BBM for Windows Phone possible, work ongoing for Android


It was way back in May that BlackBerry announced that it was going to provide its popular messaging service for rival Android and iOS platforms, but the apps arrival has been hit with some false starts. Now it seems that eventually BBM for Windows Phone could possibly be released as the work is ongoing for Android.

It was over a week ago now that both the Android and iOS apps were due for release with the brakes getting slammed on, and the most recent news from the company is that the leaked Android version of the app was the cause for the halting of the apps release.

While we still wait to hear about the apps availability there is talk that users on the Windows Phone platform could eventually get to see the service, as the creator of BlackBerry Messenger, Gary Klassen has said that the BBM app won’t be limited to Android and iOS with the company being open to providing the service to other platforms.

He went on to provide an update about the Android and iOS versions and said that the company is still working on the issue and to fix the “identified bottleneck”, as they want to ensure that users enjoy the experience when using the service.

Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before the service is rolled out for Android and iOS users and any lessons learned can then be used for Windows Phone users.

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6 thoughts on “BBM for Windows Phone possible, work ongoing for Android”

    1. Olly Be says:

      yeah your right I find that hard to believe as well they tried to blame that on the problem instead of owning up to they weren’t ready as they gave the release date them self and couldn’t meet it as usual that’s why they are in the position thier in now, they can’t commit to anything why they are going down

  1. Esho says:

    The way I see it is they are releasing it but some people just had to ruin it. If you guys are just going to complain then you might as well go get a BB and get it over with. If not then just be patient like everyone else. If you do not understand how the BBI works and what the damage was that was caused then no one should really complain and appreciate that they are even still passing BBM to go cross-platform. I wouldn’t complain and just be patient is the bottom line unless you have a logical and real solution not just get it done since they are working on it.

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