BlackBerry still committed to BBM release, doesn’t say when


This has been a tough year for Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry as despite the launch of its all new operating system its market share has continued its downward spiral, and that’s not even taking into account the debacle over the availability of the BBM app for Android and iOS. Now BlackBerry has stated that it is still committed to the BBM release but doesn’t say when.

It has been over a week now since the BBM for Android and iOS app was supposed to be released to end users around the world, but after some regions started seeing the iOS version becoming available the rollout was halted by the company.

Andrew Bocking stated that a leaked version of the Android version had affected the company’s servers in an abnormal way, and the release was not due to happen last week. More recently we heard that work was ongoing and that the Windows Phone platform could also get the app eventually.

Now a tweet from the official BBM account that was recently set up has stated that the company is still committed to release the App for Android and iPhone users, but besides asking those interested in the app to sign up to the official BBM website for alerts, didn’t provide any update for the apps release timeframe.

There are a huge amount of users of both the Android and iOS platforms that are intending to use the BBM app once it is available, some of our readers have also stated that its availability will lead them to leave BlackBerry altogether.

Will you leave BlackBerry once BBM for Android and iOS is released?

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