im torn, i have a note 2 and love it and want to upgrade, but 350?!?! I seriously was debating at the 300 mark, And i know its only 50 dollars more, but with no reason why? i mean what does the sprint version offer that tmobile att or verizon doesnt??? nothing, so why is it 50 dollars more, If they can give me ANYTHING that justifies why its more expensive ill get it, otherwise samsung has lost a customer (mind you i had a samsung epic, then sII, then SIII, then the note 2)
    Im not gonna be a baby and say im leaving sprint, but im def not getting the note 3 any time soon. I may just go to the iphone 5s, its faster and cheaper, i prefer android and i love the large screen, but i may go to a smaller phone and buy a tablet separately. NOT SAMSUNG THOUGH!

  2. Tusker says:

    Being the only carrier that charges $50 more is absolutely ridiculous. There is simply no excuse for that. I was going to buy it on release day. Instead, I may wait for a price drop around black Friday. This really sucks as I am still running the original HTC EVO and this thing is really falling apart.

    You suck Sprint.

  3. Jason Gamble says:

    I say everyone take to every social media for you can to make sure no one buys a Note 3 until they drop the price to
    299, let them know their service does not justfjustify charging more than every other darn carrier!!

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