iOS 7 downgrade conspiracy theories


There’s still a lot of fallout from the recent iOS 7 release. Although many users appreciate the new features and revamped look, there are some who just don’t like it at all. However, if you’ve already updated, Apple is no longer giving the ability to downgrade to iOS 6. This decision is now leading to iOS 7 downgrade conspiracy theories.

Although some iOS device users just don’t like the changed look of iOS 7, others have complained about problems with the update, such as apps crashing or battery drain. When we recently wrote about how Apple has blocked downgrading from iOS 7, we received comments with very different ideas about this and venting a certain amount of frustration.

It appears that many people are really vexed with Apple’s decision to disable downgrading and pretty unhappy with the situation. One theory is that if Apple were to make downgrading to iOS 6 available again, so many people would choose to downgrade that Apple would be shown up.

All of the fanfare for iOS 7 might then look a bit silly, as it would become evident that it wasn’t as popular as Apple thought it would be. This would inevitably result in bad press for the company.

Another idea is that Apple doesn’t want people to downgrade from iOS 7, as it wants the new operating system to be widely used in an attempt to help stop jailbreaking and hacking. Others though might point to the fact that Apple started the inability to downgrade some time ago and so too much shouldn’t be read into this.

Whatever the facts are, some people seem to feel that Apple has lost its way without Steve Jobs at the helm, and the sweeping change is not so much an evolution of iOS but more to do with ‘borrowing’ the look of the Android and Windows platforms. We have also heard people say that they will no longer use or buy Apple products. We’d really like to hear thoughts from readers about this and welcome your comments.

Are you perfectly happy with iOS 7 and feel that the downgrade conspiracy theories are nonsense? Maybe you’re one of those who wish to downgrade and have your own theory about why Apple won’t enable this? Either way we’d be interested to hear from you.


29 thoughts on “iOS 7 downgrade conspiracy theories”

  1. Edawrd Crutchley says:

    I would never buy apple. I want more customization out of something I buy. When I BUY SOMETHING IT’S MINE DO WITH WHAT I PLEASE (apple has there own views on this and I refuse to support a company like that)!

  2. Hafez says:

    Unfortunately IOS7 is the worst version ever I had ..
    not compatible with Apps and more difficulties and inferiority!!!!!
    If i knew i would have installed this EVER :((((

  3. JDSoftwareAndDesign says:

    I downloaded the developer preview of iOS 7 as soon as it became available this summer when I went to WWDC. I tried very hard to like it but I couldn’t work with it. iOS went way too far in the wrong direction of change. It’s actually harder to develop for in my opinion. Apple had better fix the problem they created.

  4. Maharatee says:

    Me writing this would sound that I am a child.
    I upgraded my iPhone and my iPad to IOS 7, not just I hate it, now I hate the devices and I want to through it out of the window. Whatever Apple is saying about it, that we are concentrating on the functionality not on the User Interface and trying to make easier for the developers.
    Sorry to say this is BS. The phone/ipad is worse that the mono-monitor 30 years ago.
    Yes, Now even if Apple fixes it or came out with a new version, or made it a skin-able
    I am not going to Buy any Apple products, and I’ll go back to the dirty windows and accept any Carb.

  5. KBC says:

    The inability to downgrade pretty much locks down older model phones with slower CPUs from functioning as quick as it use to or as quick as the newest phones (5s). It slowly makes the older phones begin to seem obsolete when compared to the latest greatest. This is good for Apple. Of course it’s not the intention of Apple to slow down your old phones with a new update and forbids you to downgrade. Apple will tell you the new iOS does more, has more programming, designed to utilize the latest and faster CPU and hardware – it’s has one or two new functions users asked for. I’d say this is a marriage between hardware and software, the best arranged marriage I’ve ever seen.

    1. i4b says:

      ‘Of course it’s not the intention of Apple to slow down… ‘
      Please Google the term ‘Planned Obsolence’.
      Then draw your own conclusions…

  6. David says:

    I dislike IOS 7 so much I wish I had not downloaded it. I no longer have the reader capability, (presumably Apple caved in to advertisers). The icons are so light I can hardly read them so I go to a different desk top background none of which please me, I wish for plain dar color and no silly arty stuff. And as for the irritating pass code that interferes with speed and ease of access I cry.
    These changes are not good for Apple users and as I don’t have an ot ot feature for passwords I feel I will not purchase a replacement I pad but wil seek out other options.

  7. gjmoo7 says:

    Amazing how some people are complaining about IOS 7. A lot of people including myself has no problems with it and in fact we like it. Here is a very simple solution. Sell your phone and just add the difference out of pocket and buy an android phone. Problem solved.

  8. Raja says:

    i don’t like it at all IOS 7….!!!!
    Battery Drain, Phone hanging when locked restart required,
    Look is not great as compared to IOS 6.
    i want to downgrade it to IOS 6.0.2…..

  9. Sophie says:

    the iphone was much better before IOS 7. I never even thought of switching to Samsung but i can’t wait to get it now. IOS 7 is just a waste of my life!

  10. Calvin Hobbs says:

    Hate the new look that is designed to appeal to young girls. What was seemingly a professionally developed system that had minimal setbacks has been turned into a slow, esoteric operating system that slows older models and attempts to mimic the look of a Google operating system. Completely unoriginal – I am no longer interested in buying iOS products. Hopefully OS X doesn’t go the same way.
    To Apple: it was a nice run while it lasted, au revoir.
    To Samsung tablets: bonjour!

  11. iOS 7 (Apple) and Droid user says:

    Wow so much *****in’.
    All I read was mostly BlahBlahBlah scrolling through the comments.
    Let me first start off by saying, Apple is not perfect.. we don’t live in a perfect world.
    Please do the world a favor though and quit being a baby about it.
    The company causes something and for most, I’m guessing.. the first negative impact and you call it quits? Saying, “I’m done with Apple.. (blahblahblah)..” after having used it for many years..?

    My point is, give Apple a break, they made a small mistake. No need to make a big deal about it. You really think they would just sell out like that?

    Give it some time, if it functions then quit complaining like a immature brat. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, they are already working on finding a solution to this problem? Yeah; go figure.

  12. Richard Tomlinson says:

    I’m baffled how it can be legal for Apple to block downgrading. I paid a lot of money to them for an iPhone, which they have now ruined. It is the equivalent of taking my black Mercedes for servicing, and getting it back sprayed pink, and Mercedes telling me that it is better like that.

  13. C says:

    iOS 7 is absolute crap!!!!! This is the result of not having Steve Jobs at the helm. I won’t be buying anymore apple products as long as this horrid my little pony, Dora the explorer UI is on their equipment. If I wanted a windows or android pho e I would have bought one. Might as well now, it’s the same and they’re cheaper.

  14. Marc says:

    If I wanted a Samsung I would if bought one, at least it will have some storage which mine dosent after this update.
    Like it or not Apple is one following not leading,
    What will be next pink and blue windows look a like phones
    Apple and Blackberry phones

    If you have shares sell them

  15. MD says:

    Well-I had a nice run-this is my third iPhone and I was about to buy an Apple laptop, but seeing how my casually and irrepairably they’ve messed up my iPhone5-(new calender is unuseable-battery drain is unbearable)-I am quite sure I will never buy another Apple product in my life.

  16. wayne says:

    why change something that works so well. I feel cheated as the product that i have purchased no longer works the way it used to. It is a down grade to say the very least. Maybe this is a way to force people to buy new products because the apple i was used to would certainly work forever and never hang or be slowed down. Very disappointing and certainly not the way to keep customers.

  17. Disappointed User says:

    My ipad2 slowed down so strong that I hardly can use it anymore. Battery drain is really bad too. Before it felt I can use it forever. And was really really happy with it! And now this! Very disappointing. I get upset every day I take this device into my hands. Very frustrating! I used to be a happy apple user. Think to buy Samsung.

  18. LVZ says:

    One reason they won’t let you downgrade is so they can sell new computers. I’m on a PPC G4 running iTunes 10. iTunes recommended the IOS 7 upgrade, so I tried it. The next message I saw on the screen: “This iPhone is not compatible with this computer.” All my videos, wedding photos, iBooks, etc disappeared from my iPhone before my eyes. I have them backed up on my computer, but I can’t restore them to my iPhone because my iPhone can’t sync to my computer anymore. I called the Apple Store and explained that IOS 7 isn’t compatible with my computer and asked how I could get IOS 6 back. Their advice: buy a new computer. I already paid $1800 for my computer, which works fine despite its age — not to mention $400 for my iPhone. Everything with my iPhone and my current computer worked perfectly until installing IOS 7, and I can’t afford to buy a new computer. “Upgrading” was the dumbest thing I’ve done in 27 years of being an Apple customer.

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