GTA V iFruit app meets Android user fury


The GTA V iFruit app is readily available in the App Store for iOS owners, but for Android users the wait continues. This has sparked fury among Android users across the globe, and they are furious with Rockstar that no release date has even had a mention.

About a week ago we reported to our readers about fake GTA V iFruit apps making their way onto the Google Play App Store, and since doing this it has infuriated Android users with mixed reactions about the app.

Android users are furious with some asking, why have they released an integral part of the game on a mobile only? This is a good point really because maybe Rockstar should have released this on PC or even the social club or even Facebook. There are things that only CHOP can find and it is true that he cannot do it without the app to train him, one Phones Review reader mentioned that Rockstar should have been forced to start given out refunds like EA did when they messed up the ending to ME3. Do you agree or disagree?

Some agree that GTA V iFruit app should not have been released to Apple first, they should have released together with Android so that both versions could have been available at the same time. Is this the case of favouritism towards Apple? This is a comment that has popped up a few times now, and we would love to read your views on this in the comments area provided below.

Many Android users that are playing their game have been holding back on playing certain missions, it seems some are very angry because there is no need for Chop to suffer just because the player is on Android. Some players are nearly at the end of their story and seem to think its pointless Chop being in the game if you do not have an iPhone.

Are you furious that GTA V iFruit Android app is not available yet?

Whilst on the subject of GTA V, we came across a new group called “Landscape Photographers of Los Santos and Blaine County,” this is where GTA V gamers have gone deep into the spaces and dramas of the game itself to produce some amazing images. There is, as we know an app in the game called iFruit, and this allows players to take screenshots, take a look at some of the amazing images here.


167 thoughts on “GTA V iFruit app meets Android user fury”

          1. dumass says:

            Nope, of course not, the world revolves solely around niche markets! Thats how I got rich anyway, selling poles to tightrope walkers!

  1. Chris says:

    I think GTA V is worth the money with or without the app. It is simply amazing. That being said, there has always been animosity between android and ios users. Releasing what is at least “bonus content” if not “essential content for just ios users will only add fuel to the fire. I believe the the idea of a game linked app is brilliant. That’s why it definitely sucks that I’ll likely be finished with the story mode before I ever get a chance to try it. Let’s not forget that ios users will likely use up all the best personalized licence plates via the app. So I have mixed feelings I guess. But would I have bought the game if I had known the app would not be available to me?…. Yes, Yes, definitely Yes!!!! GTA V is a masterpiece IMHO.

  2. rege says:

    I am getting so tired of Apple and there little games paying ppl off because their phones suck. I’m still waiting for plants vs zombies 2. Go to hell apple

    1. ZeroZmm says:

      I’m still waiting for the Injustice app for android..
      Or..well..not really waiting, I don’t even play the game anymore.
      Stupid Apple paying to ruin the experience of players that aren’t iSheep..

    2. Sarah Melbourn says:

      you must be really dumb to think apple paid rockstar to make an app a timed exclusive. this happens all the time, developers don’t like Android, deal with it.

          1. Sarah's Retarded says:

            And they would never have any reason to lie, yeah sarah, you are no sheep…………………

  3. anon says:

    Yes, I agree with all points. Refunds should be made available. They should have waited for android app to be ready. Apple probably did make a payoff to get it first, typical of apple, and all corporations for that matter. It can all be fixed with a plates reset once it is available for android. For me, I would have used the app if it was there, kind of pissed it wasn’t. I would have used chop. However, I have already beat the game. So, I don’t need or want the app. They can stick it up their ass for all I care. I know people who got the app, it’s garbage anyway. With all that the game was fun but missing some things, they must be planning to have alot of dlc. Unfortunately, people will be stupid enough to buy, the import/export, casino, guns and cars. People even don’t care enough to boycott a game, then wonder why the country is falling apart.

  4. Tinmanxvx says:

    the only thing that really bothers me about all this is the simple fact that apple users have had the app long enough to significantly limit the amount of decent useable custom plates in game. as far as Chop goes, am I the only one around here that feels like we’re back in 1995 whining about wanting a nanopet?

    1. Vi9 says:

      Chop was a promised combat element, namely that he’d help franklin in a few tough spots and mawl your enemies . The fact chop is in the game, to the point you actually play one mission as him but then not have the option to train him to attack is annoying as and the bigger problem

      1. SuperSam64 says:

        It’s also frustrating that by with a delayed release on a certain OS, those with that OS will be done with the game (with the exception of the unavailable content) by the time it’s released.

    1. goreala says:

      Dude I hear you. That is why it is stupid that this part of the game has to rely on Android or IOS. They should have made it an option to do this in game. You can make the strippers happy in game, but not chop. This is the stupidest thing they could have done.

  5. johnb says:

    i have already completed the story mode and am 80% of game completion, i am an android user as i hate everything apple. so i am infuriated with the ifruit app. yours sincerely johnb atkinson

  6. IphonerBro says:

    iFruit = iPhone why wouldn’t it be released on the proper replica first? Maybe you all should stop being so cheap and pick up the magnum opus of mobile phones. Broke bitches!

    1. Goreala says:

      Ifruit = Im homosexual it was an inuendo about Apple and their users. Unfortunately I use drone the android equivalent. Last I checked an htc one costs about the same both on and off contract. How am I broke if I paid more than you for my one the your free i4s? Android has more features and more benefits thanios

    2. Kill Yourself says:

      Yeah,right,..that’s why iOS7 looks and functions just like an Android phone? Oh and it still has a small ass screen, I’ll keep my Samsung Galaxy S3…

    3. SuperSam64 says:

      “magnum opus”


      By the way, have you price checked the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note III, Droid Maxx, HTC One, Moto X, or LG G2? Just wondering. I guess an iPhone is cool to though if that’s all you can afford… Enjoy your fingerprint scanner and mid-end (with one exception) hardware bro. I’ll give it the 64 bit processor, that’s pretty awesome, but a gold 64 bit iPhone 5 < any of the phones listed above.

        1. SuperSam64 says:

          That’s true about it being useless until you have apps for it, but it’s a chicken and egg thing. Nobody will make apps that need 64 bit mobile processors until 64 bit mobile processors exist. Something’s gotta come first, and it did. But I totally agree with your point, this is just how tech progresses, and it was bound to come sooner or later. The iFans can enjoy having it to themselves for the next few months, but once Android phones with 64 bit processors are released, the 5s will be dead in the water. The only thing it will have over its Android counterparts is a fingerprint scanner, and while that’s kind of a cool novelty it’s easily exploited and doesn’t really fill a great need. Aside from that, it is still chasing the flagship Androids in terms of tech and features.

    4. Jay (The Truth) says:

      This jackass highlights one of the root problems in society, everybody looking for some membership card to (Perceived) exclusive clubs to try and feel superior to everybody else. Apple (Tactically, i give them props for it) has created a facade that people buy into. If you genuinely like the products/services/tech, fine, preference based, but I know many (And would wager millions more) buy these products simply to gain status. “Hey, I have an expensive phone, thus, now I matter and can look down on others”. Similar to Air Jordan/Nike shoes, its as much about the brand and the perception of that than the actual products. Very sad.

      1. teh1337pwnerer says:

        Not gay, you just summed up everything I have ever wanted to say about apple users, I believe 70% of the users are in it for status and the remainder either, have no idea about phones and technology, or a sales person made them sign a contract.

        Who wants a phone with a small screen and restricted functionality.

        It would be like buying a Lamborghini with a 4cyl engine and a windscreen made from cardboard.

        1. Jay (The Truth) says:

          Totally fair. I apologize for saying “everybody” because it implies that all IPhone users have this attitude, which isnt the case. Maybe 20-30% max. Definitely a better app store because its a unified platform, thus easy to develop for, whereas Android is like PC, many different phones with different screen sizes, operating systems and specs.

  7. goreala says:

    Even the instruction manual is an IOS/Android app (with android unreleased). How stupid is that. What if you have BBX like Drogba a few post down? Its not like its a PDF you have to literally install the instruction manual on your Phone or PC……,but again the Android manual is not available.

  8. Daniel says:

    Its like microsoft paying game developers money to get dlc 1 month b4 everyone weather it be COD, Battlefield 4 or whatever to be released on xbox one first when the ps4 and PC are better IMO I think xbox one comes last. Same goes for this I think Apple payed off Rockstar or something, to have iFruit on iOS first and make Andriod wait say 1 month. Apple knows they their app store is dying compared to the google play store becuase 70% of the global mobile market is Android we arn’t no iSheep. Personally I think it would be a good thing if the un-innovative Apple hurried up and died for good overpriced crap.

  9. WIguy22 says:

    I agree that they should have launched together although I could understand if apple payed them to launch early but as a serious gamer that has been finished with the missions for almost a week, its very dissapointing that they haven’t even released a date. Plus the fact that they don’t even admit that there is a vehicle glitch and people paying for these vehicles in game and never getting them. I hope this app does not affect our online gaming although it already has. My crew has been together for awhile and sone of us because they have an apple already have things we cant. I beleive that we shouldn’t get a refund but I do believe that android users should be compencated. WIguy22.

  10. ChillerVapes says:

    What I think Rockstar should do to redeem themselves is, once the app is ready for Android, simply reset the servers for the custom plates so any pre ordered ones for GTA5 online are null and void so everyone gets a fair chance to get there own vanity plate.

    To be honest, a separate off game app to add functionality to the game was simply a ludicrous idea. I mean, the game is well engineered enough to handle the dog training and custom rides etc. By making it an app for your phone penalizes people who don’t have or don’t want a smart phone.

    At the end of the day, we have all paid rockstar for the game, no matter if it was the standard version or the collectors edition, we all paid for it and so it should be fully functional out of the box.

    1. Hichigetsu says:

      If they were going to put part of the game features on an app they should of made it accessible to all platforms. This is pure favoritism.

      Sad part is, iOS is notoriously harder to program on than Android.

  11. Matthew says:

    I hate it when Franklin says, “Is that a present for not training you?” whenever he sees Chop with a pile of faeces at his safehouse (which is all the time since I’m an Android user). This game is repremanding me for not doing something that I cannot do.

  12. Davidflagg says:

    Whoever doesn’t have at least one ios device by now is an idiot who shouldn’t be complaining because android is always treated like this, get used to it.

    1. HackFetus says:

      So we should support the KOCH brothers just because Rockstar is retarded and didn’t bring this out on PC too? Not everyone owns a IOS/ANDROID device at all lol A lot of us don’t have a care to own a cellphone that gives you brain cancer! Who is the real idiot mate! The guy supporting his own nations demise by buying Apple products??? I think so!

      1. I_Enjoy_Truth says:

        LOL, yes because the more popular version of anything is the better one, right? The Camry is a better car than your average Audi! Adam Sandler films are better than Oscar Winners! Windows is better than OSX! Keep living in your dreamworld.

        Oh, and if you think Apple is the only company exploiting cheap labor, get your head out of your A**. Moron.

    2. Hichigetsu says:

      Phone: Galaxy S4

      Tablet: Galaxy Note 10.1, going to upgrading to the new Note 2014

      Computer: PC

      If all that makes me an idiot then I welcome it.

  13. RockstarNorth says:

    The Android app will come in a few days after GTA: O launches because we want you to get leftover license plates. Thanks for understanding. You should of bought an iPhone not a rip off Chinese bootleg (Android).

    1. shutUface says:

      You’re an idiot and a completely degenerate Kool-aid drinker. I had no idea Apple had you bent over like that. Do they at least buy you dinner first?

    2. androideduser says:

      RockstarNorth that was a low blow to your majority of your customers who have androids and are not isheep to follow a strict dictator you fell below your own standards by insulting your fellowship that got you where your at now I maybe just an insignificate speck in your grand scene of things but after that insult gta-v is the very last rockstar game I will ever buy and I will make it my goal to spread the word of what you state about android users for I will do what I can to boycott your next title you plan to come out with till you appologize publicly to the mass for your comment.

    3. Ryan england says:

      Im an android user and am a bit bothered about not havin chop on me fone but i ave to say from a normal persons view i think ur comment about the android a cheap chinese bootleg is quite funny gta online is amazing keep up the good work love gta5

  14. JPP says:

    And now they hare handing out bans (temporary but still) to people asking for questions and saying they are growing tired of the same generic cut and paste answer we’ve been getting for almost two weeks now…

    While you may feel you have a legitimate complaint and are certainly entitled to your opinion, being abusive towards Newswire staff and spreading inaccurate information about our games after being given the correct information is simply something we cannot allow to go on at length. Be sure to demonstrate proper posting habits going forward.

  15. Sarah Melbourn says:

    Android users get your heads out of your asses and realize that you are using a 2nd class OS! Developers have the right to treat you guys like 2nd class users. its been like that since 2009.

      1. Winner_Elvin says:

        LOL… too funny. iOS is a more secure, robust and smoother OS and everyone knows this. The double-edged sword of your oh-so-precious “open source” mess called Android is a muddled development environment, nonexistant security, and the unreachable goal of multi-platform standardization.

        If by simple, you mean, “I don’t have to worry about it, I don’t care about modding my phone to have a different Icon here and there, and I enjoy having the most secure, smoothest OS,” then simple it is.

        1. gomanab says:

          Dude you crack me up. By simple he means for people who arnt conputer literate and don’t care how it works and is OK with how apple limits what you can do with your phone till they decide to sell you one more additional feature for 700 bucks. People who use android care about the advancement of technology which is why its open source and anyone can develop and tweak the android platform which is why there are many ROMs out there created by amazing programmers.

        2. shutUface says:

          Just because an OS is open source doesn’t it make it suddenly less secure. The open source aspect allows peer review which in turn makes it more secure since so many people are reviewing the code. This is why unix/linux are so secured and used by many large corporations to run their data centers.

    1. Roberto Richardson says:

      2nd class is a term that shouldn’t be used for either of the two. They’re different. They both have their advantages. The reason apps come earlier for the iPhone is a lot easier to develop for. Android’s have gotten easier, but it’s still not the same. Just like the PS3 was a lot harder to develop for than the Xbox 360, but if properly utilized and understood it produces some unbelievable games.

      Now I don’t know anything about developing internet apps or apps for the computer, but if it’s easy then I’m kind of upset that Rockstar didn’t even make one.

        1. Roberto Richardson says:

          Not saying it’s hard or anything new but it does sound difficult to make an app work with all the different hardware android has. I really don’t know much about this, but it just seems logically that it would be a bit harder than developing for pretty much one set of hardware without worrying about incompatibility problems.

          1. gomanab says:

            You think it’s hard because you don’t know how it works. A PC has a lot of hardware but windows runs on all them and so does office and all 3rd party programs designed for windows. The hardware was designed for running android so it doesn’t matter. If you design a program with java for android it will run on all hardware running android.

          2. shutUface says:

            Android fragmentation was more of a problem at the beginning since Android was going through so much evolution so quickly. But once Android 2.3ish came out most apps are compatible with that version on.

            Edit: I don’t know if each version of IOS can run every app either.. what happens if someone has the original iphone. They probably can’t run the latest game for ios.

      1. gomanab says:

        I don’t want to bash on anyone, but everyone on the forum had no idea what the hell they are talking about. I am a computer science major and I program for both android and apple. For those bashing on android, you people are the ones that need to get your heads out of your asses. Android as Linux based (you know the OS used by NASA to launch space needles) which means it Is open source and specifically designed so that anyone can program for it. It also is Prudence’s with java at is core which makes it very easy go an ameture programmer to develop apps for. Apple on the other hand is very closed. You have to go to certain lengths to learn and develop apps for iPhone. Also the android market is open to allow anyone to publish their app, where the apple store is a lot more locked down. Sorry for all the bad grammar and misspelled words, I’m on my phone.

    2. You Suck says:

      Wow, I am surprised you type that whole thing before you had to get on you fixie and bike to your barista job. But yeah, “2nd class”…. more users, more options, and the ability to actually use your OS , vs being told how to use it, all HORRIBLE things.

    3. shutUface says:

      You’re an idiot and an isheep. You need to be told what to buy. Apple has the perfect model telling people what to buy and charging them tons of money. I bet you’ve never tried android or never gave it a fair chance. To me, a tech minded and affluent individual, I’d never buy an iphone. Steve Jobs was the most condescending person and probably laughed at how many people bought into it.

      1. TheTruth1 says:

        LOL poor deluded soul. If wanting to use an OS that doesn’t have the security of a sieve and a “too-many-cooks” development environment makes me a sheep, then I say BAAAA.

    4. StarKiller says:

      if it is such a 2nd class OS why is apple always copying what android has done years before. ios 7 is just a bunch of features us android users have been using for years.

      1. Elemental9 says:

        LOL@ Apple copying android. Oh man, I needed a good laugh today, thank you. Wow. Next thing, you’ll tell us Apple copied Windows? Oh man. Wow, just wow.

        1. Tom Dark says:

          I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. I’m annoyed that there isn’t an app for the Android – it is, without a doubt, a huge oversight on Rockstar’s part – but that doesn’t warrant flaming people’s choices of phones… I don’t understand why so many people think that for their choice to have been right, everyone else’s that’s different is incorrect…

        2. Zac Storm says:

          Actually. Apple has copied windows. Do your research. The first EVER marketed tablet. Was a windows tablet. Then years anyears later apple released the ipad. And yeah. Apple copies android constantly. The widgets that are now being released for iOS have been on android since stock android version. For iPhone users, you have to jailbreak your phone to get nearly close to the power of an android phone.

  16. Bristol says:

    2nd class OS? Thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. You people are annoying. You can’t even be objective. You just ramble some garbage and call it an opinion. Way too many geniuses on the internet.

    1. Dan89000 says:

      It’s terrible that Android users are being shut out from this app, but let’s not lose our heads. I’ve owned both OS’s, and iOS is the superior OS, in terms of usability, security and overall robustness.

  17. androider says:

    Wtf did anyone else see that rockstar north just called android
    Chinese bootlegdevices!? Wow I always liked rocstar but not now . And I’m still a proud owner of an android because ain’t nobody got money for no iPhone that crap overpriced breaks easily and u have to send it off to get fixed the galaxy s4 beats the crap out of the iPhone 5

  18. androider says:

    And one more thing im pretty sure the majority of their sales for GTA 5 have androids so if none of them were to buy a copy, rockstar would have a major decline in sale and then they would get the message considering they spent about 265 million in making gta5.

  19. pete says:

    Considering apple have less than 10% of global mobile sales. Very big dissapointment on rockstargames behalf . £170m to make and no andriod app to go with (onlines going to be popular considering xbox one out next mouth )looks like rockstargames couldn’t even run a bath…

  20. Sean Sean says:

    Intensely upsetting. Not only are Andriod users being segregated from a better game play experience, we are being discriminated against. I should not be penalized for my choice in phone. Nor should I have to deal with an oversight on Rockstars behalf with out being accommodated.

    1. Cillian Greene says:

      are you kidding me?

      you are not a black civil right activists during the 50’s.

      People who dont own phones don’t get the app, and the app itself is meant to be awful.

      1. Marc says:

        No, he isn’t kidding anyone. I agree with what he has to say and if you want to ask people if their kidding you why don’t I give you a few links where people are going mental and threatening to put Rockstar’s windows in.

  21. Bob says:

    In game on the radio they mention an ad where they’re comparing iFruit to the Android knock off and they talk about how reliable and great the iFruit is.

  22. darren wheeler says:

    think all you android users should ask for a refund until the app gets sorted, sure they will sort it then. I hear people have already started taking it back here. then it will have 2 records lol fastest selling and fastest returned

        1. Kregor says:

          I have 100% completion of the game and I have an Andriod phone. None of what is on the app is required.
          Only benefit from the app I want is the ability to reserve a unique licence plate for GTA: Online.

      1. N says:

        Trading standards told me that I should ask for a refund as the game is incomplete without the app and should not have been sold like that. Also the OFT looking into the matter as Rockstar have either been monumentally stupid or made a deal with Apple because from a business perspective it makes no sense to exclude and alienate the largest user base.

  23. androideruser says:

    In the matter e of the ifruit only on the ios was a total epic fail from the start when clearly the game was not even going to preimer on the pc on launch day its like getting the cart but not the horse and soley driving for favortism towards the pc when clearly the launch of the game was going to be focused on the consoles all I have to say for the designers of the ifruit app “SERIOUSLY ARE YOU ALL BRAIN DEAD TO NOT CLEARLY SEE THAT THE MAJORITY OF THE MASS THAT BUYS THAT GAME DON’T ALL HAVE IOS I REALLY THINK YOU ALL NEED TO GO BACK TO PRESCHOOL TO LEARN HOW TO SHARE. UNLESS YOU FIX THIS ASAP I WILL JUST LET THE CLAN I AM IN AS WELL ANY AFFILATES TO DON’T EVEN BOTHER GETTING THE APP AND WE WILL BOYCOTT THE APP TILL ITS FIXED AND TRY TO GET EVERYONE WORLD WIDE TOU BOYCOTT THE APP AS WELL TILL IT GET TO THE ANDROIDS AND SMART PHONES.

  24. Derpderr says:

    This is pretty ridiculous considering Android took over the market majority 3 years ago. The fact of the matter is the majority of the people who bought this game more likely to own an android device, rather than an iOS device. Who still owns an iPhone anyway? Brain dead, entitled tweens and tech-retarded soccer moms?

    1. grimrp3r says:

      Your saying is true, but the reason why developers takes ios is because the developing workflow is much more simple, and Apple app store gives more profit (although this is not the case since ifruit itself is free). Plus, the device fragmentation makes it more harder. Recently I’ve jumped ship but disappointed with Google play apps and the dev supports, android will always be seen by them as inferior market compared to ios until who knows..

      1. exit151 says:

        Development could be partially true – I will admit it’s easier to program for the ios to an extent – But we all know this app isn’t going to make use of any “fancy” graphics where this sort of thing would matter – It’s most certainly simple web-based, and EASILY portable to ANY OS. The reason Android (And WinPhones) aren’t seeing it yet is clear as day. Apple padded Rockstar’s pockets and they aren’t owning up to it (yet). Some day we’ll all look back on the deal, and amount of money they made by screwing over everyone buy iUsers.

  25. Dan says:

    I’m 90 percent done and own a android phone thanks for spoiling my game and making chop unhappy and living in his own mess as well as the not being able to get my private plate’s iPhone is the sheep’s phone they should have had to wait if anyone did

  26. cowboy says:

    Its just an app y’all are making a mountain out of a mole hill so what if not out for android yet so don’t be a child just because someone has something that u don’t have .

    1. Ron Pretasky says:

      Obviously you don’t understand. Us Android users can’t train Chop. There are things that only Chop can find. If we can’t train Chop, Chop doesn’t find said things. That makes for a little bit of a crappy experience in the game.

  27. Koiice says:

    I really don’t like iphones but I’m starting to think I want one, this is the second app I can’t get on my android the first being the J.A.R.V.I.S app on iOS ;__; depressing xD

  28. albert says:

    Same old, same old steve jobs’ empire rolls on, just look at Sky go app and that will tell you all you need to know about the way non ‘i’ lovers are thought of, for years it hasnt been available to android users but is for IOS despite hundreds of thousands of complaints!

  29. fafoxache says:

    Totally agree with android users, refund/compo should be given.Game has far too many bugs in it also, still losing vehicles in garages and also when i got out of a car i purchased to defend a property. walked half a dozen paces turned round and my vehicle gone. Not in the pound nothing. Missions fail as soon as they start without doing anything. Whoever tested the game and have it the go ahead for launch needs shooting. It’s like they have missed the basics concentrating on the bigger picture on trying to make an epic game. They have failed in my eyes with such silly mistakes and desicions. I wish i had waited until game is fixed to the point of being able to sell. Also the online shambles is dispicable. And the game in its entirety is not fit for purpose. Refunds or compensation. Could have been an epic game that changed the face of gaming let down by poor decisions and lacklustre focus.

  30. Bars up says:

    I 100%do agree they shoul have been fair or better yet smart an brought the app out for both devices or better yet you guys shoul have took your time had already have the option to take care of chop in the game then their woudnt be all these angy GTA fans including myself so rockstar sorry to say the game. Is good an all but i am a little dissapoint i already beat the game the 3rd day i got it and never got to even use chop on a single mission wow now thats going to have an affect on the game’s rateing all ove something small and stupid as an app who knows rockstar the game could have gotten a 10 out of 10

    1. Rostafur says:

      And thats a typical person that doesnt live in the united states complaining about something they dont even know is true
      I live here and all i see almost everywhere is android this and android that.
      Face it people this is another attempt of apples to keep the buiseness going
      They are not coming up with much good stuff after steve died
      There for they have to come up with some way to make apple special some how once again.
      Think before you speak jackass

  31. kc says:

    Apple probably paid rockstar money to sponsor their phone similar to the release of plants vs zombies 2, where apple paid those developers respectfully for it to be released first on. Apple.

  32. itwish says:

    What has this gaming community come too? I have a droid and yea it sucks I can’t use the app yet but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna be pissed off and rage and demand refunds or compensation for anything buggy or not the game is still epic and worth every penny and people need to stop feeling entitled just like with mass effect 3 what a joke gamers have become spoiled brats honestly so sick of people getting so upset at companies especially with rock star pushing the limits with each if their games and all you guys can complain about us an app or bugs that will be fixed soon enough

    1. exit151 says:

      You’re missing the entire point. People come to forums like this to publically declare they are unhappy with the decision Rockstar made. Everyone KNOWS the reason the app isn’t out yet for Android and WinPhones. If you don’t then you need to learn about how business works. The point is, if you don’t post your angry, upset rant, future titles by Rockstar (and ANY other company watching) will do the EXACT same thing.. “Hey Apple.. Give us a couple Mil and we’ll release exclusive to you for x months”.
      EA did the EXACT same thing with Battlelog, their online stats and profile viewing tool. Magically, for absolutely no reason (at first) it was only available for the iOS platform, despite a perfectly good, and free SDK readily available. Only about a month ago (BF3 been out for years) did they FINALLY release an Android version. Only, most likely because BF4 is coming out and uses Battlelog for it’s Commander mode, and they probably didn’t want all the bad press they got for going BF3 iOS only, just as Rockstar is getting hammered with now.

      So Yes. If you are not an iOS user, keep the complaints coming, even if the story parallels others here, so they KNOW it’s not right. Otherwise, they’ll see the community was fine with it and screw us over next go round as well.
      I’d like to say Rockstar should do the same thing to iOS with another large title (love to see a new Red Dead, or ANY one on the PC) but Android users have higher standards and don’t succumb to Apple’s “we paid for it” scam. We don’t need tricks to force users to look at the our products.

    2. katsumi1980 says:

      I completely agree with iwish.. Yes they should have had the apps released at the same time, and yes a release date would help. But be patient!oh And the part where the article also said something like “like gamers demanded a refund when EA screwed up me3’s ending”, that is an OPINION not a fact. Personally I liked the ending. Modern gamers are too spoiled! Stop whining! What’s next: going to the movies then “demanding” a refund or other compensation because they didn’t like the movies ending? Lol. ‘I didn’t like your movies ending. I demand free movie tickets!’.

  33. nick says:

    If we knew gta5 was going to have all these problems like the cash cards or the tutorial bugs then they should have just released the whole game later than origionaly predicted. Wasn’t worth all the game crashing and phone malware….

  34. itwish says:

    If your impatient and can’t not play for a couple of days its pretty sad so many people over reacting over something like this especially how quickly R* jumped on it compared to EA or other companies who take weeks

    1. Anon says:

      It’s not been a few days, its been three weeks. . . . The app was released one week before the game. So, it’s almost been a month since iOS users have had access to a part of the game that all others are missing. I’m completely done with the Story except for the parts that require Chop.

    2. complixicata1 says:

      It’s been NEARLY A DAMN MONTH. Get your facts straight before you post something which makes you sound as if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  35. steveifihadone says:

    I’m pretty sure there quiet content with there 2 billion from a freaking video game did pac man ever make that much know he just followed the dots man he just followed the dots

  36. Who'sControllingUs? says:

    There are more mobile Operating Systems than just iOS and Android. Are we forgetting that? Just release it on Social Club or on a mini-site so I, and others like me, with my BlackBerry or Windows phone don’t miss out on some features of the game we’ve bloody paid for!

    Everyone with an internet connection has a PC, yet not everyone has a f**king iPhone!

    It’s ridiculous they’d overlook somethings as simple as server capacity and integral applications…

    Come on Rockstar, you should’ve done better than this.

    1. pilkjaer says:

      it can be so that they got a deal with Apple to make the app iPhone exclusive for the first couple of weeks. It’s a good promotion for the product.

    2. Poggle566 says:

      I don’t have any kind of phone so I would love for it to maybe be linked to LifeInvader. I really don’t want to miss out on training my dog and having personalised number plates just because I don’t have a smartphone. I paid just as much for the game as everyone else did. Get your stuff together Rockstar! *re-posting in case the last one doesn’t get through moderation because of the obvious swear*

      1. Who'sControllingUs? says:

        The only reason why I really want it is to personalise my number plate, both online and offline, I’m not too fussed about training Chop, although I’d probably use the feature if it was available to me!

        Yeah Disqus doesn’t like the swearing.. Just put a * or number similar to the letter in place. For example, Sh1tt1ng, C*ntflap, W4nker.


  37. Greg says:

    its so stupid releasing it only on iOS lets face it apple and iOS and the iPhone itself SUCK! my adroid HTC sensation and the HTC One ill be getting this month wipe the floor with any apple phone, yet the better phone doesnt have the app? lets face it rockstar have sold out to apple clearly taking a hefty some of money. poor show.

  38. gary333 says:

    Dear Rockstar

    Not everyone who plays your games are IPhags nor do we all have Facefook accounts

    This is the last GTA game I will buy. In fact I want a refund as all of the features are not available unless I have an IPhag.

    Hope you manage to sell enough copies of your buggy game to the IPhag sheep at the same time their being herded to buy the new IPhag 5S

  39. Daniel Dudley says:

    The fact is I don’t think that chop the dog should be in gta v because your not able to train him because the app is only available for ipad, ios and apple users NOT ANDROID I don’t understand this because a pop up keeps coming up on my screen when i’m near the dog to download the ifruit app in order to train the dog in the game but I’ve been on the rockstar social club and there is no app on mobile phone android.
    so how are we meant to train the dog without it WE CAN’T and the dog is been neglected and this is not fair cos the dog keeps barking all the time for no reason but I think that is simply down to the fact that he’s not been trained to do stuff that he should be like eating, drinking etc
    when will this matter be resolved anybody know

  40. Tylermaster1 says:

    Dear Rockstar and any other viewers,

    What I don’t understand is why is the iFruit app only for iPhone at the moment? Like, come on guys, I bet you’re not even freaking working on it. If you’re going to release an app, release it for BOTH IOS and Android users. Or at least give us an estimated release date. The fact that it’s only for IOS could possibly show favoritism like the article itself clearly states. If you were REALLY working as hard as you possibly could to get this app out of Android users, it would of been out at the release of GTA V. You know, by simply holding back on the release of the iFruit app for Android, you’ve set yourselves up for a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    – Tylermaster1

    1. Osiris says:

      or perhaps it’s for their comic relief. Think about it. What do the iFruit phones in the game resemble…iPhone. so yes they most likely wanted to have the app relate to the game as much as possible for a given amount of time prior to releasing it for another mobile os. Don’t get me wrong, I am eagerly waiting for it’s android debut, but I also don’t see any reason to get upset.

  41. Mark Szymanski says:

    I have an iphone but I haven’t even downloaded the app. I don’t give a sh*t about Chop. I’ll Michael Vick his ass. There’s so much to do in this game it is hilarious how mad everyone is getting. Get a life.

    1. Justin Blalock says:

      Nothing says “obnoxious internet loser” like a twit that casually refers to animal cruelty in one sentence and then pretends to himself that he’s superior to other people with his next.

      You should probably go stick your head in an oven, bud.

  42. annoyed user says:

    this is totally lame…. It’s still not out on android? The game has been released for over a month and android users are missing out on content…. C’mon rockstar get your sh!t together….

  43. nitoh says:

    Who cares about that stupid app by now??!!
    U guys realla wanna customise your plates and walk a dog in a game like GTA???
    Keep on nagging … ill enjoy the story and online in the meanwhile.

  44. Marc says:

    Why do Android users not have iFruit yet? I bet R* is just dying to respond to all our hate mail negatively in a violent outburst but they’ve probably lost out on so much money giving refunds they can’t afford to be sued.

    Answer me this R*, Did we help you be a top seller? Did the millions of Android users along with the thousands of Crapple users help your shitty GTA game become a top seller or not? Are you sitting at home bathing in green paper because of yourselves or because of us?

    We android users pay just as much as a person buying an Apple product because they get everything first and for free. I can just imagine waking up one morning, looking on the Playstore and seeing in the top paid games ‘Ifruit for £4.99’ because that is what you low lifes will do to get vengeance for all the abuse you’ve been getting won’t it?

    And another thing is the mystery release date??? WTF, are you that lazy to even put a date online? I thought hearing the ‘N’ word in GTA 20 thousand times was uncomfortable but now I know I’m (along with millions) unloved and neglected by R* because I’m an Android user isorobably the most uncomfortable thing of all!

    Thank you for reading and thank you the most R* for the shitty online manual recently uploaded onto the Playstore instead of iFruit which probably peed off the last of your Android fanbase. Glad I paid just as much as an apple user for Grand Theft Auto 5 and got cheated for it. Goodbye

  45. Selvec says:

    To be honest the issue is the first one you brought up, but broader. Why was part of the game cut up and redistributed on a different platform? It makes no sense, unless Rockstar was paid by apple for exclusive release rights, the same way some games come out on one of the two consoles.

    Which in itself is a problem. No game should be cut up and sold as an incomplete product just to make extra money. This is just like bs day one DLC.

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