iOS 7 Airdrop to Mac anticipated


AirDrop is now available on the iPhone and iPad thanks to the new iOS 7, but sadly you cannot integrate with AirDrop for the Mac. Sharing stuff between Macs is fantastic and easy to use, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could use iOS 7 Airdrop to Mac?

iOS 7 Airdrop to Mac is highly anticipated, it is just a shame this is limited to use between iOS devices. So many iDevice users would love to AirDrop things from an iPhone or iPad over to the Apple Mac.

The new feature allows users to send files between devices, and I for one would love to use iOS 7 AirDrop to Mac to send my photos, videos etc. So what is the next step?

Product Reviews has made some valid points worth reading, they report that there is a massive demand for iOS 7 AirDrop to Mac being added to OS X Mavericks. All it takes is for Apple users to make a stand and demand these features; they will most definitely take note for consideration.

There is no doubt in our mind that iOS 7 AirDrop to Mac will release soon enough, it is just a matter of time. One comment posted on Product Reviews stood out for us, which said, “It makes sense for this feature to be available. Apple stop being frigid and start being serious – it’s no wonder the pendulum is seriously starting to shift in favour of your competitors. Hard to advocate for a product when it’s consistently lacking comparability measures!”

Do you think AirDrop support between Mac and iOS 7 should be available with the OS X 10.9 Mavericks launch? Please do comment as we are very much looking forward to reading these.


24 thoughts on “iOS 7 Airdrop to Mac anticipated”

  1. James says:

    I think the reason this is not supported (yet) – relates to iTunes. Device to laptop has always been “regulated” by iTunes as an intermediary “service”. Either Airdrop is used as a “sync” protocol, or Airdrops could happen in some other way (i.e. straight to folder location of choice).

  2. GummieBear says:

    Most people who are apple fans tend to have most of the apple products. People who have macs.. also mostly have d iphone or ipad. Most people also use ipad or iphone as a quick camera and since the inbuilt for the same is only 16 or 32 gb easy transferring to the mac via airdrop would be much better and welcome!

  3. ohio tex says:

    Apple use to have the mantra “it just works”.. but they do not seem to be translating that across platforms these days .. iOS to OSX. Phone companies created universal text interoperability but apple does not allow AirDrop across platforms. not limited to AirDrop.. iCloud Preview allows ‘drop box’ like file sharing across Macs, but not OSX to iOS.. (even with paid icloud service) . I would agree with post Apple should encourage more interoperability across iOS and OSX (they did with imessage and facetime, (Although they had to toss out iChat to do that).

  4. It’s a big disappointment that you cannot AirDrop between IOS and MAC. AirDrop is cool sending pictures from iPhone to iPhone but I would really like to be able to use it in a work environment where we can take photos in the field using our IOS devices and send them to our MAC’s for work purposes. We work in the field where Wi-Fi and sometimes cellular data is just not available. having to sync up the IOS device works but time consuming. AirDrop would be fantastic.

  5. markku e says:

    indeed its quite odd as apple knows many off us have mac/pad/iphone all simultaneously. why not allow airdrop between them, but limit this great feature between ios?! shouldn’t be too hard for apple to fix this…DropCopy has been working already for long time. So while waiting try DropCopy!

  6. Grim Bernhoft says:

    The nbr 1 reason I don’t fill my phone with media (music/movies/etc) is for lack of space, with the camera getting better and better on the phone,it’s becoming my one tool for documenting my travels, recording videos, shooting lots and lots of photos.
    If I could unload my files every day, easily with Airdrop, I’d probably have more space for cool new music….

  7. PD says:

    i dont get it.
    if i want to send photo’s etc to a friends iphone from my iphone – we can do so via airdrop
    if i want to send photo’s etc to a friends mac from my mac – we can do so via airdrop

    BUT if i want to send a photo from my iphone to a friends mac – i cant

    Apple say – that is what icloud is for – well icloud is ok if you are sending to your PC that has the same account…but for someone like me, i have my iphone for work and my ipad/mac for home (2 separate IDs)…icloud isnt an option

    Drop box is capable across macs, pcs and mobile devices – yet apple cant even manage it across their own devices

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